Hi Guys! This was another request I did for over at the Livejournal Community. I really like how this went. I'm thinking of turning it into a longer story. Let me know what you think. Should I continue?

It was the end of March 2005 and John Hennigan was out with his his friends and fellow wrestlers from OVW. John had just finished up his matches at OVW and starting next week he was going to start working for the WWE. The guys had dragged him to a bar for farewell drinks and even though John was tired he decided it wouldn't hurt to stay a few hours.

On the other side of the bar was Mark Calaway, otherwise known as the Undertaker on WWE. Nursing a drink in his hand he sat alone at the other end of the bar near the pool tables. He'd had a fight with his boss Vince and had hoped a few drinks and an hour alone would be enough for him to cool off and go back to the hotel for some much needed sleep. To keep himself from being recognised he'd put on some shades, and was wearing his usual biker gear, leather jacket and pants, black boots and black t-shirt and a bandanna. In the dark confines of the bar he blended in with the shadows and didn't stick out.
Mark's eyes roamed the bar in boredom and for some reason found and remained focussed on a guy at the other end of the bar. He was wearing skin tight black jeans, an open white shirt showing off a washboard flat stomach with some amazing abs and a black leather jacket. He was also wearing shades and had long blonde hair that looked incredibly soft and silky for a guy.
He noticed most of the girls in the bar were ogling him, but he didn't seem to be taking any notice of them. Mark didn't know why he couldn't seem to look away. Sure he'd had a few sexual encounters with guys - but mostly just drunken make out sessions. He'd never been so physically attracted to a man before. But something about that kid by the bar was getting him hard under the table.
Seeming to sense him staring the kid suddenly looked up from a conversation he was having and smirked at him. He ran a finger down his chest and winked and Mark stood up, drawn to him like a moth to the flame.

John watched the big tall guy at the back of the bar walk towards him with lust. He hadn't come here looking for a good time but looks like he found it. Already without knowing anything about the guy he wanted him. He walked to the bar and stood beside him, turning to the bartender to order a drink and subtly ignore him.
John grinned and stepped up behind him to whisper "So were you just looking at the menu or were you looking to order big guy"
Mark turned his head towards John and gave him a once over. "It's alright if you were only looking, I know I'm irresistible." The cocky kid added. "Oh I'm ordering" Mark growled huskily deciding to take the kid up on his offer. "I'm gonna take everything that's on the menu" he added before he drank half his beer in a few gulps. He stared at John with growing lust. He couldn't wait to make this arrogant kid scream his name.
"Lets go then" John purred and led Mark to the back exit.

As soon as they were outside John grabbed Mark and kissed him hard on the mouth. Mark kissed him back and pushed him up against the back wall of the bar. He groaned as John's tongue entered his mouth to taste and tease and Mark thrust his groin against John's to show him how hard he was.
"Oh fuck I can't wait!" John moaned and led Mark to the little alley behind the bar. "Shit you're a hot little piece" Mark groaned against John's lips before he kissed him again. "What's your name?" Mark growled.
"John. You?"
"Fuck me Mark" John said simply and then he pulled down his pants to his knees, showing Mark his glistening manhood.
"Turn around" Mark groaned with lust as he undid his own pants to free his hard cock.
John licked his lips and moaned at the sight of it. It was huge. "Oh fuck I need it so bad" John moaned and turned around as requested.
Mark spat on his hand to use his saliva as lube and John told him just to fuck him dry. "You sure kid?"
"Mmm yes I can't wait... need it"John panted.
Mark grabbed John's hips and placed himself at John's entrance and then slammed inside causing John to cry out from the pain of it.
"Fuck you're as tight as a vice" Mark groaned as he started to thrust. John was so hot and tight around him it was almost unbearable.
"And you're the biggest dick I've ever had! Oh god that's good!" John admitted as he took the hard fucking he was receiving with pleasure. The air was so cool outside that you could see their breaths but John couldn't feel the cold when he was being covered by the big man behind him. The raw sounds of their fucking echoed around the otherwise quiet alley. John was sobbing with bliss as Mark plowed in and out of him with long hard thrusts, hitting his prostate every now and then to send tingles up and down his spine.
He started stroking himself in time to Mark's thrusts and then felt Mark's hand come over to cover his and he shivered at the intimate contact. "Oh fuck fuck fuck" John sobbed as Mark slammed into him over and over. "Yes that's it... you love my big hard dick inside you don't you?" Mark growled in John's ear.
"Yes! God yes!" John replied and then jumped when Mark's hand on his cock squeezed harder. The squeeze triggered his release and he came all over the wall screaming "Ohhh Markkkk!". Mark groaned as he flooded John with cum, the muscles of John's ass tightening and milking him of every drop. He bit John hard on the shoulder, wanting to leave evidence of his possession. They lay against the wall for a moment, savouring their release until finally Mark reluctantly pulled out and did his pants back up. John also did his up and turned back around, still panting for breath. He pulled Mark to him for another passionate kiss that Mark returned and deepened. The kiss went on for long moments as their passion reignited but finally John pulled away and smirked. "Well aren't you glad you ordered?" He said "I am. My compliments to the chef. Perhaps I can dine again someday?" Mark replied, hoping that John would be interested in another encounter.
John laughed. "Sorry but we're not taking any more orders" He kissed Mark one more time and then walked away. Mark watched him, hearing him whistle a tune as he walked away and wondered if fate would bring them together again someday.