Author Notes: Ok guys I am so, so, so sorry for doing this to you again, but I am still unhappy with my story. So here is what I am going to do, I am going to just restart from the point that made me unhappy. I think that I was moving to fast and didn't have the connecting pieces that it needed. So here is the new first chapter…

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A/N: ok this is my new story. Everyone is human and in high school. Bella and Jacob are brother and sister and he is her older brother who is a senior, Bella is a junior. Edward and Alice are juniors and Emmett, Rose, and Jasper are seniors. Bella is a little bigger and always been made fun of. Jacob and Bella live with their Aunt Sophie. Their parents died in a fire when Bella was 11 and Jacob was 12. Edward and his family just moved to Forks and Alice and Bella have already become really good friends. Edward is still classic and stuff but he has edge and is a little punk rock. Bella is girlyish but has the punk look a little and always has converse on and isn't afraid to be different. Bella's best friend is Racheal. Ok here we go. R&R please. Happy reading.

Ch. 1 My Bella

Bella's POV

A new family moved to town about three weeks ago. They are beautiful and I envy them so much. There is Alice, who has pitch black short hair and a twin brother named Edward. Edward is unbelievably kind and handsome. He was like a Greek god walking down the hallways of the school. His locker was right next to mine and talked to me every time I was there. Every time he spoke I felt my heart skip a beat. Today is like everyday but it is two weeks before the fall homecoming and I am going dress shopping with Racheal, my best friend, and Alice, my newest friend, after school. I wanted to find a beautiful dress.

I am not expecting a date. I'm not what you would say pretty or beautiful or popular. I mean I have had a boyfriend before but that went out the window when I wouldn't sleep with them.

I was getting my books for my American History class and when I stood up Edward was right there looking at me with a beautiful smile on his face.


"Hi, so how is your day going?"

"Umm…ok I guess. Yours?"

"Good but I didn't come over here to talk to you about our days; I was wondering if you would maybe want to go to homecoming with me? If you wanted it would only be as friends?"

I stood there, shocked. I felt like I stopped breathing and then I started thinking. Sexy ass Edward Cullen wants to take me to homecoming?! Holy shit! I have had a crush on him since he moved here. We were hanging out a lot and talking more but I still did NOT expect this.

"Bella? Are you ok? I understand if you don't want to." And I looked up at him and all I saw was pain cross his face and the smile went away. He really did want to go with me.

"Yeah I'm fine and I would love to go with you." I had a stupid grin on my face and so did he.

"Ok well what color do you want me to wear? Like what color is your dress?"

"Well Racheal, Alice and I are going to get dresses tonight."

"Ok well you have my number and I have yours so I will call you tonight."


He walked away and I was just standing there in shock. The bell rang and I snapped out of it and ran to my class.

Before Bella walks out of the School

"Hey Bella!"


"I just wanted to tell you that I am really excited and thankful that you said yes to me because I don't think that I would have gone without a date and you are the person I wanted to go with."

"That is really sweet, thank you."

"No thank you, have a good time dress shopping."

"Thanks oh and do you care what color?"

"No I don't really care just so I'm with you."

Dress Shopping

I was in the dressing room looking at myself in the mirror.

"Wow I am gross…" I whispered to myself.

"Bella Swan!! I heard that!! And I will come in there and kill you!!"

"Shut up Racheal!" and we both started laughing. We all tried on just about every dress in the store and I was feeling pretty crap about myself but Racheal and Alice were super duper excited about their dresses.

"Bella are you sure you don't like any?"

"Yeah I just don't really like any that much. I feel like a beached whale in all of them."

"Bella stop!" Alice and Racheal both said at the same time. It was like we were all best friends since kindergarten. Alice fit into mine and Racheal's friendship like the missing puzzle piece.

Alice looked at me, "We can go to another store?"

"No its ok I will go looking again this weekend or something."

"Are you sure?"


"Ok" They paid for their dresses and then we left. We were walking out of the mall and I looked at a glass display window and there it was. There was a beautiful red dress that I had to have.

