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Ch. 11- The Alps

Edward's POV

Today was the day that we were leaving for the Alps. Emmett and Rose were going in Emmett's Jeep. Bella and I were going in her new Trail Blazer and Alice and Jasper were going in Jasper's truck. My parents were driving up in two days. They were letting us go up there first and then they would be up. Emmett was leading with me behind him and Jasper behind me. We were all loading up and getting comfortable in our car since the ride was long. Everyone had a cooler packed with water and some food so we didn't have to spend that much time at the truck stops. I got in the driver's seat and Bella got in the passenger's seat. She had a pillow and a blanket in the front with her and all our other stuff was packed in the back. We were going up to the Alps for two weeks and I was so excited and so was everyone else.

"Baby are you ready?"

"Yeah but hold on I have to pee" She jumped out of the car and ran back into the house. Everyone started to groan over the radios we hooked up to stay in touch during the drive.

"Jesus Edward, Bella better not except to stop and pee all the time."

"Guess shut up, she has a baby on board."

"Well we are not stopping every five minutes." Bella got back in the car and heard that last remark from Emmett.

"Emmett you better shut up because when Rose is pregnant with your baby you are going to pretty much install a bathroom in every room so that she doesn't have to go that far when she has to pee so shut the hell up!"

"Wow calm down"

"Drive Emmett" We took off and started the long drive. No body really said anything else over the radio.

"So what do you guys do while you are here?"

"Well we go snow boarding, sled riding, snowmobiling, and a bunch of other stuff outside. Then we usually go out to dinner, chill in the hot tubs that we have, go swimming, and other stuff."

"Cool so I can only go snowmobiling, dinner, hot tubs and swimming."

"Well we will do other stuff too"

"Ok, I'm not really worried about, we are here to relax."


A couple hours later

"Edward, Jasper we are stopping up here at the next truck stop."


"Got it" We all pulled in and Bella jumped out of the car making a dead sprint to the bathroom.

"Geeze I didn't think anyone had to go that bad."

"I don't I guess she was holding it."

Alice and Rose went up to the bathroom too and Jasper, Emmett and I all went up there too. We all went to the bathroom and were ready to get on the road in five minutes.

"Ok everyone get out the winter jackets out because the next stop is going to be cold."

"Ok" We all got out the winter coats so that they were in easy reach. When we got back in the car Bella started to slump down in her seat more and more.

"Love why don't you put the seat back and go to sleep?"

"No I want to stay up with you."

"Baby go to sleep"

"OK" She put the seat back and covered up. She turned a little and was facing me as she fell asleep. She only slept for about two hours before she got up and sat the seat back up.

"How was your nap love?"

"It was good, how long was I out?"

"Only like two hours."

"Ok" She leaned over and kissed me.

"Well that was nice"

"Good I'm glad." She put her blanket and pillow in the back seat. I grabbed her hand and our arms were intertwined on the arm rest. She had her other hand rubbing circles on her baby bump. I lifted her hand and kissed it gently.

"I love you honey"

"I love you too" After about three hours we were driving up the long drive way to our house. We pulled into the garage and parked. Once we were in there Bella got out and put on her jacket. I got out and put mine on too then walked around and put my arm around her waist and we walked to the back of the car to unload. Bella started to grab her suitcase but I stopped her and grabbed it.

"I got it baby" Emmett went and unlocked the garage door that went into the house and started to go down the steps. Emmett and Rose always took the room downstairs. Bella and I would be on the highest floor and Alice and Jasper and my parents were on the ground floor where the main kitchen was. I led Bella upstairs where we would be staying. I opened the door at the top of the stairs and walked inside, turning on the lights. It was basically an apartment on top of the house and my parents said that Bella and I could have it because it was her first time here. I showed her to the bedroom that had a king size bed, a flat screen TV, a fire place, a master bathroom, and a deck that had a hot tub and some chairs and a fire pit.

"Oh my God, Edward it's beautiful!"

"You haven't even seen the rest of our floor."

"Wait we have a whole floor to our selves?"

"Yep" I grabbed her hand and showed her around. There was a full kitchen with a breakfast bar and a dining room. Then there was another bathroom and the living room with big comfortable furniture, a fire place, and a big TV. She went over and sat down on the couch.

"Edward this is so amazing"

"Yep and it's all ours"

"Wow" I went over and sat down next to her. When you sit down on the couch you have a beautiful view of the mountains.

