"Like fire and powder, which as they kiss, consume"

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

He stares up at her, at her beautiful face hallowed in golden-crimson curls, her lovely green eyes wide in amazement and disbelief.

He's too late, he knows. He's been too late for about two years now. In fact, he was too late before he was even called forth in this life.

Lucifer is here. He's not rising, he's not coming, he's here. Now. Encased in the doomed shell of the girl he loved.

Dylan knows all of this. He also knows that in coming back, he has likely doomed himself.

All of these thoughts have crossed his mind, but he can't think about them anymore. All he wants now is one last loving look, one last kiss from a dark angel, before he gives himself up to his fate.

"I know who the Silver Blood is."