The Black Door

A/n: There is no implied character here. This was something I made up on the spot. One of the most creative things I've written in a long time. It has a lot of background to it. *nods*

She was staring at her. Her glassy black eyes were belittling the woman. She was pouring into her soul. Never blinking, she was entering her only private safe haven, her aegis. How could the figure in the translucent reflection do this with the mask the other has held up for so long?

A thousand thoughts were racing through the woman's mind. Tears are flowing down her flushed face. Wrinkles appeared upon her forehead just above where her eyebrows were pointed downward. Her expression was this as one sees the other woman in the black, shaped ocean in front of her and the darkness that surrounds both. The image is…its…she's putting on an act. Her hand reaches up to reach another. A hand is guided to touch hers. The two touch through the malignant blackness.

Daring is an action. Daring, is the woman with flaming, long hair. Daring, is the significant other touching hands with the other. Daring, is this black door. Yes, the door that set it all off. The door that appeared out of nowhere with its ubiquitous darkness, and that is seemingly floating on thin air. Of course, the door that compelled the woman to show herself. And yes, it was the door that finally let's the now lost woman to let go of the other's hand. This door is the one that begins to drip this clear, dark, and obscure liquid as it melts. It is the door that is a true mystery….the door that envelopes her small frame, slowly and quickly swallows the dead woman into no more. It is an interesting mystery of all mysteries in the Department of Mysteries. It is the black door.

Very short. Did this for a writing comp....hope you liked!