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I decided against holiday specials because there is enough of them out there. So that's the reason why this it's been so long and trying to think of what to write

"Ah" Lelouch looks around the room then holds his head "Where am I and why does my head hurt"

One a person walks up to him and smiles "It's alright your highness you're in the hospital" he just nods a little dumb founded his head still a little fuzzy. The nurse walks to the door to alert someone he is up but as soon as she opens the door a bunch of people fall right in front of her "y-your highness I don't think it will be necessary to contact anyone"

"Huh why?" He looks over to where the nurse is and sees Kallen, Jeremiah, Suzaku, and Shirley laying on the ground but C.C is standing above them

"Umm C.C, why did you have to push me over like that?"

"Sorry Kallen but you were all having your ears at the door I thought a little push would help"

They look over to Lelouch and struggle to get off one another to go greet him but Kallen is the first one to reach him and lands a fist to the back of his head "OWWW. What's the deal Kallen my head has had enough trauma already"

"You carless idiot what would of happened if you got hurt too much?"

"I never knew you cared so much"

"You wish, I would be getting a headache like no other dealing with your shit"

"Wouldn't Euphie be doing that since she is the Sub Viceroy?"

"Yes but I would be dealing with military matters which is what would cause my headache"

"Yea, yea anyway" He looks at the group that fell though the door "Which one dosen't belong, that would be you Suzaku why are you here?"

"O-oh the president of Ashford found out you were in the hospital and ordered me to let her know as soon as you get better"

"Oh well tell her to quit butting her nose where is dosen't belong"

Jeremiah and Shirley stared at Lelouch, Jeremiah awaiting orders at a moment's notice and Shirley just being glad to be near her Lulu "Jeremiah, I need you to set up a meeting ASAP on the events from yesterday"

Kallen giggles at the statement "You have been out for three days"

"Three days? That's how long I've been in a coma?"

The nurse walks by with some paper "Your highness a coma is a good guess but it was exhaustion due to your lack of muscle. The vibrations and shock your body took made it almost collapse as if exhausted beyond its usual extent"

Kallen begins laughing "As weak as ever Lelouch"

"Shut it Rose of Britannia"

Kallen's fists lands straight on his head twice as hard as the last "tell me would you like to be unconscious for the next twenty years?"

"Not really"

"Good then never call me that again"

Kallen walks off and Lelouch looks at Jeremiah "I need you to gather some pilots who are strong because I need to start creating a royal guard unit and since the military is in shambles right now it would be good time to, By the way how is your unit holding up?"

" Kewell is KIA and Villetta is MIA. Those two were the finest in my squad"

"Another reason I must hurry is because of Schneizel. In any other place area 11 is the most violent because I made them surrender before they lost all there military strength and before there sprit was broken. With the rise of Zero's movements area 11 is becoming more chaotic and that will draw Schneizel who has a habit of breaking peoples will without them even realizing it. If that happens then my long term plan will not work so I must create a squad more loyal to myself then even the empire"

"Loyal to you? More so then the emperor? That's treason your highness but I can understand what you mean I will try my best to fulfill the role" Jeremiah walks out of the room everyone else already having been ordered to leave by the nurse.

Lelouch gets up off the bed and walks over to the nurses desk who appears very nervous "I suspect you heard everything?"

"N-no your highness I didn't hear a thing I was reading"

"I see then no need to worry but to make sure" His eye glows with the power of geass "Forget everything you heard" After activating his geass Lelouch gets dressed in his uniform and walks out of the room. He walks into his office and is greeted by a smiling girl "Hello Euphie"

"Lelouch I am so glad you're better"

"You were worried. Sorry for burdening you with my problems while I was unconscious"

"No, It was quite alright I learned a lot of new things and thanks to everyone I think I was able to do a good job"

"I am sure you did great Euphie, why not take a body guard and explore the town for the day and take a break"

"Really, can I?"

