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(Rose/Scorpius - slight Hermione/Ron)

I've never felt this healthy before
I've never wanted something rational

I am aware now
I am aware now

You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My baby flower,

Mummy is missing you so much, darling. I'm extremely happy that you are learning so much in such an important country, but I can't wait to have my sweet Rosie in my arms again. You make me so proud, Rose. From the moment you were born, everything you did made me the proudest woman alive and this is not an exception.

I'm so happy, love, that you have enough trust in me, and my opinion, to ask me something as personal as this is. My first and probably only advice is to follow your heart. Yeah, I know... so cliché. But it's absolutely true. You are so much like me, baby girl. Not only physically but mentally. We tend to overanalyse things, which is not so bad. But remember that there are some things where the only thing that matters is what your heart tells you.

It happened to me when I was a teenager. Since I was a little girl I always thought that I would marry an intellectual man. Someone with glasses, who love to read in his study or next to the fireplace. Most probably a college professor, a doctor, or a lawyer. Someone centered, whose emotions were permanently balanced. Someone polite, organized... a total gentleman. But then I realised that this "perfect man" was the most boring person on earth.

I've never thought I was going to end up marrying someone like your father, who is the whole opposite of all those things. However I should tell you that I've never felt as complete and as happy as the day we got married.

I remember that period of total denial with my feelings towards Ron. It was during my third year. I couldn't believe that I fancied such a lazy, inconsiderate, insensitive...prat. Excuse me for the word, sweetheart, but that's what your father was at thirteen years old. Well, now he still has times where he acts like that thirteen year-old boy too, but my love for him is stronger than anything.

Answering some of your questions:

- When do you know? When you are ready. When your heart and mind are in the
right place and you are willing to bet everything you own and more for it.
- How do you know? There's no correct answer for this one either. But in my humble
opinion (and experience), you know when you can tell every little detail of him.
For example, what shade his eyes are when he's happy, sad, mad, etc. The day it
really hit me was when I could tell that Ron likes to cut his ring-finger nail last.
Crazy isn't it? Normal people just cut them in order, from thumb to baby finger;
however, he leaves it (for some reason) at last.

Pardon me for my rambling Rose. You and your brother know that when I start talking about your father I can't stop...even after all these years! Going back to the main subject of this letter now. I trust you and your judgement. I know you'll decide with your heart and that, my girl, is always the correct answer. I'm glad that even though we share (mostly) the same looks and personality, you have your father's hair colour and sensitivity. Just do what your heart tells you and know that Scorpius will always be welcome here whatever happens.

I love you Rosie. Keep studying and making us the proudest parents ever. Your mum, dad and Hugo (and of course the whole Weasley-Potter clan) miss you terribly and can't wait to see you on Christmas.

Take care.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

He was studying on the couch of his dorm when suddenly his sight was blocked with long, slim fingers just two inches from his face. Confused, and a bit scared (he had to admit), he looked up and saw some red curls over the hand that was still in front of his eyes.

- "Rose? What are you doing?"

- "Waiting for my ring" A smile could be noticed in her voice.

Puzzled, shocked and happy, Scorpius gently took her wrist to see her face.

- "What?" A ghost of a grin was on his face, while still holding her hand.

- "Yes. I'm saying yes" Rose's smile growing from ear to ear. She kneeled down and grasp both of his hands in hers, leaving the book he was reading forgotten in his lap. "I'm ready. I want to marry you. I love you, Scorpius." She whispered, her eyes full of tears.

- "Really?" he whispered back, fearing that if he talked louder she would regret everything or he would wake up from his dream.

She nodded eagerly, her red locks bouncing around her face. Scorpius put one hand in her cheek and she leaned into his touch, just enjoying the moment but before she could even close her eyes for a second he had gotten up from his seat. The book fell on the floor while the blonde looked frantically for something in his night table drawer.

Seconds later Rose was being pulled onto the couch with her boyfriend on one knee in front of her and a small red box in his hand.

- "Rose Jacqueline Weasley, would you marry me?"

The box opened and revealed the most gorgeous, yet simple ring she had ever seen. It was a thin silver band with a small red diamond that looked like a tiny rose. She gasped at its beauty and couldn't believe he knew her that well. He knows I like silver better than gold because of his eyes

- "I would love to" she said before holding out her hand, waiting for the ring. After it was placed on her finger she lunged at his arms and knocked him to the floor. They kissed with huge grins on their faces for a few minutes before being interrupted by Scorpius' roommate.

- "Scor, mate, what did I told you? Put a sock on the door handle!" exclaimed Michael with one hand covering his eyes.

- "Sorry Mike. But we weren't doing anything... yet" he said playfully. Rose lightly hit his arm before she got up.

- "Hi Michael" she waved at him.

- "Hey Rosie" he said noticing for the first time her shiny ring "She said yes? You said yes?" Mike asked excitedly looking back and forth from Rose to Scorpius.

- "Yep, mate. She couldn't help it. I admit it's all my fault though... being such a handsome bloke and all" Scorpius said putting an arm over his fiancée's shoulders, while Rosie shook her head, looking down in disbelief, a huge smile in her face.

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