Author's Note: Yay. My first Avatar fanfiction. I even think I didn't do such a bad job on it, even if it isn't very long. ^-^ I've always liked Toph and Aang, so I decided to write my first about them, enjoy and review.

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"Twinkle Toes! Knock it off and wake up!"

"I mean it, stop that."

A sharp, small blow to the midsection brought a twisting, gasping Aang up from his currently position on the floor, groaning as he held his stomach.

"That's better, if you keep on doing that, you'll wake up everybody." A sharp whisper echoed across from his right. Toph, apparently had hit him.

"I'm sorry." Aang replied, he knew it what he had done, what he had been doing for several nights, the restless tossing and turning as nightmares assailed him over and over again, never seeming to be able to wake from them.

"Are they really that bad?" Toph asked after a moment, her silver hues glittering faintly in the dying embers of the firelight, currently sputtering in a small pit, the glow outlinning the rest of the gang sleep peacefully, or at least more peaceful then Aang had been.

His vibrations had woken her up first, even before her ears had honed in on the sounds of him, she had laid there for several moments, feeling him. As well as listening. She knew how they were.

"Well, they aren't like gliding, if that's what you are asking." Aang replied morosely, sitting up straighter and sighing.

Toph winced inside.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. You just, you just go back to sleep, deal?"

Toph shifted nervously for a moment, fidgeting before a sudden thought struck her and she quickly cast a glance around at their sleeping comrades.

"Hey, uh, Twinkles?" She whispered, her voice cracking slightly as she shifted herself, pulling her blanket up over her as she laid back down against the earth.

"Yeah?" He asked, turning to look at her while he situated his own self, preparing to settle back down in his own time.

Toph held the blanket up invitingly, swallowing once as her glazed eyes peered at him from behind her black locks

Aang simply stared.

"Well? Idiot, get over here." Her voiced snapped sharply.

"Wait, Toph, you want me too, you know... Sleep with you?"

No, I'm holding up the blanket for the fresh air! The thought quickly assailed Toph mind but did not cross her tongue.

"Yes." She murmured, her voice surpringsly level to her own ears.

"Why?" Aang asked, blinking owlishly in the pale moonlight.

"When I had bad dreams, my parents use to let me sleep with them, and I never had them then." Toph quipped quietly, her eyes downcast, however they quickly hardened again.

"But fine! You don't have to if you don't want too! I was trying to be nice, sheesh!" Toph grumbled angrily, and slightly disappointed, a fact she would never admit, even to herself.

"Wait, wait!" Aang replied, louder than he meant to before shuffling his way over and underneath Toph's outstretched blanket, embarrassedly bringing himself flushed up against the small earthbender.

Aang felt the blanket drop around him, followed by a comforting if not stiff and awkward arm, Toph's.

"Stupid Twinkle Toes."

He could feel her breath tickle the back of his neck, shifting slightly against her, he repositioned himself into a more comfortable position, resting his head gently against her shoulder as he closed his eyes and quietly sank back to sleep.

If Aang would have been awake he might have noticed the awkward arm of the smaller female relax slightly around him, half hugging him and tightening as Toph rested her forehead between Aang's shoulder blades, breathing deeply with a sigh before surrendering to sleep herself.

This is going to be hard to explain in the morning... Ah well.

The last thought to cross Toph Bei Fong's mind before her eyes slid shut permanently made her smile.

Stupid Twinkle Toes.