Hiyas! Alright, I'm going to continue my story. Oh, I forgot to bring this up, but I'm only going to use 7 Sonic characters + Eggman. Those seven are: Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Cream, Kuckles, Tails, and Rouge. If you were wondering, that's what we're going to do xD Alright, this chapter, slight preview: Sonic and Shadow find Tails, Amy finds Cream. There xD I wanted to get Amy out of the way… because I really don't like her… but she's a necessity because it's hilarious. XD Anyway, onto the story.


Sonic awoke in his bed in the morning. The place Shadow had found definitely wasn't much, but it was better than sleeping on the streets. He yawned, stretching as he did so, and got out of bed.

Unfortunately, both he and Shadow had only had one change of clothes. That reminded him of something else they would need. 'Money,' he thought. He sighed and walked around, to find Shadow already up. "Hey," he said, receiving only a grunt in return, "You know, we'll be needing money and more than one change of clothes, as well." He sighed when Shadow nodded.

"Already taken care of," Shadow said, getting an exasperated sigh from Sonic in return, "What? I woke up early afternoon yesterday. I had the time to work things out." He smirked as Sonic's head bowed in defeat. "I know this will sound alien to you, Sonic," he continued, sarcastically, "but I found work to pay for clothes and food, when I start getting money."

Sonic sarcastically cringed at the work 'work'. He noticed it earned a smirk from Shadow and nodded. "So, two questions," he said, getting a nod from Shadow, "What kind of work? Also, what do we do for food until the money starts coming in?" He smirked when Shadow shrugged to the second question.

"I don't know what we're supposed to do for food for today. We'll have to do our best, I guess. But since I started working yesterday, they said they'll do me a favor and give me my first check tomorrow. I've learned that saying you have no parents kind of softens humans up a bit," He smirked when Sonic started laughing, "As for what kind of work I'm dong, I'm working at a restaurant. I'm working as a waiter…" he sighed at Sonic's confused face, "… someone who carries food to the customers, idiot."

Sonic nodded. "Whatever pays," he said, and Shadow shrugged and nodded in agreement, "So… let's go see if we can find a way to get food." Shadow nodded and the two walked out of the shabby building and along the streets.

The two decided to stay together, as they didn't want to get separated. Shadow made jokes about Sonic having no sense of direction and losing his way if they did happen to get separated. When the two came to a large building, Shadow stopped. Sonic looked inside and saw tables in the building, and people flooding in.

"This is where I work," Shadow said, getting a nod from Sonic. He just kept walking and Sonic trailed behind. "I work afternoons," he said flatly before Sonic could say anything. The two "boys" walked the streets looking for a source of food, any way they could get it.

After about half an hour of searching, a small boy bumped into Sonic. "Sorry," he said, getting up and rubbing his head. Sonic knew who this boy was right off the bat. He had short, slightly untidy, orange hair and blue eyes. He was about 4'5, and looked like a little kid. He wore a yellow shirt with an orange jean jacked and khaki shorts, along with white and orange sneakers.

"Tails!" he said, grinning from ear to ear, "So you and the others are here!" He smiled at the boy's confusion and continued, "It's me! Sonic!" He grinned yet again at the shock on the boy's face as he looked upwards at Sonic.

"You got really tall!" Tails said with a smile, "Wow, Sonic! You know… you don't look bad as a human…" He laughed at Sonic's upset face. "What? Did I say something wrong?"

"Shadow said that, too…" he said, pointing to Shadow, "He said, and I quote 'Human suits you…'" He did his best mockery Shadow voice, earning a laugh from Tails and a small grunt from Shadow. "Anyway… we were looking for food, do you want to look with us? We don't know what to do…"

"Sure, I'll help out!" Tails said with a smile He followed after Sonic and Shadow, helping the two look for food sources.


Meanwhile, a girl with long, pink hair awoke in an alleyway in the same city. The girl's hair was held in a ponytail, and she had bright green eyes. She was wearing a pink tank-top with a red jacked and skirt. She wore white and pink sneakers, as well as golden bangles on each of her wrists. She stood about 5'5, only a couple of inches shorter than Sonic.

"Ugh, where am I?" Amy Rose said as she got up and rubbed her head. She faltered as she stood, and staggered as she walked over to a wall to support herself. "What happened to me!?" she said as she looked herself over, "Oh no, oh no! I'm human!" Amy pouted and stomped off, not knowing what else to do. "Are any of the others here?"

Almost immediately, Amy ran into a small girl. "Oh, sorry!" she said, looking down at the girl. The girl had looked oddly familiar, but Amy couldn't place where she had seen her before.

"M-Miss Amy?" the girl said as she looked up. "I-it's me… Cream." She smiled slightly, and Amy automatically knew she was telling the truth. The girl was about 4'3, and had sandy brown twin ponytails. Her eyes were a light brown, and she was wearing an orange, sailor-styled dress with orange shoes. There was a small blue jay on her shoulder that Amy took to be Cheese.

"Cream!?" Amy said, getting a nod from the girl, "This is great! We've found each other, at least. Now we need to find the others, if they're here! I'm sure Sonic will know what's going on!"

"I suppose your right," Cream said with a nod, "Let's see if Mr. Sonic and the others are here. They may be able to explain what happened."

The two girls nodded to each other and headed down the street walks. They knew they would find their friends somewhere in this city if they were here. They couldn't have landed that far away, right? They hoped they would find the others soon, not sure what to do if they were caught unawares alone on unfamiliar streets.


Alright, that's the end. I'm going to say this much: don't expect posts as often as I've been posting on this one. I just had free time and worked on the story. I hope you like it.

One thing I didn't mention is that I'm thinking about doing the following couples if I do romance:

TailsxCream KnucklesxRouge (SonicxAmy is really going to have to go through my mind…)