How could this have happened?

I stare at the bus, gaping at the little boy who had crawled out of the banana-colored door of the bus, hopping to safety, though he was crying hysterically and his pants seemed to be stained, he was unharmed…

On the outside.

My orange car was totaled, lying like a scrap of rotten metal; I scowled, no one has ever escaped alive in my presence.

No one.

Not when the atom bomb was dropped onto Japanese land in the second World War, the time where a huge tsunami ended so many lives there on that beach years back, or when Challenger 73 blew up.

Not Ever.

I ground my teeth; I would kill him sooner or later.

For the first time, I was intrigued with this human, this one human who just survived one of my deathly arrivals.

Even if it was a by a hairsbreadth.

He lived nonetheless, still breathing, limbs still intact, and heart still beating.

I stormed off, mending with the wind until I came upon my made-up world where I ruled as God –no, wait, cut that out- Goddess.

I decided to lure him to my territory, but first…time, perhaps time would eventually kill him.

No, I didn't have the patience to do so, to wait that long for his death.

Let him come to me.

I smiled at the idea of him coming toward me like prey and into my claws.

But first, I must learn how, when, and where to strike.

Perhaps waiting would be worth it after all, just not long enough until he withers and dies by nature or by some other obstacle.

No, I wanted him to die by my hands.

Concluding my plan, I sat down on a rock, made out of open mouths that screamed soundlessly, sockets that held no eyes, and misshapen noses.