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One week later…

Wilson heads to House's office, hoping to catch him right before he left. Things had been a little weird between them for the past week or so. Not bad necessarily, just different. He couldn't think of any reason for it, but he realizes he doesn't really want to get rid of the feeling.

He gets there just in time. House is grabbing his coat when he walks in. House looks up at him and Wilson suddenly notices a certain tenderness which House usually tends to hide. Is that for him? He doesn't know, but he likes to think it is. After a split second decision, he decides to act on it. He crosses the few feet left between them, puts a cautious hand to House's stubbled cheek, and ever so tenderly kisses him. Only a beat passes before House puts an arm around him, kissing him back.

When they pull apart they really look at each other. Both of their faces show equal parts shock and pleasure, absolutely no regret.

"So," House says after the pause, "you hungry?"

Wilson smiles and nods.


Aphrodite is looking in on those two mortals she had destined for each other. Now they're eating Chinese food together. Aw, how cute. Things had been moving slowly, but definitely satisfactory. She decides to give them a little privacy and goes to look for something else to occupy her time.


Sharing food with Wilson is the best. This is a fact House is sure of. He isn't sure what he thinks of that kiss yet, but for now he's just enjoying Wilson's company.

Their knees knock together and House gets more pleasure from than he thinks he should. He gives a genuine smile to Wilson and looks back down at his food. All he has left is his fortune cookie. He opens it up and written golden beautiful calligraphy is GH+JW.