Storm of the Galaxy




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It had assumed a form most familiar to it. It was some form of consciousness despite its consciousness being shattered. At the moment, he was a creature of instinct. So when water splashed it, stirring it from its peaceful sleep the dark embodiment was far from happy.

It looked around, trying to figure out where he was. In its form, the creature was a he, his limbs unresponsive to its confusion. It was bound. It didn't like being bound. It craved freedom.

"I've been waiting for this," the person who threw the bucket said. He stepped out o the shadow. "Do you remember me?"

The creature didn't speak. It clung to something, a memory. It was essentially malice incarnate. It did recognize this individual made him angry.

Jedite smiled. "I am so glad." He summoned a sword from thin air. "You've foiled our attack." He walked towards the pinned creature, unaware that the form was not who he think it was. "I've been instructed to find out how, and why." He stabbed the sword into the creature's stomach. The darkness looked down, the sensation of pain that filled it triggered its senses. It began trembling, jerking, twisting. It was getting angry.

"For the next hundred years I am going to be your Master," he stabbed the embodiment through a lung, further infuriating it. "You will call me, Master Jedite."

The embodiment wanted the noisy creature to shut up. It wanted it to stop attacking. "Do you hear me? You will obey! You will break! You will call me Master Jedite!"

The embodiment watched, and it learned. The two eyes split into four and its teeth stretched and painfully reshaped themselves into the form of Icicles. It burst from its confines as all it could think about was killing and ripping things a sundered. And its first victim was going to be none other than his tormentor.

Jedite screamed.

Elsewhere at the same time. Luna was a talking cat. Luna was a talking cat with hidden memories. A black cat and denizen of the planet Mau. Beings who could take humanoid form with cat features or the state of a cat, with the ability of independent thought and speech.

During the rebirth, a set of thoughts, a mission was implanted in Luna's head. Awaken the Sailor Senshi and find the Moon Princess. Though the rebirth resulted in most of her memories being sealed, this would only be activated when she found something from her past.

Luna, unfortunately didn't remember what the Moon Princess or the Sailor Senshi looked like, it had been 10,000 years after all, but she did get flashes of things from the past when they were around.

Anyone who existed back in her memories triggered something in her, a memory, a code, an activation code.

So when she saw Uzumaki Naruto, the consort of Queen Serenity, flashes of memories from the Silver Millennium hit her like a hammer.

"By the Goddess! Uzumaki! Is that you?" she thought as she saw the blond walking across the street. She followed him and to his surprise he entered a hospital. Stealthy she followed him into the building. Thanks to the busy nature of the hospital no one was able to spot her small form.

The black cat weaved in-between busy footsteps and rolling hospital beds. She followed him into the room as Uzumaki went to the side of a woman's bed. Luna didn't know why, but she was struck silent by the form of the woman for some reason. Some form of familiarity coursed through her as Uzumaki looked over the silver-haired woman with odango hairstyle. And that's when it hit her, a series of flashes as tears welled up in the cat's eyes.

''Doctor-san, how is she?'' Naruto asked as an older man with short black-hair, wearing a doctor's robe entered the room.

''I'm afraid her condition has changed. She's still unresponsive, but stable.'' the man answered, as he looked over the data on the chart.

Luna watched and waited until Naruto and the doctor was done. She followed him outside of the hospital.


Naruto paused, his attention drawn to the meow. There at the heels of his feet was a black cat. ''Well hey there,'' he said he stroked the chin of the now purring cat. Naruto decided to bring the cat back to the apartment he was renting apartment. It was a small, one bedroom and bath, a rather dingy looking place but it was shelter at least. Though, that was the thing far from his mind at the moment. No, when his little guest to begin speaking to him it triggered something, a barrage of images began bombarding his psyche.

"So Princess Serenity and the Sailor Senshi have been re-born?" 'She's alive. My baby girl is alive'. he thought as he fought back a choked sob.

The cat smiled up at the giant man, tears in her eyes. "Yes, they are, Uzumaki." She rubbed her eye with her paw. "I am sorry, it's just, I've been traveling by myself for so long. I haven't found their reincarnated forms, and I was starting to lose hope." Something clicked and her eyes hardened. "The Dark Kingdom is back. There was a report of a body drained of its energy a few days ago. Somehow they've managed to sustain themselves."

