Pairing: Egoist (I can't stop myself! XD;; No promises, but I'll try my hardest to write another couple soon…)
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: 'Breath'

You make me Breathe

To one another, their breaths were warm and sweet and familiar.

In the winter, Hiroki's breath would come out in little puffs as he finished ranting about nothing to cover up his embarrassment over having come a whole hour early in anticipation of meeting with Nowaki for a date. Frowning, his cheeks would color red and his shoulders would heave as he huffed. Nowaki's breath would be visible too, as he smiled down at Hiroki then laughed as he pulled the protesting brunette into his arms.

In the summer, Nowaki's hot breath would make Hiroki's already hot skin even hotter, as Nowaki licked Hiroki's neck and whispered naughty- err, suggestions in Hiroki's already red ear. As much as the brunette resisted, he would always give in to Nowaki's touch…and blame it on the fever-like heat.

All year round, deep in the night as they lay in bed, Nowaki's breath would tickle Hiroki's neck as Nowaki enveloped the brunette in his arms. He would snuggle up to Hiroki's warm body as if there was no other way for him to sleep. They would then spend the next morning tangled together under the bedsheets, heads bent close, breaths mingling.