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Plot inspired by Amazing Agent Luna including this and the next chapter.

Genre: Adventure/Romance

Plot: Kairi Gainsborough has been a trained secret agent for the Japanese government in her youth years, but never got the chance to reenact with the outside world and the people around her. Now at the age of 15, her single mother, Aerith Gainsborough, thinks that she needs to go out in the world, starting with going to Tsuki attending Tsuki High School with teenagers around her age. But the catch is that she still has to do missions and to not blow her and her mother's secret. What Kairi soon faces is things she never faced before, including her first crush, or that the people around her could also be in danger of her actions.

Disclaimer: The following characters of Secret Agent Kairi are from the video game, Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix and Disney rightfully own them. The setting-taking place in the story is original also and does not exist anywhere in Japan. The story, plot, and maybe some original characters are under my name. There will be some references to the game. Don't attempt to copyright.

A teenage girl with a black cat suit and glasses ran across the hallway, her red auburn hair streaming behind her as two security guards pursued her. The area had an alarm going off and red lights flashing. She managed to outrun the guards but was soon stopped by a dead end. A small helicopter immediately showed up right in front of her and saw another doorway behind on his right. She heard a whirling sound, which meant the helicopter was going to fire. Soon she ran back right past the guards that were chasing her as the helicopter's gatling gun fired. The guards stood no chance of escaping alive, but the girl managed to dodge it by entering the doorway. The helicopter chased after her.

The teenager found herself in an empty hallway where the moon shone through the blinds. The corridor was dark and silent, absent of the red flashes and alarms shattering the peace earlier. She was still running fast, because the helicopter was still on her tail.

That was until the helicopter fired at the building, moving as she ran. The bullets weren't hitting her, and the target was shown to be perfect. Finally there was an end to the hallway, and there were no windows. She was panting very fast with her hands on her knees.

"Where is she?" The girl heard the rough, impatient voice of a guard and looked around frantically, spotting a stairwell. She went inside, pressing her headset.

"Yuffie, send in a helicopter now! I need an escape route," she asked.

"Coming now. Just hang in there!" Another teenage girl's voice said on the other line. The girl ran up the stairs and headed for the roof. Once she got there, she burst open the door when the same helicopter from before showed up as if on queue.

"Surrender now, or we will show lethal force!" the man demanded on the intercom. The girl was preparing to answer when she heard Yuffie's presence. She ran toward the end of the building as bullets were thrown at her. She jumped off the tall building, the wind whipping her hair behind her. The helicopter checked to see where she was when another helicopter containing a dark-haired teen blocked its immediate view.

"Eat this, sucker!" Yuffie yelled, firing the rocket launcher at the helicopter. It exploded in a huge burst of orange and red, helicoptor parts flying pell-mell. Yuffie victoriously flew off, away from the scene.

The teenager from before took a seat in the helicoptor, panting, and she removed her glasses.

"Did you get the disk, Kairi?" Yuffie asked the red-haired girl.

Kairi dug through her small black bag and threw Yuffie the disc. "It's all in there."

"Awesome!" Yuffie gasped in excitement. "Great job, Agent Kairi."

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

The Secret Agency: Kingdom Hearts

Kairi stride around the halls of the agency she worked for, Kingdom Hearts. There were many adults walking around with papers in their hands and people working in their offices. She walked past the Conference Room when she heard her mother's soft voice inside talking to the people who were in charge on the agency. Kairi placed her ear to the door.

"But this would be a great opportunity for her!" Kairi heard her mother Aerith shouting. "She has been kept by this agency and trained since she was born. She needs to get outside of these walls and be with people her age. She is always surrounded by adults and no one her age to talk with."

Kairi then heard the boss in charge of the whole agency, Leon Leonhart.

"No way! I absolutely forbid it! What if someone finds out who she is?" he yelled.

"She has been trained to keep things on the down low. Nobody will know who she is," Aerith replied. Kairi pressed her ear harder on the door. The door swung open, naturally, revealing Kairi's eavesdropping to everyone in the room. Her face flushed and she quickly muttered an apology.

Squall Leonhart, who preferred to be known as Leon, narrowed his eyes. "Fine, we will let you do it," Leon said after a moment.

"Thank you!" Aerith was relieved.

"But on one condition," Leon continued. "She has to be doing her missions while attending Tsuki High School and make sure she doesn't blow your cover."


"End of conference," Leon said as a clear dismissal. Aerith dipped her head respectfully and left, with Kairi trotting after her. Kairi immediately started asking questions.

"What was that about, and what is Tsuki High School?" she questioned.

"You should know. You were eavesdropping on the whole thing," Aerith replied crossly, folding her arms.

"Actually I don't," Kairi murmured, sounding a little abashed. "I only got in the middle of it."

Aerith paused for a moment, and then she drew her daughter toward a door. Aerith got her keycard and slid it in the card reader. A little green light flashed and the door clicked open. "Let's talk about in our headquarters." The two entered the room and took a seat.

