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Lelouch's Revenge

"Now entering the royal prince 17th heir to the Throne Lelouch vi Britannia" yelled the royal guard so all in the throne room could hear. As the huge doors to the throne room open a child could be seen walking inside with black hair purple eyes, in royal garments red princely outfit with gold around the collar, a small white cape, and anger in his eyes. as Lelouch proceeds inside following the massavie red rug to the throne. As Lelouch walks down to the throne he hears the Nobles were whispering among themselves about an incident that took place not to long ago.

As Lelouch approaches the throne Lelouch saw a huge man heavily built with white hair and huge royal garments from head to toe "I Lelouch vi Britannia are here to inform you that my mother is dead" Lelouch pauses As he tries to suppress a tear so he doesn't show weakness in front of his father. After a few seconds Lelouch continues "my sister Nunally is also dead".

The emperor stars at Lelouch "You wanted a audience with me to tell me that, It is old news everyone knows what happened" The emperor booms in a loud voice.

Lelouch stares at his father with anger "then why didn't you defend my mother or Nunally and why aren't you trying to find who did it" Lelouch screams

"Nunally was weak only the strong have the right to be called my children and on the fact of your mother I am a very busy man I don't have time for that, the strong devour the weak, That is one of the primary rules of Britannia"

Lelouch with even more hatred now screamed "I will change that, I will become the emperor and change all of Britannia!" Lelouch made sure that everyone in the throne room could hear is declaration.

"Buahahaha!" Laughed the emperor has he stared at Lelouch. "How to you expect to do that"

Lelouch starting to become a bit cocky states "easy, I have two options, one gain your acceptance or two conquer you and Britannia will be mine".

"So are you conspiring against Britannia?!" The emperor's voice boomed.

Lelouch thinking he angered his father stared backing up to not anger him further. As Lelouch starts backing up he trips over his feat falling to the ground. After Lelouch fell he realized a way around it. "Of course not father" Lelouch saying trying to suppress a grin "All I was doing was stating the obvious, I want you to test me to prove that I can be worthy of be considered as a successor"

"A test what kind of test can I give to a mere……" The Britannian Emperor becoming lost in thought "I know Conquer Japan!"

Lelouch gets up and stares at his father. Lelouch thinking to himself "Is he serious he wants me to Conquer Japan?" Lelouch stood their for a moment before answering "I have no choice, Very well then I accept, what are the conditions?"

"You will get whatever you need but I need to approve it, you must Conquer Japan before my main forces takes it, and Bartley will…"

"No, I want to choose who helps me I don't want Bartley" Lelouch Says cutting off his father

"You are very arrogant, but very well who do want then?" Emperor answers.

Lelouch starts walking away. After reaching a quarter of the way back to the door Lelouch turns around and yells "Jeremiah Gottwald" Making sure everyone as heard him. As Lelouch leaves the nobles look at the young prince wondering if he could take Japan. As Lelouch reaches outside the throne room he orders the limo to take him to the villa.

As the limo reaches the villa Lelouch sees a huge white house with lovely flowers at the front. Huge windows and a brown door. Lelouch gets out of the limo and starts walking to the door. Lelouch reaches for the shiny gold handle and to his surprise the door isn't locked. Lelouch steps inside and he sees a nice crystal chandelier above his, Huge white carpeted stairs leading up stars to his room and a few brown doors to his left and right. Lelouch makes his way up the stairs into the library section of the villa. As he enters the Library he sees books stacked everyone all categorized in genres. Lelouch looks around trying to find the geography section. After a few minutes he finds what he was looking far maps of Japan. After a while of pouring over the books Jeremiah Gottwald walks in "Your highness"

"I have been expecting you" Lelouch says barley turning around to look at the dark green haired man with hazel eyes.

