Welcome to my collection of Coraline fics! I read the book a few years ago, and liked it, and I also thought the movie was really good. I especially liked the addition of Wybie, though the movie has a completely different feel than the book. In any case, enjoy!

Oh, and I don't own Coraline- if you didn't know.

Curly Hair


Coraline was tired. And, because tiredness has a best friend, she was bored. She sat slumped in front of her window, trying not to think about her nightmares, but rather of how to alleviate her boredom. But, she didn't need to think much longer, because Coraline had a best friend too.

"Coraline! There's someone at the door for you," her mom called from the other room. Mom's voice somehow always managed to sound tired and bored, but it wasn't Coraline down as a smile unconsciously leapt to her face.

She hurried to the front door, throwing on a coat, shoes, and her favorite gloves, and threw it open to reveal curly hair and a cat. It had been a month since defeating the Beldam, and the three of them had gotten closer.

"Hi, Wybie!" Coraline greeted, running a hand over Cat, who Wybie held.

"Hey Jonesy," Wybie grinned back, "Ready to brave the outside world?"

"You bet," Coraline smiled, slugging him lightly in the shoulder as she stepped past the doorway.

She had begun to smile a lot more in the past month. Wybie liked her smile a lot. So, trying to promt another, he suggested they go explore the garden- something Coraline had always loved doing. She did grant him another smile, and they were off.

"Wybie," Coraline mused to him, "Do you every wonder how bees find flowers?"

That was another thing Wybie liked about Coraline. She thought about interesting things.

Coraline liked that Wybie was finally starting to listen to her.

"I dunno, Coraline, maybe because they're so pretty and colorful." For some reason, Wybie wasn't able to look at her just then.

She nodded thoughtfully and reached out to open the gate they had just arrived at.

Without even turning the knob, though, she squeaked and jumped backwards into Wybie's amrs- by accident of course.

"What happened?" he questioned her, still steadying her in his arms. He could feel her heart beating fast.

"Just.. a spider. It, um, startled me." Coraline gained her composure and solved the oddness of the situation- which was awkward simply because it wasn't awkward- by stepping away from Wybie, thinking that his arms weren't such a bad place to fall- they were warm.