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"Deidara? Why do I have a bill for fifty dollars for 'Big Cocks, Little Cunts'?"

Deidara blushed madly at his father's incriminating look. "It wasn't me! I swear! You know I'm gay!"

"Then who did?"

Deidara was speechless. Thankfully, Sasori climbed through the window. "Danna!" Deidara leaped off the bed and into the red heads arms. "Sasori, did you buy 'Big Cocks, Little Cunts' for fifty bucks?" Kogaru asked. Sasori quirked an eyebrow. "I don't know. I'm pretty sure I bought something the other day an accident though."

"Alright." He silently cursed to himself at the wasted money as he left the two boys to themselves.

Sasori laid down on the bed with Deidara curled up against him while he lightly stroked the blonde's hair. "Deidara?"


"I'll be leaving soon."

Deidara quickly sat up. "What?! Why?! When!?"

"I can't stay here forever, koi. I'll be leaving in about four days."

Deidara whimpered and buried his head in the crook of Sasori's neck. "I don't want you to go…"

"You could come with me…"

Deidara hesitated before shaking his head. "I can't… I'm too scared. I can't leave here…"

Disappointment hit Sasori like a ton of bricks, but he didn't let it show. "We should mate then."

Deidara gave a humorless laugh and sat up enough to look at Sasori with watery eyes. "What's up with you and mating, un?"

Sasori gently, almost lovingly, rubbed the blonde's cheek. "We have to mate before I leave, I need to pass on my genes."

"Can't you just mate with someone else later?"

"No. You're my mate. It's highly looked down upon to have more than one mate in your lifetime."

Deidara suddenly felt guilty having denied the alien his virginity for so long. "Can… Can I have sometime to think about it, un?"

"Of course." Sasori pulled the blonde down for a kiss, which was eagerly returned. When they parted, Deidara buried his face back into the crook of Sasori's neck while the red head gently stroked his hair.

Two hours later, Sasori thought Deidara to be asleep. They hadn't moved much, only to get into more comfortable positions. He sighed lightly and kissed the blonde's temple. "I think I love you." He whispered into the blonde's hair. He was unpleasantly surprised when the blonde stiffened and sat up slightly to look at him. "R-really?"

Sasori was too stunned for words, so he simply nodded. Deidara smiled. "I think I love you too." He nuzzled Sasori's chest and sighed contently as the red head gently ran his hands along his back. "… I think I'm ready." Sasori barely heard the soft words that came from the blonde's mouth. "… Are you sure?" He felt the boy nod into his chest.

Deidara made 'eep'ed when he was suddenly on his back with Sasori looming over him. "Please be gentle…" Deidara whimpered in a panicked voice. "I will, koi." Sasori whispered against the blonde's ear, sending a shiver down the boy's spine. He let out a shaky gasp as the red head began kissing behind his ear and down to the base of his neck. Deidara trembled slightly and began panting.

Sasori rid the blonde of his shirt and kissed his chest. They didn't do things like this on his planet, but he saw it on that show, so he figured the blonde would probably like it. Sure enough, the uke mewled when Sasori lightly bit down on a nipple. Thin fingers buried themselves in blood red hair as a pale body arched into a pleasurable touch. "Danna…" Deidara breathed when Sasori moved to play with the other nipple.

Sasori moved up to give the boy a passionate kiss while he removed said boy's pants. When they parted, he kissed his chin, then down his neck and torso. Deidara stiffened, however, when Sasori kissed just above the rim of his boxers. He whimpered and gripped the red heads shoulders. Said red head noticed his mate's distress and moved back up to gently kiss his cheek. "It's okay, you don't need to be scared…" Deidara shakily nodded and wrapped his arms around the seme's neck. Sasori placed loving kisses around Deidara's neck and cheek as he slid the blonde's boxers off.

Deidara let out a little moan when Sasori grabbed his member and began lightly stroking it. Sasori gently pressed his forehead to the blondes and watched his face as he stroked him. "Ah… Danna…" Deidara gasped lightly as Sasori gently squeezed him. He moved his arms down from Sasori's neck to the back of his shoulders.

As he watched the blonde, Sasori realized that since it was their first time, something better than saliva would be needed as lube if Deidara was going to enjoy it in any way. "Babe, do you have any lubricant?"

Barely understanding the words, Deidara shook his head. "Dad might…" He gasped slightly. Sasori nodded and gave the blonde a gentle kiss before getting up, making Deidara whine. "Where are you going?"


He heard Deidara whine and huff as he walked out of the room and toward Kogaru's.

The blonde man was sitting in his room, reading when Sasori came in. "Lube. Where is it?"

Kogaru gave him a strange look. "What?"

"Lube. Now."

