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Patamon and Gatomon are good friends, when T.K. and Kari are at school they sometimes hang out in the tree near the school.

One day Patamon got to the tree and sat in the little hollow were they usually met, but Gatomon still wasn▓t there even after the school bell had rang.

Patamon got worried and went out looking for her.
▒Maybe Kari is ill and Gatomon is looking after her,▓ thought Patamon.

So he went to look into the school window, and there was Kari looking perfectly happy.
▒Now I▓m worried,▓ he thought.

Patamon thought that he would go to the digiworld and see if she was there.
▒I hope she▓s all right I really wanted to tell her how I feel about her today but now I▓m worried that she▓s in danger,▓ Patamon thought.

He was about to sneak into the school when he saw Gatomon at the corner of his eye.
⌠Gatomon is that you?■ asked Patamon while turning around.
⌠There you are Patamon I▓ve been looking everywhere for you!■ came Gatomon▓s voice.
Patamon turned around and saw Gatomon running towards him he was so overjoyed to see her safe he started flying very fast and collided into her.
⌠Sorry Gatomon but I am so glad to see you, were have you been all this time,■ Asked Patamon.
⌠Well I got to the tree early and thought I would go for a walk so┘.■ Gatomon was cut of by Patamon kissing her on the lips.
He broke away then whispered, ⌠I love you Gatomon.■ ⌠I┘I love you too,■ Gatomon whispered back.

After the school bell had rang for the end of the day Patamon and Gatomon told everyone about their relationship, there were a lot of different emotions.
T.K. and Kari looked at each other nervously, V-mon and Davis started to cry, but every one else just looked at each other then congratulated them.

Patamon and Gatomon were so happy then suddenly, ⌠V-headbutt.■ V-mon had attacked Patamon, and then Gatomon ran up to V-mon and slapped him.
⌠How dare you hurt Patamon, I love him and will never love you so don▓t interfere,■ Shouted Gatomon.
She went over to Patamon and helped him up and they kissed again knowing they would always be together.


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