The Lost ending to I don't believe Mario's last name is Mario.

Before I begin, special thanks to DrRockz for giving me this idea. I had originally ran out of jokes for my I don't believe Mario's last name is Mario series. And if I had come up with more ideas, I imagine they'd be enourmously repetitive. Same jokes with different settings.

But I figured that this was a good idea to end the series on. Apologizes for only doing one joke. But as I said, I'd run out of ideas!

Scene 1. Mario in a courtroom. Mario is dressed in a business suit and is

not wearing his trademark cap with the M on it. He is talking to a judge.

Judge: So why do you want to change your name? And I have to say, is there a reason you only put your first name, on the form?

Mario: I want to change my name, because it gives me nothing but TORTURE! I was bullied a ton in school, people stare at me strangely whether my name is read out or they burst out laughing, I can't order items off Ebay or Amazon, because people think I've screwed up my mail details. I can't sign checks! I can't apply for a driving license or a bank account! The police have beat me up over my name! I can't win prizes in magazines or on television when I give them my name and address details. I can't apply for jobs which is why I'm just a lowly plumber. I think my girlfriend has actually broken up with me over my name. I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON WHY MY NAME FUCKING SUCKS!!!

Judge: Whoa!! Relax......young man. You're in a courtroom. Your name can't be that bad. What is it?

Mario: It's Mario Mario.

Judge: Right. You really expect me to believe that? (Some people in the court start laughing.)

Mario: See? Look at what it's doing right now!

Judge: Young man, it's not right to pull pranks on a judge.

Mario: Right. That's it, I was hoping not to do this.

Mario pulls out a fire flower and becomes Fire Mario. Mario's blue business suit turns white, and his black tie becomes red.

Mario (in an angry and evil voice): Let me change my name now, or I'll fireball your ass to hell!

Judge (Gulping): Very well, Mario Mario. What would you like your name changed to?

Mario: How about Mario Vinichi?

Judge: Very good. I now declare your name Mario Vinichi. (Slams hammer down.)


While Mario is cheering. He doesn't notice that the judge is quietly telling a police officer to bring in back up. After Mario cheers for about 30 seconds. He leaves the court room only to find 10 police officers pointing guns at him.

Police Officer: Mario Vinichi a.k.a Mario Mario. You're under arrest for threatening a judge!

Scene 2: Mario is in jail. Luigi has come to visit him.

Luigi: Nice going, Mr Vinichi. There is just some things you don't do to a judge.

Mario: Oh shut up. You could comfort me seeing as I've to get the electric chair.