"What?! Fuck no!" He yelled, disgusted, when it finally clicked what the lube would be used for. Sasori growled and the blades on his back released themselves. Koragu yelped and jumped off the bed. He rummaged through a drawer and pulled out a bottle. "Here, take it!" He held it out and Sasori snatched it from his hand, blades folding up again.

Sasori walked back into the room to find Deidara sitting up and pouting slightly. He shut and locked the door before climbing onto the bed and pushing Deidara back. They kissed heatedly. Sasori sat up and looked the blonde over, smirking. "I see you're a natural blonde." Deidara finally became painfully aware of how naked he was and blushed hotly, making Sasori chuckle. He pouted and closed his legs, blocked the view of his lower region. "It's not fair that I'm the only one naked."

Sasori couldn't help but roll his eyes, smirk still in place, and quickly remove his clothing. "There. Better?" Deidara smiled and nodded, relaxing his legs.

Sasori moved the blonde's legs apart before applying a good amount of lube to his fingers. He moved one hand to gently rub the uke's hip while he gently inserted a finger. Deidara stiffened and let out a pained noise, face contorting in obvious pain. "Just relax, love." Sasori said comfortingly, rubbing Deidara's hip. "E-easier said then done…" Deidara grunted.

Roughly a minute later, when Deidara seemed to be relaxed, Sasori added a second finger. Deidara gasped and stiffened again. Sasori gently kissed his face and lips, trying to offer comfort before slipping a third finger in. "Ah! Slow down…!" Deidara whimpered and bit his lip. "Sorry." Sasori whispered and kissed him again.

Deidara didn't much care for the pain that had acquainted itself with his ass. He grunted in discomfort. This is what people looked forward to when they got a boyfriend or girlfriend? Deidara could live without it, thank you very much.

That's what he thought, at least, until Sasori hit something that made his vision turn white and sent what felt like electricity up his spine.

Sasori smirked at Deidara sudden, loud moan. He removed his fingers, making the blonde whine, and began applying lube to his cock. Once that was finished, he wiped his hand on the blanket and gently took hold of Deidara's hips. "Please be gentle…" Deidara repeated as he gazed nervously at Sasori's rather large member. "I will, love." The red head assured. He barely got in past the tip when Deidara suddenly yelped and demanded he stop.

They didn't move for a few minutes. Deidara finally gave the go ahead and Sasori moved in a little further. "Augh!" Deidara yelped. Sasori immediately stopped to let the blonde adjust. "Move." He whimpered after only a few seconds. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, just move." Sasori nodded and continued until he was completely inside the blonde. He lightly kissed away the tears that began to flow down Deidara's face. "Shh… Just relax babe, it'll get better." Deidara whimpered in response and gripped Sasori's shoulders tightly.

Minutes later Deidara bucked his hips lightly. "Move."

Sasori complied, slowly moving out and back in, watching the blonde's face for signs of severe pain. He moved a little faster when there didn't seem to be any. "Faster… Harder… Go." Deidara moaned and arched his back as Sasori complied.

The blonde gasps and bucked when Sasori grabbed his member and began stroking him in time with his thrusts. "Ah! Right there!" Deidara suddenly yelled. Sasori continued to aim for that same spot.

Moments later, Deidara was pushed over the edge. Sasori crushed their mouths together to muffle the blonde's scream. When the already tight walls clamped down on his member, Sasori couldn't hold on anymore and came inside the beautiful boy. Deidara's toes curled at the pleasurable sensation of heat being released inside him.

Their mouth parted, but they didn't move for several seconds, trying to regain much needed air.

Eventually, Sasori gathered enough strength to pull out and lay down beside the blonde, pulling him against his chest. Deidara sighed contently and nuzzled his lover's chest.

Seconds ticked by and nothing was said, until Deidara finally couldn't take it anymore. "So… I'm pregnant now, aren't I?"


Deidara wondered how that worked. Where would the baby grow? He didn't have female parts. He decided not to ask though; for fear that the answer would either confuse him worse or scare the hell out of him.

Deidara groaned slightly and put a hand over his stomach. Naruto gave him a funny look. "What's up? You sick?"

"No… It's a long story…" He sighed and poked at the food on his tray, appetite suddenly gone. Being pregnant sucked, and it had only been two days! Thankfully, however, he only had to wait six months until he 'gave birth' instead of the standard nine. Unfortunately, Sasori wouldn't be there with him for much longer, and that's what scared Deidara more than anything.

Lee's voice broke through his thoughts, "Where is Sasori anyway?"

"Sakura wanted to talk to him, un."

"She's probably coming onto him." Kiba offered. He and Shino had started sitting with them since the whole sub incident. "Probably."

