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Remembering what was forgotten

Chapter 1

On a dark night with the moon at its fullest, a young boy ran rapidly down a street. The street he ran through was littered with bodies, their positions awkward and their blood pooling and sprayed on the ground. The boy ignored the bodies, tears blurring his vision. He had to get away. Away from him. The boy gave a cry and stopped as a teen appeared at the end of the street; The moonlight shining down on the pale beautiful face and red eyes staring at him coldly.

The teen said something in a language the boy couldn't understand but the sound of the words sent a wave of fear down the boy's spine. The teen said something again; This time the boy understood him.

"Foolish little brother. If you want to kill me, curse me…hate me. And live a long and unsightly life . Run way and cling to your pitiful life. And some day when you have the same eyes as me, come before me."

The boy suddenly felt faint. His knees wobbled and gave out before sinking into the darkness.

In the city of Sacramento, California in America, a young boy woke up with a start. Pale eyelids slid open to reveal dark onyx orbs and stared at the ceiling in a daze. The boy groaned as he sat up and ran a hand through his short, spikey raven locks.

"Last time I ever read before bed."

With a sigh, the boy turned his eyes to his digital clock which sat on his bedside table and cursed. He had twenty minutes to get to school! With great agility, he threw back the bed covers and revealed his long slender pale legs and swung them to the side so he could dash into his closet. He quickly changed into a dark blue shirt with a high collar that went up to his chin and into tan shorts that came to his knees then he dashed out of his room and into the kitchen. He entered the room to find a tall, blond woman with brown eyes behind the counter, smearing butter on a piece of toast. The woman looked up and smiled.

"Good morning, Sasuke. Would you like some breakfast?"

"Sorry Mom, can't. I'm running late," said Sasuke. He went straight to the refrigerator and took out a plum, juicy tomato. He closed the door with his foot, ran over to a chair where his backpack lay, grabbed it, then headed to the front door yelling over his shoulder "Bye Mom! See you later!"

"Have fun at school, sweetie!"


Sasuke quickly put on his black high top converse and ran out the door. On the way to school he ate his tomato quickly and dodged passing people on their way to school as well. In less than ten minutes, he had arrived at his middle school. But when getting there, he was greeted with squealing girls.

"Oh my god! Sasuke is so hot!"

"He is so cool!"

"I wish he'd go on a date with me!"

Sasuke shook his head in disgust as he passed the group of giggling girls. He hated fangirls more than anything and it sucked that he had such good looks (A/N: can you say conceited?). Sometimes, he wondered where he got such good looks from. He couldn't remember what his real parents looked like or where he came from. All he could remember was his first name.

"Sasuke, wait up!"

Sasuke stopped and turned to see pink and red hair he knew so well. A girl with red hair and pink highlights ran over to him and hugged him, receiving glared from many of the girls. The red haired girl released him and smiled a bright smile.

"Did you watch last night's episode of Naruto?"

"Hn," he grunted. He knew his friend, Katy, knew he meant yes.

She did understand and proceeded to continue talking. "Can you believe that episode? I mean the way that pedophile of a snake just bit the Uchiha was enough to make me gag! He is so gay! First he's after Itachi and now after his brother! If that doesn't have 'pedophile' written all over it, I don' know what does."

Sasuke nodded his head as Katy rambled on about Orochimaru. As it turns out, the two were obsessed with the anime/manga, Naruto. At first, he didn't like the idea of ninjas but when he read the first chapter , he was hooked. The only thing he found strange about the series was one of the characters, Sasuke Uchiha. When he first read the chapter that introduced him, Sasuke was shocked to find that the Uchiha looked a lot like him. They looked alike from their pale complexions down to the same hairstyle. He told Katy about this and she laughed and joked "At least you don't have to try hard to cosplay him now."

"So what did you think of the episode, Sasuke-kun?" Katy asked. She had the tendency to add '-kun' to his name so she could act like her favorite character, Sakura Haruno. Sasuke's favorite was Itachi Uchiha but he didn't voice this out loud.

"I just didn't like Orochimaru and the stupid flashback," Sasuke said with a shrug. "The Uchiha seemed too emo at that part."

Katy giggled. "It seems weird that you and the Uchiha are exactly alike and yet you hate him."

Again, Sasuke shrugged. It was true he didn't like the Uchiha much. Actually, he seemed okay except for the fact that he gave up everything just to kill his brother, Itachi, just for revenge. He gave the whole 'avenger' idea a zero in his book. It wasn't like revenge was going to benefit him in the future.

Sasuke and Katy entered their seventh grade classroom and headed for their usual seats in the back. Although Sasuke was popular among the girls, he and Katy preferred to be alone. Sasuke wanted to be alone because most of the guys in their class mocked him for his hairstyle and the fact he imitated a character off of an anime while for Katy, she didn't want to be near his fan girls.

On cue, most of the girls started whispering how cute Sasuke looked that day while sending glares at Katy. The boys snickered how stupid Sasuke looked. The two of them ignored them and sat down at their usual seats. Sasuke set his bag down and leaned back into his chair coolly, folding his arms across his chest. He caught Katy giving him a strange look.


