So............this is my first story? Not really? Oh well. This is a red wine drabble. I am writing this because SilhouettedStarlight21 asked me to. Shes great go read her. Like not now but like put it on your to do list. right after reviewing me.

I own nothing. S. Meyers owns twilight. SilhouettedStarlight21 owns cassie. And I have nothing else to say. So on with the show.

Red wine.

By me.

Cassie pov

I sighed as I got up from the couch and put the tv on pause. Again. It was the fourth time this hour. And its only 9:17.

My mom had (yet again) called down the hall of are apartment.

She wanted more wine.

This is a habit of hers come home from her job. Burn dinner. Sit down on the couch. Then it happens. She sees it. I don't know why she has never moved it. I don't think she ever will. And ever time I go to move it I get grounded for a month.

It was a picture of me, her, and my father. We aren't allowed to say his name. After he ran away with HER. SHE wanted to see the world. Bitch.

Ever time she sees it. She cries.

It stops after half an hour or so.

But then she asks for the wine.

Its always red.

She doesn't drink anything but red wine these days.

So I get up and just bring the bottle.

I sit down on her bed with her.

She holds me.

We cry.

We sleep.

I wake up to find her still asleep with red tear marks on her faces.

I look at her and wonder.

What if there was no more red wine?

What would we do?










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