"This is just gorgeous"

"Yeah it is" I kissed her and she kissed back.

There was a knock on the door at the top of the steps.

"It's Alice; can Jasper and I come in?"

"Of course" The door opened and in came Alice and Jasper.

"Wow I forgot how beautiful it is up here."

"Yeah it's really pretty"

4 days later

Bella and I were just getting some breakfast when the guys came running up stairs.

"Edward we are going snow boarding, you in?"

"No I'm going to stay here with Bella"

"No Edward go, I want you too. I will stay here and catch up on my reading."

"Are you sure?"


"Ok I'm in" I went and started to get ready. I was dressed and ready to go pretty fast. I went back out to the kitchen and Bella was sitting on the couch, covered up with a big fluffy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. I went over and kissed her.

"I love you, I will see you soon and I'm just a phone call away. My mom isn't going but she's going into town to see some old friends. You will be home alone but I won't be gone long."

"Ok I love you too, be careful and have fun."

"Ok" I left and went out snow boarding.

We were out on the slopes for a couple of hours when my I started to miss Bella.

"Guys I think I'm going to call it a day and go home to Bella."

"You are so whipped"

"Shut up Emmett"

I went down the hill and got in the Trail Blazer and drove back to the house. I went upstairs and Bella was asleep on the couch with a book on her lap. She had a hand behind her head and she was covered up. I went over and kissed her.

"Edward, when did you get back?" She started to sit up, "No lay back down its ok, I have only been home for like five minutes. I'm going to go take a shower."

"OK" I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower to warm up. When I got out of the shower I walked out with a towel wrapped around my waist and I was running my fingers through my hair. I walked into the bedroom and Bella was lying in the bed covered up. I went over and crawled into the bed still in only the towel. I kissed Bella and went to put my hand around her waist and when I touched her I realized she wasn't wearing any clothes. She pulled herself closer and kissed me. God she was so sexy. She started to kiss down my neck and she threw my towel off the bed. She got on top of me and started to grind her hips to mine. I kissed her and she kissed me back. She started to hard core make out and I pulled her close. She rolled off and got up.

"Baby where are you going?!"

"I'm going to the bathroom"

"Well I can wait"

"No I'm done"


"I'm not into it anymore"

"Ehh!" I laid back and groaned.

"I'm sorry; I'm just not into it right now"

"You were into it thirty seconds ago."

"I'm sorry" She started to cry and she got dressed.

"Baby don't cry I didn't mean to yell at you"

"Yes you did, I'm sorry I'm just up and down"

"I know love its ok"

"No I'm sorry" I went over and tried to comfort her. I went over and hugged her. She hugged back and then let go and practically shoved me away.


"God Edward you are so clingy!" She finished getting dressed and walked into the living room and sat down in the chair. I got dressed then went into the kitchen and made some hot chocolate and brought a glass to Bella.

"Here love"

"Thanks" I sat down on the couch and tried to keep my distance. I never saw her like this. She never yelled at me like that. It was just weird for her. She finished her hot chocolate and brought it back to the sink. I got up and put my glass in there too.

"Well I'm sorry"

"For what?"

"Being clingy"

"Your not"

"What, you just yelled at me in the bedroom for being clingy"

"Well you aren't so let it go, it was the baby talking."

"OK" I heard everyone getting back down stairs.

"Do you want to go down and see everyone?"

"Sure" She grabbed my hand and I led her downstairs. Once we were down there everyone was standing in the kitchen. We went in there and Bella stood in front of me and I wrapped my arms around her waist and rubbed her belly a little. She put her hands over mine and laid her head back on me.

"How were the slopes?"

"They were good but your pussy of a boyfriend wouldn't know because he missed you too much to stay out there long enough to get some real action."

"Awe my baby isn't a pussy" She turned her face and I bent down and kissed her.

"Whatever you say" They finished telling us about how cool the ride was and everything about it.

"Hey we decided we are going snowmobiling tomorrow if you guys want to come."

"Totally, I'm in"

"Love, do you think that's good for the baby?"

"Honey the doctor said I would be fine just so we were careful. I will be fine"

"Ok" I had a bad feeling about this and I would talk to her tonight. They finished telling us about the rest of their day then everyone went to shower for dinner. Bella and I went upstairs to get dressed for dinner.