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A light yawn permeated the early morning air around the campfire, breaking into the slow rise of the sun's ascent from the horizon as Sokka sat up gingerly, wincing against the pain in his back as he threw a sleep filled scowl at the ground, groaning slightly as he pushed himself up, stretching his arms above his head.

Bed, how I miss you.

The thought lamented in his mind, sighing as he took stock of the firewood out of habit, his eyes flickering around the group, sifting over Katara sleeping peacefully still, Momo nestled into Appa's fur and Toph nestled against Aang.

Reaching down to throw a stick onto the nearly spent embers of the fire, and debating on if he should light a tender for it, he suddenly froze, the stick barely hanging in his lax grip between his fingers.

Toph nestled against Aang?

Perhaps it was because Sokka was not the average morning person that the sleeping arrangement of two had not clicked in his mind beforehand, but his eyes grew wide momentarily as he spun on his heel and checked over the two again, perhaps his mind was playing tricks, it liked to do that every now and then.

The two in question were curled up beneath one blanket, Aang's head gently resting against Toph's smaller shoulder, her arm wrapped around him gently rising and falling with the breathing of the young Airbender.

For several seconds he wondered if Toph always slept with a smile on her face. He doubted it greatly.

Before he had the chance to properly debate on how he should be reacting to the situation, a pair of silver hues meet his, the small Earthbender gazing up at him as he stared down at her.

The smile was definitely absent.

Sokka watched her as she opened her mouth and whispered gently, but fiercely as he stood next to the fire which had completely died out.

"One word and I'll bend you into next week! Now be a good Snoozles and go back to sleep."

The one threatening sentence was all that left the Earthbender's mouth before she promptly cuddled slightly closer to Aang, who slept peacefully through the little altercation, nuzzling her nose gently into his neck and closing her eyes as Aang shifted slightly, sighing calmly.

Dumbstruck, Sokka blinked repeatedly before dropping the piece of wood in his hand, walking back over to his fur and flopping down in them, finding the ground not quite as hard as it was when he woke up, and closed his eyes.

Later. He thought, shrugging at the morning events before drifting to sleep.

Besides, he happened to be a fan of sleeping in.