He left. He left. He left. It was the only thing in my mind. I didn't know what to do, the situation seemed unreal-impossible even. I always knew that I wasn't good enough for him but I never imagined that he would leave me. I don't want you. The words echoed in my head. Suddenly, my head shot up, I thought I saw something move in the trees. I guess I was wrong.

I slowly walked back to my house not knowing what to do. I felt like I was falling apart with every step I took. I couldn't stand by the time I was at my bed. That was the first night my nightmares begun.

7 Months Later

I had finally mastered driving my motorcycle with the help of Jake. I now hid it in the forest by the house instead of in Jake's garage so I could drive it when Charlie wasn't around. Jake had helped me, he hadn't fixed the pain but he has numbed the it. I walked deep enough into the forest to the point where Charlie wouldn't see it. But what I wasn't expecting was 5 girls standing there. "Hello Bella"