"Don't worry, Dei." Naruto spoke up again. "I'm sure he wouldn't cheat on you."

"No, I know he wouldn't." Deidara smiled slightly. Sasori was a good man, unlike several men on Earth. He'd never cheat on, or leave him. Ever.

As if on cue, Sasori came in and sat beside Deidara, giving him a light kiss on the temple. "Where's Sakura?"


"What?!" Deidara gave Sasori a little glare.


At that moment, Sakura walked into the cafeteria with a scared look on her face and a red mark around her neck. Deidara sighed, relieved and annoyed at the same time. Yes, Sasori was a good man. And, in two days, Deidara would never see him again.

They walked quietly, hand in hand, down the lightly crowded street toward home from a day of sight seeing. Deidara rested his head on the alien's shoulder.

Suddenly, a nearby building collapsed. Several people screamed and ran away when something large came running out of the debris.

Deidara gasped and stiffened. He was looking at what he thought to be a cross between an alligator and a dragon. It was solid black and stood on all fours, with two large, bull-like horns protruding from its skull, sharp ridges along its back, a long muzzle with very long, very sharp teeth sticking out, yellow glowing eyes, a tall, muscular body, a long tail, and very large and sharp claws. It opened its mouth and let out a horrible blood curtailing screaming noise, making everyone in the area have to cover their ears. Fire seemed the flare from its nostrils when it huffed.

Sasori growled and pulled Deidara off him, pushing him toward the forest. "Go home, Deidara."



Deidara whimpered at Sasori's stern tone, but turned and ran. He had to cover his ears when something smashed and it let out another scream.

Deidara was sitting on his bed, hugging his legs to his chest, when Sasori came in. "Danna!" He jumped off the bed and wrapped his arms around the alien's torso. Sasori gently returned the embrace.

"Are you okay?" Deidara looked up, then gasped when he saw the long cut on Sasori's face. He quickly went to the bathroom and wet a cloth. Sasori sat down on the bed when Deidara came back over and gently pressed it to the cut. "Does it hurt?"

"Nah. It'll heal in a day or two."

"That's good…" Deidara smiled slightly and kissed Sasori's uninjured cheek. "I'm glad you're okay, un."

Sasori grunted in response and took the rag from Deidara's grasp, holding it to his cheek so the blonde wouldn't have to. The human found a comfortable position in the alien's lap and nuzzled his neck.

Soon enough, the blonde fell asleep. Sasori tossed the rag to the floor, making a mental note to pick it up later, and carefully laid down on the bed. He positioned the blonde into his arms gently and lightly kissed his temple. Within ten minutes, he too slipped into unconsciousness.

The next night

Deidara stared blankly up at the ceiling, emptiness weighting heavily on his chest. Sasori had gone a few minutes earlier, so now it was just him.

Being alone allowed his thoughts to wonder, mostly around the red head. Sasori had never hurt him, not counting the whole 'mating ritual' thing, of course. He'd never yelled at the blonde out of anger, never struck him, never seemed to be seriously aggravated, never cheated, never put him down, never made of fun of his beliefs, nothing. Yet Deidara was allowing him a life of loneliness, without a mate or children, simply because he was too afraid to leave.

Guilt, sorrow, loneliness, and anger at himself hit Deidara all at once like a ton of bricks, making him clutch his chest and sob. 'I can't do this!' He rolled off the bed and ran to the closet, grabbing a suitcase and tossing it on the bed. He quickly went around the room, gathering things of great importance. A few photos, the kimono Sasori had given him, a necklace his mother left him, and his favorite stuffed animal from his childhood all went in the suitcase.

He ran into his father's room, suitcase in hand, and gently kissed the man's forehead. "Bye dad, love you." He whispered. Going downstairs, he stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a sticky note, quickly jotting down a small letter for his father.

Went with Sasori

Love you, miss you already



He stuck it on the fridge where his father was sure to find it and ran out the door.

Deidara ran as quickly as he could without hitting a tree through the forest. "Sasori!" He yelled every few dozen steps, hoping he wasn't too late.

"Danna!?" He looked around the clearing where Sasori's ship had crashed. It was empty. Sorrow weighed heavily on his chest as he fell to his knees, dropping the suitcase, and began to cry. He was too late…


The blonde jumped slightly and looked up. Sasori was suddenly in front of him, confusion apparent on his features. "Danna!" He jumped up and hugged the red head tightly, sobbing into his chest. "I thought you'd left already!"

"No, I can't until we get my ship loaded…" Sasori hugged back tightly and kissed blonde hair. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanna go with you!" Deidara sobbed. Surprised, Sasori lifted the boy's face to look at him. "Are you sure?"