"So tell me," Kairi demanded.

"For many years you've been living here in the agency since you were born. You've been trained from scratch by the top trainers and teachers this place can offer. But you know, you never had any contact with the outside world. You never talked with people your age."

"That is so not true!" Kairi argued. "Remember that time when me and Yuffie played a prank on Tifa?"

"All right. Let go of the rope, Yuffie," Kairi said on the walkie-talkie.

"Launching now, Kairi," Yuffie replied. She yanked a rope, which tilted a bucket of water over a dark-haired woman.

"Kairi! Yuffie!" Tifa yelled. "You're both gonna get it!"

"Oh no, run!" Yuffie yelped.

"You pulled a prank on Tifa?" Aerith asked.

"No," Kairi responded a little too quickly. "Now what we were we talking about again?"

"You need to get out there and experience the world before you get too much older. We will be going to Tsuki to attend high school."


"Yes, we. I'm a bit old for high school now, but I can't just leave you alone. You're my daughter. You won't know anybody there other than me."

"When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow. The agency got us a nice home at Tsuki."

"That sounds nice," Kairi sighed, lying down on the couch.

"It will be." Aerith was happy with what she was doing, but she didn't know how Kairi would react once they got there. Having no experience at all for this and for being a teenager, her emotion could get the better of her. She might act differently than others. Only one way to find out.

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

It was early seven in the morning and the train ride would be 45 minutes long and Kairi and Aerith were gathering their belongings but were staying back because of Kairi's struggle to close her last luggage. "Did you get everything?" Aerith asked Kairi.

"Yes," Kairi answered, pulling out her black bag. "And this is where all my spy stuff is, seeing how I still have to do missions."

"Are you sure you can handle this?" Aerith asked.

"I want to do this," Kairi answered. She tried to close her luggage but couldn't. "You said it would be..." Kairi put all her weight on the bag, but its perseverance held. "...good for me." Suddenly their door slid open and a man walked in. He had spiky blond hair and bright blue eyes, and he was clad in black jeans with faded knees and a white shirt cloaked by a black, expensive-looking leather jacket.

"May I help you?" Aerith asked the man. Neither of the women had seen this man around the headquarters before.

"Cloud Strife, miss. Leon asked me to watch over you and your daughter," the man answered.

"I guess Leon doesn't trust us," Kairi said as she strained still to close her bulging suitcase. She bounced on it, but she fell off and landed hard the floor. "Ow!"

"I'm here to pose as her father," Cloud said.

Aerith shook his hand. "Good to have you aboard." Aerith gave a quick glance behind her at Kairi, who was still struggling closing her luggage. "Plus, I think Kairi does need a father in her life after hers' died in a plane crash," Aerith added in a quiet undertone so only Cloud could hear.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Cloud murmured, eyes clouding with sympathy.

"She was only two when it happened. She doesn't have much of a memory with him."

Kairi finally managed to close her luggage. "Yes! Finally! Now we can leave!" Kairi cheered, throwing her arms in the air victoriously.

The door slid open. Yuffie shot in like chain lightning and grabbed Kairi in a vice grip. "Yuffie! What are you doing here?" Kairi gasped.

"To give you the big news! Leon told me to come with you! After all, we're partners, and you can't go on missions by yourself, you know," she answered.

"Glad to know you're coming, Yuffie, but you do realize you and Kairi will go in different grades?" Aerith mentioned.

"Miss Gainsborough," Yuffie replied. "It doesn't matter that we're in different grades. After all, we'll be living under the same roof!" Yuffie spotted Cloud, who was watching the two teens with a slightly amused expression on his face.

"Cloud! What are you doing here?"

"I'm coming along too," he answered coolly. Yuffie tilted her head to see his bags behind him.

"Oh, well, good thing we get more people."

"Well it's time we all leave," Aerith said. "We don't want to miss our flight."

Kairi's bag then suddenly popped open, sending all her things shooting up in the air like a fountain. "Damn it! Just when I had it!"

The four were already on the train as it was heading from Tokyo to Tsuki. Kairi and Yuffie were still awake on the plane with Cloud and Aerith being in front of them sleeping already. It seems they were still sleepy. Kairi and Yuffie was looking through some magazines that Yuffie brought. "Have you ever been to school, Yuffie?" Kairi asked.

"Yes I have. I was pulled out of school at the end of middle school when..." Yuffie stopped and got up checking out the walkway and closed their door. "...until Kingdom Hearts found me to be useful."

"Oh yeah, I remember. You told me that. They were impressed by your ninja skills," Kairi said.

"What's a girl gotta do? Plus, this a great opportunity to finish my school years."

Kairi looked behind her and smiled softly. Cloud and Aerith were already sleeping. Aerith's head was resting on his chest, and Cloud's head laid on hers. "Look at those two," Kairi whispered as Yuffie's gaze joined hers. "They look great together."