"Of course" Euphie hugs Lelouch before running out of the room.

Lelouch sits on the couch and begins reading the three day report "Boring, junk, useless, boring, boring, and crap" He throws the paper on the ground and sighs "Now the man who can read minds, he was after C.C. Hmmmm The man who can read minds, C.C must have my answer"

"You called?"

Lelouch turns around from where the voice came from and saw behind the couch a green haired girl in a straight jacket With a box of pizza "How Long have you been there?"

"Long enough that any normal person would call you insane for talking to yourself"

"You have a lot of nerve witch, but how did you get in here when Euphie was in here?"

We were sharing pizza while she was waiting for you"

"I ought to take the pizza away

"I'd be careful of that if you want any information"

"Ugh fine, please forgive me oh queen of pizza"

"As much as I don't like your sarcasm I do like the queen of pizza, alright because we are accomplices I will tell you about Mao" She gets up and sits across from Lelouch "I never thought I would ever see that man again or that he would pursue me this far. The truth is that I made the contact with him when he was six years old and his power as you have guessed he can read minds"

"He was six years old? Why did you make a contract when he was so young and why is he my enemy now?"

"He isn't your enemy or ally is only goal is me, if he thought you would just hand me over he would leave the Black Knights and your biggest obstacle would be gone, the enemy would no longer be able to read your mind and figure out your strategy. Though because of his power to read minds it completely isolated him, for as you know geass does not work on me and so my mind could not be read for this reason I became Mao's only friend and in his eyes a lover"

"Then somewhere along the line you ditched him for some reason and now you are here while my predecessor is causing me trouble" Lelouch stands up glaring at C.C "A six year old kid, a deal I don't understand. What the hell kind of deal could a six year old kid accomplish and to go so far, handing a kid a weapon which can consume him, you're a monster"

C.C just looks at Lelouch not moving, not even blinking "How are you different Lelouch vi Britannia? For your ideals you will willingly forsake the world and burn it to ashes"

Lelouch stares at C.C taken back by her statement and sits back down "tell me is there any weakness to his geass?"

"If your pressuring me then I would say he can't turn it off, he hears all the voices in the area"

"So then let me ask you this could you fight against him?"

"What do you mean Lelouch?"

"I think I might have a way of beating him but it will require your full support" A knock on the door is heard "Yes who is it"

A soldier runs him and salutes "Your highness we have a captured JLF soldier and are proceeding to interrogate him on the whereabouts of Toto"


"Yes your highness"

"Hmmm, Let me to the integrating I think I can get more information out of him, after all I am good and breaking the will of a person"

"Yes your highness I will let them know you will be coming" The guard runs off

"C.C we will finish this conversation later" He gets up and proceeds out of the building where is royal car awaits him. While walking by he sees Kallen leaning on the door that proceeds to the parking lot "Kallen"

"Lelouch, I want to know what you are planning, you wiped out that ship without a seconds though you promised me you would take them prisoner and now I hear you are proceeding to capture the man who gives the Japanese hope, Toto"

"I have kept my word and the people we capture I take away their will and put them back into society and at first I was questioned but seeing that they live normal lives now it is to be expected but some people I cannot do that with. Kallen I do not want hope in this country in the hands of those that oppose me, the hope they should look to are you and Suzaku"

Kallen walks towards Lelouch and stands right beside him facing the opposite direction "what if i were to someday oppose you"

"I would do nothing, all that would do at this point is destroy any hope for the Japanese of at least being a part of current society"

She can only sigh "I guess I am stuck with you until the end"

"Continue to follow me and I swear I can lead this country to peace"

"I know you can but how many will be sacrificed in the process" She walks turns and walks behind him into the car. The car drives off to the prison for the interrogation

Damn it took too long to write this little bit I didn't know what to write and I thought about Christmas and so on but since there are already enough of them I decided to do this instead and continue the story I will try to write more often but this story isn't dead.