Pairing: Egoist
Rating: PG
Prompt: ''Nuances'

All in a Name


Hiroki wasn't too bothered by it, perhaps a little embarrassed to be called out to so affectionately in public, but sometimes he just had to wonder - did anyone else hear it?

Nowaki's tone, his voice, the way his lips formed around the word and nearly always ended in a smile, was special. The word said was Nowaki's special nickname for him, for Hiroki - "Hiro-san".

And it never ceased to pull a reaction from Hiroki's body, whether spoken in a whisper, a sigh, a moan, or a groan, Hiroki felt it and heard it deeper than anyone else could. A resonant call that wasn't quite understood by others, the significance passing unnoticed by outsiders.

And he sometimes wondered if the effect would wear off.

But then Nowaki would say it again, "Hiro-san", and Hiroki had no doubt in his mind that the feeling would never stop, fizzling away that unnecessary worry. And he decided that while nobody else may hear it, hear how much it meant, that Hiroki did and possibly Hiroki alone, and that was just fine with him.