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La Dame De Graisse N'est Past Chanter

Buffy sat in the bar drinking, she knew that drinking always ended badly for her and she hoped to the PTB that she didn't do a repeat of her beer bad days. This year turned out poorly for her despite her gaining Dawn, her friends and her watcher back. Deciding to end her long-term relationship with her fiancé Paul as she found she just couldn't see pass his forced infidelity. It wasn't fair to him for her to feel that way and she tried to forgive him, but every time she looked into his eyes, the scene would roll over in her mind repeatedly.

Paul begged her to stay so that they could work things out. She'd even tried to for several months, but she knew it was time to call it quits when she started to treat him like she had treated Riley. She was slowly shutting him out of her life. It was the last straw when he started to come in with stories of how he thought that the Dollhouse was rebuilding itself. Giles checked up on it and found nothing to support his claims and Buffy was hurt again by Paul's regained obsession with the whole matter.

He was staying out late trying to find proof. He'd been put on suspension from his job for it, and his sudden over protectiveness of Faith thinking she may be a target once again had put the nail in the coffin of their relationship. She ended it that night and left him standing in quiet disbelief. Not wanting to face her friends, she didn't want to face the twenty questions they would have and she didn't want to be comforted.

She wanted to be left to her own devices, which in the past was not always a good thing. Hence the drinking in a sleezy bar thing she was doing now.

"Beer bad," she said to herself as she looked into the drink she was doctoring right now.

"Now a beautiful lady like you really seems out of place here," Buffy rolled her eyes as the gentleman sat down beside her.

"I'm so not in the mood to be hit on, move it along bub," Buffy turned her face and looked into the eyes of someone who mildly reminded her of Wesley Wyndom Price before his Angel days.

"Oh I was hoping I could by your next drink and maybe hold a little conversation, don't shoot me down before I even get started," the gentlemen pressed the issue.

Buffy couldn't believe this, did someone have it in for her. Was Karma really this much of a bitch that she couldn't even have one night alone to wallow in her self-pity. She gave up and politely got up from the barstool.

"You know what you don't have to leave, I will," She paid her tab and left the bar feeling the man follow her as she headed home. He followed her at a distance for a few blocks until he gained a little courage and closed in the gap.

Buffy stopped but didn't turn around. "You're really messing with the wrong women, I suggest you turn around and walk away before you get hurt."

He came upon her and tried to grab her forcefully. She took his hand and twisted, he expressed his displeasure verbally and then she flipped him over and unto the ground effortlessly.

"Okay I gave you fair warning now I won't play nice," Buffy turned to give the pervert a right beating and noticed that it was not the guy from the bar but some bum that she just beat up.

Feeling quite ashamed of herself, she starts to bend down to apologize to the man when someone appeared behind her and injected her with something. Everything became twisted and a haze wrapped itself around her mind as Laurence Dominic caught her and whispered into her ear.

"That's quite all right Buffy, we don't play nice either," Buffy's world went black.


She opened her eyes and looked around, there was a man standing over her.

"Did I fall asleep?" She asked serenely.

"For a little while," the man says.

"Should I go now?"

"Not yet Kilo, I would like you to meet your handler," he pointed out the dark haired man with the handsomely chiseled features. "His name is Paul."

Her handler looked deep into her eyes. "Everything is going to be alright."

She considered him with childlike trust. "Now that you're here."

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

"With my life."

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