"Oh my god!" we all said it at the same time. They saw me looking at it and looked too. I was a red halter and the straps had red sequins on them. It was perfect and I needed it. I went into the store and found out that they only had one left and it was the only one that they made. That was good because then no one else at homecoming would have it. I went and tried it on and it fit perfect. It was as if this dress was made for me. I bought it and we left. I was finally feeling good about myself.

Later that Night

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard my phone start ringing. I walked out still wrapped in my towel and looked at the screen. Edward


"Hi, what are you doing?"

"I'm just getting out of the shower."

"Ohh, do you want me to call you back?"

"No it's ok, nobody is home so I will just put you on speaker."

"Ohh ok"

I flipped my phone open. "You there?"


"Ok I have you on speaker, if you can't hear me just tell me."


"I just want to get dressed and ready for bed."

"Ok that's fine. Umm so how did dress shopping go?"

"Didn't Alice tell you?"

"No she wouldn't tell me anything"

"Oh I thought she would be dying to tell you."

"No she has been on the phone most of the night with Jasper."

"Oh I see"

"Yeah so what color or colors did you end up getting?"


"Awesome, I love that color."

"Cool and I figured you could wear a black shirt and black pants with a red tie?"

"That sounds good."

"Umm I wanted to ask you too, would you want to wear your red converses? If you don't its ok I just thought it would be cool."

"You read my mind because I was going to ask you if you cared if I wore converses."

"Good" I let out a small giggle and then he did.

"So do you want to go with me to get my tie?"

"Sure that way we get the right shade red."

"Yeah and maybe I could take you to dinner to?"

"That would be awesome."

"Ok!" he sounded really excited and it made me giggle again.

"I'm sorry I just never thought that you would ever do any of this with me."

"I never even thought you liked me as more then a friend."

"Of course I do"

"That's cool…"

"Why do you like me as more then a friend?"


"Cool" I could tell he was trying to play it cool but was actually really excited. I was excited too. My crush from the start of the year likes me back.

"Well I am now lying in bed with my hair brushed and has mousse in it and I am talking to you. What are you doing?"

"Laying in bed, thinking and talking to you."

"Whacha thinking about?"



"Yes you, I can't stop thinking about you. I am the happiest man alive right now."

"Wow…I have never been told anything close to that."

"Wow what jerks, when I saw you on the first day of school and you were hanging around that really huge muscular kid I thought he was your boyfriend."


"Yeah I think that's his name."

"Umm Edward?"


"That's my brother…" I busted out laughing.

"Wow I thought it was your boyfriend." He started laughing too.

"Well now that you know that Jake is clearly my brother I think we can move on from that."

"Yeah well I will let you go to sleep…"

"Or we could stay on the phone?" I got up and shut off my light in my room and set my alarm and lay back down. It was 11 pm and my brother had a huge football game tonight that was away and I couldn't go because of dress shopping so I figured my aunt and Jake would be back in like an hour or so.

"Do you want to stay on the phone?"

"I mean if you want to go to sleep that's fine…"

"No I will stay on with you. Are you still home alone?"

"Yeah Jake had a huge football game today that was away. I'm pretty bummed that I missed it. But I was glad that I got this dress."

"That's cool. Hey can I play you something?"


"Yeah like on the piano?"

"Totally I love the piano. I wish I could play but I just love the sound of it."

"Well I have been playing since I was 4 years old"

"Wow that is a long time. You must be pretty good, huh?"

"You could say that…" He must have set the phone down on the piano because I heard the music start and it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard.


He played and played and then he got back on the phone. "What do you think?"

"I love it! What is that song called?"

"Well I never really named it after I wrote it, I wrote it for you if that doesn't sound stocker like."

"No that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. I love it!"

"I'm glad…Do you want me to play it for you until you fall asleep??"

"Sure but I don't want to fall asleep on you"

"It's ok"

"Ok good night Edward"

"Good night my Bella." My Bella? I could get used to this. He started to play it again and slowly I started to drift off to sleep. I was such a soothing song that it put me right to sleep just like a lullaby.