''I'm sure my dark-half had something to do with that.'' Naruto bitterly remarked. ''Queen Serenity is somehow alive, but in a coma; so she's no help.'' Then again a part of this is her mess in the first place. ''Serenity underestimated the complexities of my mind. Her spells my plague my memory, but Kurama remembers everything as clear as day.'' he answered as the cat gave him a confused look. ''I'll explain later. Right now we should check all the Junior Highschools and explore for the Senshi. I'm more than sure enough time has passed for them to be about that age, and previous experience thought me that teenagers more than adults are apparently more likely to be effective in worlds steep with magic.'' he cryptically answered.

It shouldn't be all that difficult to locate Neo Serenity. Who else would have that Odango Hair-Style? So he suggested the two of them split up to cover more ground. Despite having no beef with one the queen's confidant, he wasn't sure just what would be awakened if Luna got to her first.

''Hey man did you hear? Sailor V stopped another criminal!''

Naruto's attention then followed to where a crowd of people was gathered in front of a television store. Footage of what was without a doubt Venus was playing on the screen. ''Venus has awakened already." As I thought, though at a much younger age then her previous self. Though, that means, she'll most likely be less powerful not to mention lacking the experience of her counterpart. Though, Luna admitted to not having encountered any of the scouts. Could another one of Serenity's Aids be out there?' he thought with a frown and cupped his cheek and chin with his right palm.

''Do you think she'll stop the criminals that have been breaking into the Jewelry stores?''

''You idiot, Sailor V-sama has only appeared in places far from here. That's what the local police for; Sailor V-sama only attacks those freaks causing trouble. In fact I heard there is a special task force being put together to combat these creatures that been popping up.''

Naruto stood by, silently listening to the Venus fanboy chew out his friend. Seconds later another Highschool student approached them, a girl wearing the same white shirt and a navy blue fuku. ''What about all those women who have been collapsing all over the place? With all this weird stuff going on it makes you want to move.''

''Yeah, it's weird,'' the V fanboy replied, adjusted his square framed glasses. ''You think it's some sort of illness going around.''

''All they know is that so far all of the women live in the Azabu Juban district.''

Naruto didn't pay attention to the conversation any longer. By this time of day the grade eight to ten students were probably already let out. He decided to change his effort into finding Luna and his Bunny-chan. He sighed, tracking the scent of the cat. 'What the hell am I supposed to say? How do I even begin? Because the topic of reincarnation sure as hell isn't a simple thing.' he thought with a sigh. He looked up and noticed the setting sun that was currently painting the sky with a warm, orange-yellow background. Colors of red also splashed against the canvas that was the sky. The streets were as busy as one could expect from a town. People were talking about all matters of business and such.

But before they could continue Naruto suddenly found himself trapped in a Genjutsu. But surely that was impossible right? Who besides Sasuke that that level of power to ensnare him in a Genjutsu? He began searching for the pulse of chakra signature.

"Let me save us both time and tell you don't bother!"

Naruto turned around and came face to face with a floating figure in a purple cloak. The figure reached up, one hand skeleton and the other human to pull down his cloak. Naruto blanched as he came face to face with a black hair version of himself with face his face a skeleton. "I am Wiseman! A possibility of what you could have been, but will never come to pass if I have anything to say about it."

"What...what happened to you?"

"Our brilliant queen happened to us my friend. I don't have much time. I wanted to guarantee at least one version of my self doesn't fuck everything up." Wiseman answered as he raised his hand a dark portal opened above Naruto to which a scroll dropped.

Naruto caught it. "A sealed scroll?"

"All my knowledge are stored in the scrolls sealed in that one. I warn you my friend, someone or something has been manipulating time and reality. These manipulations have been causing echoes throughout reality and I have no doubt they are far from done."

"And what do you think I can do? Who's to say that whoever this manipulator is will even come after this timeline?"

A smirk formed on Wiseman's face. "They will once I collapse my reality and all the ones I tether to it, but don't worry, this one is safe of course."

Naruto's eyes widened at that. " insane bastard. If you do that." He couldn't even comprehend the loss of untold lives at what this man was talking about.

"It is my punishment that I die with the worlds I plan on taking with me. They are beyond saving. All the inhabitants have become slaves or soulless dolls. It is better to die with free will than to live your life as a slave. Do what I could not Naruto. Turn those who can be saved. Make the necessary allies and protect our family. Become the force of nature this Galaxy needs to nurture life. Become the Storm. " And with that Wiseman faded backwards into a portal.

"Wait...!" He called out to his other, but it was too late. He ran his fingers through his hair. Well it looked like things got a fair bit more complicated.


Chapter end


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