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Chapter 6

As Tony had expected Gibbs arrived at Ziva's apartment a very short time later.

He knocked, and Tony tried to shout quietly to him that he could come in the door was unlocked; he didn't want to wake Ziva, although he knew in reality that Gibbs was gonna anyway.

"Boss, she's sleeping." Tony pointed out.

"I can see that Dinozzo,"

"Of course you can boss, I meant, what I mean is… my point is I think we should let her sleep."

Gibbs regarded Tony.

"She just poured her heart out to me, and cried in my arms boss. Then I told you and this is Ziva, I'd like a few more minutes of life – please."

Gibbs almost smiled at him, "Fine."

He sat down, and didn't speak.

They sat there for 30 seconds.

A minute.

Two minutes.

"Ok boss, maybe we should wake her now," even death was better than this, the silence.

"Ready to face death Dinozzo."

"Yes boss." He said regretting calling him in the first place, "Boss, did you… did you have any idea tha-"

"No Tony, I didn't know either."

He nodded, "Ok, ok. Ziva?" he gently took hold of her shoulder and gently shook it, "Zee?"


Tony took this as a sign that she was awake.

"Gibbs is here,"

Her eyes opened wearily, "What? Why?"

"I called him,"

Her eyes filled with hurt and betrayal, along with tears which she tried to shake off, "Why?"

"Because I'm worried about you," he said looking at her, pleading, trying to make her understand. He grasped her hand, and she didn't pull away. This didn't go unnoticed by Gibbs. But he didn't comment on it either.

She searched his eyes, caring loving. So much more than she ever deserved.

"I'll go make myself scarce," Tony said wandering aimlessly down the hall.

"You're letting him do that?" Gibbs asked,

"He knows where everything is," she said quietly.

Gibbs raised his eyebrows but made no comment.

"We haven't broken rule number 12 if that's what you're worried about."

"No, but you've thought about it," Gibbs thought.

"Were you ever intending on telling me about this."

"Tony told you."

"Tony told me. Well, were you?"

"I, I don't know. I was doing so well, forgetting till today."

"I know Ziva, have you forgotten that? I know how it feels; you should've come to me."

"Come to you about what Gibbs? Come to talk to you about something I've been desperately trying to forget since it happened?"

He was quiet.

"What was her name?"

"Aimee," she said, a tear slipping down her face, "And now, all these years later I still can't say her name without crying."

He hugged her, "You'll get there." He said softly.

"I will?"

"You will, because to live again properly, you have too."

They broke apart, "I'm sorry," she said, "I know, I should not apologize, but I truly am. I should have told you,"

He shrugged, "I don't want to see you in work tomorrow, either of you," he said as Tony came one of the rooms down the hall, "You both have the day off. Use it."

And he left.

"That was quick," Tony said.

"Some things you don't want to talk about for long Tony,"

"I'm sorry Ziva,"

"For what? None of what happened was your fault it was years ago, I didn't even know you."

"I'm sorry you didn't feel you could tell me, I'm sorry for what you've lost. I'm sorry for a lot of things."

Screw shutting everyone out, she was sick and tired of it. It was getting too hard. People were caring too much.

So she flung her arms around Tony's neck, and clung onto him. "Thank you," she whispered. They broke their embrace slightly so they were facing each other, but still in the others arms. "Ziva," he whispered, the intensity of her gaze burning through him,

"Tony, be quiet," she whispered smiling, and crushed her lips to his.

Hungry and passionately he kissed her back, pouring all his emotions, all his love in that kiss. They broke apart when the need to breathe came too much.

"I don't deserve you," she whispered.

He looked at her like she was insane, "You don't deserve me? I'm the one who doesn't deserve you Ziva David."

"I guess, we deserve each other then,"

"I suppose we do," he said smiling at her. "You're so beautiful," he whispered to her smiling face.

"You are not so bad yourself," she said, smiling even wider.

"Are you ready for this?"

"I need to move on, and I want to do that with you."



"Good then, now I can say this; I love you Ziva,"


"Yes," he laughed.

"I love you too, Tony."

He kissed her, gently, softly.

She could do this, she decided, she finally could.

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