Summary: Several years have passed since the battle at Mission City, and the Lennox family decides to expand by one member. Ironhide is less than thrilled.

Chars/Pairings: Will Lennox/Sarah Lennox, Annabelle Lennox, Ironhide, various others

Headaches and Heartaches


"Little children, headache; big children, heartache." -Italian Proverb

"Goodnight, Annabella."

"Night night." Will bent down to kiss his daughter on the forehead, smoothing out the covers one last time before leaving the room and closing the door quietly. He shuffled down the hall, the stairs, joining his wife in the living room.

"That took a while." Sarah remarked from a pile of blankets on the couch.

"She wanted more than one story." Will surreptitiously lifted up the pile of covers and slipped in next to his wife.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked him a few moments after he settled in.

"Nothing's wrong."

"Just tell me."


They sat on the couch quietly for a few moments. Sarah looked into Will's eyes calmly, not forceful or accusatory, and her hand found his in their laps.

"They just grow up so fast!" Will sighed despondently, "And…even though I've mostly been home the last few years…I feel like our little girl will be grown up and gone without me hardly noticing." Sarah smiled at him, kissed his cheek, squeezed his hand.

"You wish you'd been here when she was little."

"Of course!"

"William Lennox, I love you so much sometimes." She kissed him again, on his lips, and they cuddled on the couch for a few moments.

"You know, we're not that old." Sarah said quietly, a little breathlessly. Will looked at her pointedly. "Annabelle'll be in school this fall, and with your new position nearby…"

"Really?" The corners of his mouth twitch.

"Yeah." This time the grin split his faced, and he attacked her face and neck with that same smile.

A/N: This here's the start of a fic I began...too long ago to mention. While I generally dislike posting fic before it's completed, this has been sitting partially completed for way too long and I also hate to write something and then never share it. I've recently dug it up from the grave, and now that I have it entirely planned I think the probability of me competing it is very high.