"They do, don't they?" Yuffie whispered, examining the two. "I'm going to sleep since we have nothing else to do. Mine as well sleep."

"Yeah." Kairi got comfortable, getting ready for what was about to come to her as she closed her eyes.

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

The sun was in the sky, casting its pale, warm light through Kairi's window, directly into her face. Kairi slowly started to wake up. She yawned, rubbing her eyes, and she stretched her arms, accidentally hitting Yuffie in the face.

"Hey! What's the... bi-bi-big idea!" Yuffie complained, yawning broadly.

"Sorry," Kairi apologized. She looked right outside her window. She could see they in a huge city. There were huge buildings and skyscrapers in the center of the city with freeways surrounding it. She was wondering where the houses were but remembered her mom told her that the housing area was in the outskirts of the city. "Wow, this is really incredible. Check this out, Yuffie!" Eyes still blurry with sleep, Yuffie leaned in and took in the view of Tsuki.

"You're right. It is. But what you see, Kairi, is the capital city, Tsuki City." Then the two heard a ding as the female announcer spoke on the intercom.

"Attention all passengers! Good morning today. It's October 19, 2009, and as you can all see we are now in Tsuki City. The weather is a little bit cold outside and we'll be arriving at Tsuki Train Station in about five minutes, so please get ready. Thank you."

"We're finally going to be there," Kairi cheered. "All the wonderful…"

"Aaahh!" A car swiftly passed by. It came so close to Kairi that the wind racing along it pulled Kairi torward it. She almost got killed.

"Kairi! I told you to wait for the signal to tell us to go!" Aerith yelled.

"Sorry, I'm not used to this environment," Kairi replied. Aerith just sighed.

"This will take a while. Trained by the Japanese government, and yet she couldn't tell when to go," Aerith said.

Cloud managed to get a taxi for the four of them. They were now heading for their home somewhere outside of the city. As they drove, Kairi was looking through the window everything she saw. Sure she has been on missions that takes her all over the world, but that was when she breaking into a building or some sort and fighting the bad guys as usual. Then they came into an area where there were houses. The entire neighborhoods look the same, as some were two floors and others sported just one.

"Is this where we're living?" Kairi asked.

"Yes, we're living here." Aerith answered as the cab came to a halt in front of a two-floor house with a small balcony in the front. The house was a fair size. Enough for a modern size family; it had a backyard with a pond where koi fish flitted to and fro. Kairi got out the cab through one side, and Yuffie and Aerith went out the other, leaving Kairi by Cloud. Yuffie went to the trunk, opening it and getting their bags. Kairi grabs her black bag that had her spy equipment concealed inside. She closed the car door as Cloud paid the taxi driver, who drove off a few moments afterward.

The four just stood outside their house with their bags in their hands. Cloud got out the keys and opened the door. Once they got inside, they are amazed by it. In front of them were the stairs, on their left was the living room with a flat screen TV, and ahead of that was the kitchen. Some furniture was already there, including tables and chairs covered in plastic.

Then the phone rang, cutting through the silence like a knife.

"Who the heck could that be?" Aerith said, going to the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, Agent Aerith. Do you like it?" the voice of Leon asked.

"Yes I do. Thank you, sir, for doing all of this. You have no idea how much I love you right now!"

"That's good to hear. But remember not to blow your cover and that she still has to still do missions."

"I understand, sir."

"Good. Just to let you know, we hooked up the house as your HQ. All you gotta do is go to the bookcase and make sure you pull the cooking book out. It will reveal a secret passage to the things Kingdom Hearts has provided for you and Cloud."

"Good to know."

"And for Kairi and Yuffie, their little HQ is up in the attic but there isn't a way to the attic. The two would have to go to Kairi's room, into her closet and there is a small secret door they'll have to crawl into."

"You must plan ahead of us," Aerith said.

"That's because there is Kingdom Hearts headquarters in the city of Tsuki. Remember now, we're everywhere in Japan."

"Oh, how could I forget that?"

"We've already taken care of Kairi and Yuffie's applications for Tsuki High School."

"Thank you. You must've pulled a lot of strings to do all this."

"Yes I have. Now bye." With that he hung up.

"Who was that?" Cloud asked.

"Our boss. He already hooked up this place," Aerith answered. "Now I must tell you this. Kairi and…" Aerith noticed the two weren't even in the room.

"They're in their rooms, Ms. Gainsborough," Cloud said.

"Oh, okay then." Aerith was going into the kitchen and remembered something. "You need to call me Aerith now."

"Will do, mis- I mean Aerith," Cloud said.

Aerith walked in the kitchen with a smile on her face. "Cloud, huh? I like that name."

Well I must say that I really enjoyed reading this story. It was fun including that action filled opening I wrote, which by the way was actually inspired by the video game, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. Now it's up to you if you want to continue on reading the next twenty seven chapters.

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