To Get Her To Love


I have to get her to love me again. I don't care about my Volvo, even though Emmet has joking about it non-stop. I have to figure out a way to get her to listen to me. Think Edward think. Idea! It would just take a bit of work. I ran out into the forest and began pulling out trees in a circle. I found wild flowers an began planting them into the ground.

I worked on this for an hour, making sure everything was perfect. In the end it was a meadow, smaller than the one we had before but still beautiful, just like Bella.

I gathered some more flowers and headed over to her house. I dropped flowers along the way creating a path to the meadow. When I got to her house I grabbed a small stone and threw it at her window and waited behind a tree, out of sight. I saw her poke her head out her window and gaze at the trail of flowers. She disappeared from the window. I quickly ran back to the meadow and waited.


I saw a trail of flowers leading into the forest. I already knew who had put them there but I was going to listen to what he had to say. I wanted to believe he still loved me but I knew better than to think that, I could get hurt again and I'm not sure if I could ever survive that.

I grabbed a jacket and fallowed the trail the flowers gave me. I walked through the trees until I got to a beautiful meadow. I wasn't as wonderful as the meadow we had before but it was lovely all the same.

Wild flowers were growing around the edges and the grass was a rich green that shone in the moonlight. Edward walked out from the trees and smiled. "Bella please, please, please listen to me, please." Before I got a chance to respond he added another please. "Ok explain" "Bella, I've always loved you and always will, and I only said the things I said because I thought I was too dangerous and I didn't want to stop you from having a human life. It was stupid and I would do anything in the world to make it up to you."

I looked at him, trying to figure out what he just said. Half of me wanted to believe him and the other half told me I'd only be hurt again. "Edward...I don't know what to think"

"I understand but Bella please think about it, you don't honestly believe that I didn't love you, I was dead after I left, I was nothing, Bella"

"I... believe you" I told him. "But never leave me like that again, I couldn't live if I was ever hurt like that again" He walked up to me and slowly yet passionately on the lips.

He loved me.

A/N: I know it's short and that I haven't updated in forever but I've been grounded from the computer-It's a long story- and I am finally allowed back on today so again I'm sorry

-RxR Arisa