Pairing: Romantica (My first time writing Romantica ever, haha)
Rating: PG-10
Prompt: Warmth

Cold Comfort

The idea of warmth, Misaki thought, was nice. It was comforting. But, although he wouldn't say it out loud, Misaki also thought warmth wasn't the only sensation that he found comforting.

Like Akihiko's hands on him, just a few degrees below normal body temperature, noticeable enough that Misaki gasped a little when they traced the lines of his body. Or the drops of water that cooled as they slid down his skin when he and Akihiko showered together. And the ice cream that Akihiko insisted on feeding him in the sweltering heat of summer, as they walked together in the park, much to his embarrassment.

Misaki had to admit it – yeah, in the battle of chill vs. warmth, chill could stand on its own…though, to Misaki, that in itself was a cold comfort in his own battle against Akihiko's molesting ways.