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Eragon and Saphria where lying in a clearing 5 leagues away from the Varden. It was a beautiful spot they where in, it was fairly big, had a creek right on the edge of the clearing with purple, yellow, and blue flowers everywhere around them. They came to this spot every night and slept then returned to the Varden camp the next morning. It was a week after Orimis and Glaedr had died, once that happened Eragon and Saphria had both closed them selves off from every one including Rorn and Arya. Every time Eragon saw one of them coming near him he would jump up on Saphria and fly away leaving them where they stood. As Eragon leaned aginst Saphira's belly he thought about everyone he had lost the last few years.

""Saphira, why is it we can never find happiness with anyone? Almost all the people we love are gone, the only family we have left is Rorn and Katrina, everyone else is usually trying to use us for fighting even Arya...Yes she wants to comfort us but at the same time she wants us to fight everything and everyone with no care of what we want".

""I do not know young one, but I do agree with you on this we find happiness with no one but each other". Said Saphira

Eragon looked up at her feeling sorrow remembering all the people they have lost.

"It's like we are not meant to be happy, first Garrow, then Brom, Ajihad, Murtagh, Hrothgar, and now the last father figures we had Glaedr and Oromis."

"I know but there is nothing we can do about that"

Eragon leaned back into Saphira, closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath of air to clear his mind out. As they sat there in silence just enjoying the othere's company they felt someone touch there minds lightly, they ignored the feeling as they had been doing to people the last few days. No matter how much they ignored it it just kept getting stronger and stronger so after a few moments they lightly lowered their barriers to find out who it was, when they did they found out that it was a messenger trying to reach them.

""Yes". Eragon said annoyed because they where being bothered

""I'm sorry to bother you Shadslayer but Lady Nasuada would like to speak with you and Brightscales."

""Thank you tell her we will be there shortly" .said Eragon, climbing on to Saphira's back.

"What do you think she wants?"

"I know not young one we will see though."

It took them an hour to reach Nasuada's tent for there was a maze of cream coloered tents they had to look through to get to it. Wonce they got there Eragon jumped from Saphira and walked in to find Nasuada, Arya, and King Orin waiting for him.
Saphira stuck her head through a window in the far corner of the tent where they now sat, Eragon gave a wordless bow and sat next to Saphria.
When they came to these meetings they did not talk and if they did they said few words for they did not care to speak to anyone anymore.

"Well im glad you made it Eragon." Said Nasuada sitting in her chair staring at them , they nodded to her their faces blank and unreadable.

As Eragon lisened to Nasuada and Orrin speak about how many troops they had , he could feel Arya's eyes burning into him but showed nothing to it for she stared at him everytime they saw each other now. He still loved her more than he could bare, but he did not show any emotion to anyone but Saphira since Oromis and Glaedr died , he was getting very good at this skill, his face was always blank and unreadible no matter what people said to him he was never effected by it.

"Well Eragon, Saphira we are thinking about starting to make our move on the city of Merlian what do you two have to say in this matter?" Asked Nasuada

Eragon closed his eyes, crossed his arms over his chest, and tried to think of how to put his answer in as little words as possible.

"We think nothing of it, we go where we are told to go, I don't think it matters what we say" Eragon said opening his eyes and giving them a blank look. Arya looked at them letting surprise show on her face.

"Of coarse it matters Eragon you and Saphira are our strongest weapons."

"Exactly weapons, we go where we must fight for that's what we are meant for Green Eyes."

"Yes, that's correct Saphira that is what we are meant for to fight, we are alone in this battel but we will still do are jobs which is to fight until we can no longer. Tell us when you are ready to leave Nasuada and we will pack and meet you there."

With that he went to Saphira and jumped on her then both leapt into the sky together.

"What has happened to him Nasuada? He is not the same, neither of them speak to anyone unless they must ."Arya said with a sad look on her face.

"I do not know but I don't like the new Eragon and Saphira all the happiness has gone from their once joy filled eyes."

"I agree with you both they are indeed not the same." Said King Orin


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