Jeremiah walks in wearing a blue uniform with the symbol of Britannia on his shoulder. Jemimah looks at Lelouch and asks Lelouch "may i know the reason you chose me to be your second in command"

"Simple, I need a someone I can quickly relay battle orders to while you are fighting so I don't have to order everyone separately, I will just give you the order and then you will comply it to everyone, the second reason is you are a good pilot at knightmare frames, third is you were one of my mothers knights so I know I can trust you" Lelouch said having a grin on his face. Looking back down at the maps Lelouch was studying the maps until he had an idea in his head. Leouch gets up and looks at the man desk of the villa library and finds a pencil and a sheet of paper. Lelouch states writing something down and hands it to Jemimah. "Jeremiah give this paper to the emperor, I decided what I will need" Jeremiah looking at the sheet of paper bows and left.

Running back into the room after an hour of being gone Jeremiah blurted "Ten knightmare frames and a few carriers that's it, you are planning to take control of Japan with basically Ten knightmare frames!?"

Lelouch looks at Jeremiah and answers "Yes, I am only going to need Ten knightmares if you follow my plans then victory can be assured without losing one"

"Of course your highness, sorry for doubting you" In the back of his mind Jeremiah was hoping "I sure hope he knows what he is doing"

Lelouch smirked. Looking at Jemimah Lelouch reveals his plan "I am going to take over the Kururugi house and take over a nearby television station to announce my success to everyone" Looking at Jemimah Lelouch could see that Jemimah was thinking this was suicide. "Don't worry Jeremiah, We attack when father sends the main force to conquer Japan, Japan's main forces will be so busy fighting Britannia that they won't even see us coming" Lelouch got up and started to leave so he could prepare for the upcoming battle.

The day came and Lelouch was ready inside a carrier. As they flew over into Japan's airspace Jeremiah noticed that there were no planes or helicopters trying to shoot them down. Jemimah thought "maybe his highness is right"

Lelouch spoke over the intercom "Jemimah take the eight knightmares and prepare for landing"

"Yes sir" the eight knightmares prepared to be dropped below. The landing was successful and Lelouch's plan was in full swing. The eight knightmares met little resistance and the resistance they did meet were no match for Lelouch's brilliant strategy and the overwhelming might of the knightmare frames

Lelouch smirked and thought "this is going better than I had anticipated" As the knightmares reached the Kururugi house Jemimah made contacted Lelouch and said "Your highness we have captured the Kururugi house and we have a perimeter set up around it" Jeremiah said surprised at Lelouch's intelligence. Jemimah lost all doubt in Lelouch.

Lelouch ordered his plane to land to the nearest television station. Lelouch got off the plane and started walking over to television station. Lelouch was in a white royal suit with a black cape and gold trimmings. Lelouch was being escorted by the two Kightmares he reserved. as he entered the studio. He ordered one knightmare to stay out as a lookout and ordered the other knightmare piolt be his bodyguard. Lelouch walked in and demanded "Set up a telvison broadcast and i swear no one here will be harmed, if you do not agree i will have no choice but to get rid of you". The manger of the studio agreed and gave Lelouch what ever he needed. Lelouch ordered that the camera be broadcast to all of Japan and to the Britannian soldiers. " I Lelouch vi Britannia order all soldiers from Britannia and Japan to quite fighting, I have conquered the Kururugi house and will fire if Japan does not surrender, Comply now and no further harm will come to Japan"

A young man opens his eyes and begins making it out of bed. "Another dream about the past" Thought the young man. The young man is 17 years old short Black hair at the front but it is long on the sides and the young man has purple eyes. the young man starts thinking again " I am the one who conquered Japan, After I Lelouch vi Britannia made that television broadcast I decided to make my way over to the Kururugi house to make an agreement on Japan's surrender, only to find that he had committed suicide, with the Leader of Japan dead that made Japan have a unconditional surrender and was to be renamed area 11" Lelouch put on a brown coat and blue jeans as he started walking toward the window. Lelouch's room wasn't that big. He had a bed and near is bed was a huge window with a small balcony "I made a agreement with my father to live as a commoner, but i made him sign a document allowing me to become viceroy of area 11, whenever i decide to, for now my brother Clovis is ruler of area 11 and he does a really poor job of it" Lelouch walked out onto the balcony "Only a few nobles know who I am, I use them to update my citizenship so their won't be any confusion when i do become viceroy" Lelouch sighs "I wonder if it will be all worth it in the end, Nunally"

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