Heey~! This is an idea I got while reading a bunch of other fics. I hope you enjoy it~

Sonic awoke blearily, and found himself lying in the park of an unfamiliar city. "Where am I?" he said to himself, looking around the city. He knew he wasn't in Mobius. He could tell by the number of humans walking around. Where was he? Where were the others? He stood up, and automatically dizzy. Was he always this tall!? He put his hand to his head, then realized something weird. "What happened to me!?"

He was a human, standing about 5'7. He had wild, spiky blue hair and bright green eyes. He was wearing a white tank top with a deep blue jacket. He also had blue jeans and plain white tennis shoes. He looked at himself in awe. 'How did this happen!?' he thought, looking at his human hands. He had fair skin, at least, he considered it fair. "I have to find the others," he said to himself as he looked through the city streets. He wandered around. 'Wait,' he thought, pausing, 'How do I know the others are here?'

The last thing Sonic remembered was he and Shadow both attempting to use Chaos Control at the same down. Did that trigger him coming to that world? If it did, he knew at least Shadow had come here with him, even if the others in the vicinity didn't. Shadow would have probably wound up like him. Human, he meant. 'I should see if he's here, after all,' he thought, walking the city streets.

This place definitely didn't look like Mobius. There were skyscrapers everywhere, and there were these weird machines(cars) going up and down the streets. He looked around at all the humans walking the streets. How would he ever differentiate Shadow from all of them? He sighed. It was late on top of everything, he should be looking for a place to sleep for the night.

In his endless thoughts, Sonic bumped into a, or rather, another, human boy who was walking as well. "Oh, s-sorry," he said, looking up at the boy. He froze. This boy was taller than he was. It was hard to tell if he was older than Sonic or not. "I wasn't watching…" He froze as he looked at the boy further.

The boy had hair much like Sonic's, wild and spiky. Except his hair was black, with red streaks that Sonic first thought to be unnatural coloring, and his eyes were a deep red. He was definitely taller than Sonic, standing at about 5'10. His skin was tanned. He was wearing a plain black tee over a long net shirt. Over that was a black jacket with dark red pocket zippers. He wore baggy black pants, with red pockets, and what seemed to be black combat boots.

"Shadow!?" Sonic asked, seeing the boy freeze reassured him, "Shadow, it's me! Sonic!" He smiled when the boy turned around to look at him. He waved to show him who had called him. "Shadow!" he grinned and laughed, "I knew it was you as soon as I saw you!~"

Shadow smirked and walked up to Sonic, flicking him on the forehead. "Did you, now?" he asked, sarcastically. He looked at Sonic, still smirking. "You changed, too, huh? Human suits you…"

"Shadow… do you know if the others are here?" he asked, looking at the other boy hopefully. He automatically drooped as Shadow shook his head 'no'. "Oh, well. It may just be us here. We should find somewhere to sleep for the night."

Shadow motioned for Sonic to follow. "I found somewhere, already. It's not much. A small, abandoned place. Some of the furniture is still there, though. It has four rooms. We can each have one."

"Sweet!" Sonic said, following after Shadow. "We should see if any of the others landed here in the morning, do you think?" he asked, looking at Shadow.

"Yeah," Shadow said with a nod, "but food will come first in the morning, understood?" He looked over at Sonic, who nodded. "Good, now come on. We'll look for food and the others in the morning."