"To this day, I still don't see why you hate the Uchiha when you act like him."


"You even say 'hn' like him," she giggled. "If I didn't know any better, you could be Sasuke Uchiha himself!"

"Get real. I wouldn't be caught dead being that guy," he said, scowling. The day he was the Uchiha was the day Naruto was actually real. (A/N: Oh the irony! XD)

Katy rolled her eyes and said no more. She pulled out a volume of the Shippuden series and buried herself into its pages. The two had read up to the second part of the series in the manga but in the anime, they were only up to the exams in the first part of the series. Frankly, the two were upset that they had to watch their least favorite part of the series.

Sasuke was staring into space, waiting for class to start when he heard Katy giggle. He turned to see her smiling face. He raised an eyebrow and asked "What are you giggling about?"

Katy giggled again and showed him a page in her book. He squinted and saw it was the part where Sakura and Naruto see the Uchiha after three years. This was one of the only parts Sasuke remotely liked.

"The Uchiha blew up his room," Katy giggled again.

Sasuke sighed and shook his ebony locks.

The bell finally rang and Katy put away her book to start paying attention.

A few hours passed in an instant for the two. The day was currently uneventful and was rather boring. The only thing that seemed interesting for Sasuke was the fact that they were learning karate in Gym. He was actually good at it too, considering it was their first day trying it out. He was paired up with one of the bigger kids who was good at most sports including karate. Sasuke was nervous at first but when trying it out, he was able to take down the kid. He was amazed by this. He didn't know much but he was able to take down someone more experienced than him!

Sasuke walked out of the boys locker room and headed for the school courtyard for lunch.

It was quite bit for a courtyard. Benches were scattered here and there and there were also multiple trees to sit under the shade. Some of the students were already under the trees to avoid the scorching hot sun.

Sasuke spotted Katy under one of the trees, a cup of beef ramen in her hands and a fork. As he walked closer, he could see she had her Ipod headphones in her ears. Katy always had her Ipod with her and once said dramatically "If I lost my Ipod, I would literally die!!!"

He sat down next to her and grabbed her Ipod. She didn't seem to care though; She was too focused on her food. Sasuke took one look at the screen and sighed. It was the third opening song for Naruto Shippuden. Even if they didn't watch that far yet, that didn't stop Katy from seeing the songs.

"You're so asian, Katy," Sasuke commented. Knowing that she couldn't hear him, he turned up the volume to max. Katy shouted and pulled off the earphones. She rubbed her ears while glaring at him.

"What the hell, Sasuke-teme!?"

"I was saying you're way too asian, idiot," he said, smirk gracing his lips. "You're Mexican and yet you act asian."

"I'm half Mexican, idiot! The other half is Filipino, pagkatigtig! So I can act all Asian I want to so nyahh!" She stuck her tongue out at him.

"You know Filipinos are like Mexicans, right?"

"Whatever, dude." She took a long slurp of ramen and wiped her mouth, smiling. "Ramen is so good!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he lied down on his back. "You act like that dobe, Naruto."

"See! There it is again!" shouted Katy. "You act so much like Sasuke Uchiha and yet you hate him! What is up with that!"

"He had so many things," sighed Sasuke as his eyelids closed. "He had so many friends and benefits but that baka gave it all up to kill one person. And he didn't even go to find out the true reason his brother did all of that." He reopened his dark eyes and stared at the ocean blue sky. "The Uchiha even had a big family who loved him and even if they did die, he still had his brother who cared deeply for him and so many friends who cared about him."

"Sasuke-kun…" Katy softly said. Concern and sister-like affection laced his name. "You're still upset that you don't remember, do you?"

Sasuke said nothing and continued to stared at the endless sky. What Katy said was true, although he wouldn't admit it. He had no idea about his past and wanted to so badly. The only type of family he knew was of his mother, who found him unconscious in the streets and Katy. There were only two important people in his life while Sasuke Uchiha had more.

"If I were Sasuke Uchiha, I would never give up on my friends and protect them."

"Then Sasuke, you would be a way better Uchiha," She said. "You're already like a brother to me so why not?"

Sasuke chuckled and sat up. "Too bad you're like the annoying sister I never had."

"Yeah…" She had gone ahead to take out the first Naruto volume and looked back up glaring when she realized what he said. "Hey! That's not very-"

Katy was interrupted when she gave a shout and dropped the Naruto book. She was waving her hand wildly and yelling multiple curses.

"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked.

"That frickin' book shocked me!"

"What?" Sasuke picked up the book and raised an eyebrow when nothing happened. He opened it to the first page which spoke of the tale of the nine-tailed fox and the Fourth Hokage. "I don't know what you're compl-"

A bright light shone off of the book. Sasuke's eyes widened a bit as the light grew bigger and engulfed his hands.

"Sasuke-kun!" he heard Katy shout.

That was the last thing he remembered before being completely engulfed in the bright light.

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