The woman waiting in the clinic scooches over as far away from the man sitting next to her as possible. While he was very pretty he was also coughing something awful. She has enough on her plate without getting his sickness all over her.

"Mr. Curtis Shaw?" she hears the doctor ask. She's relieved to find the man next to her is the patient in question. Now she can breathe easier.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Wilson," the doctor says once he and Mr. Shaw were in the examination room. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Well I've got aches and a fever. I've had it for about three days now. Oh, and this cough," as if to prove his point, he starts coughing but he didn't have time to cover his mouth. "I'm sorry! I coughed all over you!"

"Happens all the time. Sounds like all it is the flu. Okay, you'll need lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid physical exertion. It should clear up soon enough. And don't worry, I've had my flu shot," Wilson says.

"Is that all? There's no medicine I can take?"

"Nope, I'm sorry. Antivirals are only effective within the first 12 to 48 hours of onset of symptoms."

"Oh. Well thank you anyway." Curtis says dejectedly and gets off the examination table.

Wilson gathers his stuff and walks out after him. He decides he'll get some lunch then come back later. He doesn't have clinic duty later but it's packed and he knows Cuddy will ask for him anyway.

"Brenda, I'll be back after lunch," he tells the nurse. She nods but doesn't look up from what she was working on.

Wilson sets off in search of House so they can grab something to eat.

A/N: All right, I was about to go to sleep last night when this idea popped into my head. I must have been bitten by a rabid vampire plot bunny or something. So what's going to happen, if you don't want to know don't pay attention now, is that Curtis is really Cupid and his illness shall spread the love! I'm making it a new disease so it's resistant to Wilson's flu shot okay? So who should he fall in love with? House? Evil Nurse Brenda? Please tell me! Oh, and I need a reason for Curtis to come back. Maybe a disease needing to be diagnosed? Just so you know I have absolutely no medical knowledge. Reviews would be love.