"Yes! I don't want to be alone… and I know you don't either…"

"You don't have to be alone, you can find another mate. I don't mind being alone."

"Let me rephrase that. I don't want to be without you." Deidara smiled slightly. Sasori returned the smile. He wiped away the tears and kissed the younger boy, who gratefully kissed back. When they parted, they held each other for sometime. Deidara looked behind Sasori and saw Sasori's ship and a much larger craft come into view. 'Invisible ships… kick ass.'

"Come on." Sasori pulled back from the embrace. "Let's wait on the ship, okay?"

Deidara smiled. "'Kay." He picked up his suitcase and followed Sasori onto the very large craft.

The first thing to greet Deidara's ears upon entering the craft was a hissed, "Oh shit, he's gonna be pissed!" coming from one of the rooms. "Great." Sasori mumbled and headed in that direction with Deidara eagerly following.

"Who's going to be pissed about what?" Sasori asked upon entering the room, Deidara close behind. A white haired male stiffened and spun around from facing a large screen and control panel. There was a large, stitched up man standing next to him. "What? Nothing!" The white haired boy spoke up, "I don't know what the fuck you're talking about! You're fucking paranoid!" He quirked and eyebrow and pointed at Deidara, seemingly excited about having a distraction. "Who the fuck is that?"

Sasori made an annoyed noise. It had only been five minutes since they had arrived, and he was already getting on his nerves. "This," he gestured to the blonde, "Is my mate, Deidara."

A big grin spread across the smaller man's face. "It's about fucking time you got fucking laid!"

"Whatever. Deidara, this is Hidan and Kakuzu." Sasori said, gesturing to the respective males. Hidan waved, creepy grin still in place, and Kakuzu gave a nod. "So, is it a dude or a chick?" Hidan questioned.

"I'm a boy you bastard!" Deidara yelled angrily.

"Hey, hey! Don't get your panties in a fucking knot! Geez!" He raised his hands defensively. Deidara was about to make a retort, but Sasori interrupted. "Hidan, what the hell did you break?"

"Fucking nothing!"

"Your ship." Kakuzu spoke up for the first time. "JASHIN-DAMMED BASTARD!" Hidan screamed. "Oh shut up. He damaged it while pulling it into the hull." Kakuzu said coolly. Hidan gave him a glare. "If you don't shut the hell up, I swear to Jashin-sama you're not getting fucking laid for a fucking week." He hissed through tightly clenched teeth. Kakuzu quirked an eyebrow, but stayed quiet.

Sasori sighed in frustration, rubbing his temples. "Fine. It was damaged already anyway." He grabbed Deidara's wrist and led him away and toward his room. As he was being led away, Deidara could swear he heard something like, "I damn well better be getting laid tonight." But he wasn't sure.

Deidara couldn't help but smile upon entering the room. It was just a sort of guest room, but it was large with a big comfy bed in the middle and a few dressers to put things in. He sat his suitcase next to one and opened it, pulling out his stuffed owl and hugging it tightly as he sat on the bed. Sasori sat down next to him and pulled him close. There was a soft rumble as the craft began to lift off the ground.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this? Once we leave the atmosphere, we have to get special permission before we can come back."

Deidara nodded and rested his head on the alien's shoulder. "I can't think of anyone I'd rather spend my life with than you, un."

"What about your father?"

"He'll be okay. Probably meet a nice lady, live happily ever after, whatever, un." Deidara smiled slightly, hoping all that came true. "Hn. I wish him the best then." Sasori said before kissing blonde hair. Deidara's smile widened as he went to lay his head in Sasori's lap, looking up at the red head. Sasori gently stroked his cheek, making him sigh softly.

As he lay contently, Deidara's thoughts began to wonder again. He wasn't sure of what he felt for the red head was love, but it was definitely something strong he'd never felt before. He knew that, no matter what, he was going to be happy here, and someday soon, there was definitely going to be love.

Deidara stared, amazed, out the large window in the main room and into space. The Earth seemed so small from here… and beautiful. There were many billions of stars everywhere and the planets that he had never seen from Earth were so clear from here. He hugged the owl a little closer to himself, suddenly feeling very tiny. He could hear Sasori and Kakuzu in the other room, talking to some orange haired guy with lots of piercing's on the monitor.

Someone plopped into the chair next to him and leaned back against the window. "Sup, fucking transvestite?" Hidan smirked.

"Nothing, Turrets Syndrome." Deidara returned the smirk. Hidan gave him an annoyed look, not liking the crack about his cussing. "Zip it, blondie."

"Make me, whitey."

Hidan smirked. "I think you and I are going to be real good fucking friends."

Deidara couldn't help but smile and laugh, same thought having run across his mind.

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