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Title based on the video game's menu theme of the same name.

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Genre: Adventure/Romance

Disclaimer: The following characters of "Secret Agent Kairi" are from the video game, Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix and Disney rightfully own them. The setting-taking place in the story is original also and does not exist anywhere in Japan. The story, plot, and maybe some original characters are under my name. There will be some references to the game. Don't attempt to copyright.

Kairi: Death. It happens all the time. Everyday on the hour, minute, and second. It comes in all shapes and sizes taking on different forms to hurt people. It leaves without regret and sorrow putting the person's life in jeopardy. While the event may have ended, it is the aftermath you have to worry about because it comes back to finish the job. It is a cold-hearted monster meant to feed on those who we love most or prey on the innocent. And maybe sometimes to those who deserve it.

The hospital doors of the ER of West Tsuki Hospital bust open as everything is in rush hour. The rooms were flooded with many people ranging from the injured to the workers of the hospital. It was just pure chaos in the ER with people crying, yelling, and wanting to know where and how their loved ones are doing and their condition.

Hayner, Namine, and Sora were on gurneys severely injured from fighting off the Nobodies or were attacked. Despite the city being in danger at this time, hospitals are still running to aide the injured and Kingdom Hearts was finally keeping this situation under control. "I need more staff right now!" a doctor called out examining Sora as more staff came around to help out. "I have a teenage boy with a penetrating abdominal trauma. I need to get to him to an OR stat!"

"Doctor! I have another teenager: blond and severe cuts on both his legs. Doesn't look too deep though," a female worker said holding a clipboard.

"Okay, I'll have one of the others take care of it," the man replied.

"I also have another one, female, who is suffering from a cerebral concussion. It may be even more severe. As of right now, all three patients are unconscious at the moment."

While was happening, the doors bust open again, but this time with Kairi, Roxas, Terra, and Aqua coming in with Zack and Ventus on the gurneys. Everybody is wearing the clothes they were wearing before this whole mayhem happening to prevent anybody growing suspicion of being part of Kingdom Hearts. "My god there is no end to this is there," the women said walking away to attend to other patients.

Kairi: To those who do not deserve to be hurt, you always can ask yourself: "Why? Why did it have to happen to them? Why could I not be there when they needed someone the most? Someone like me."

"D-Doctor," Kairi said still panicking trying to put pressure on her father's wound to stop the bleeding, but it wouldn't stop. "How's he doing? He's gonna make it right? Please, you have to save him or I am going to hate myself for the rest of my life. You just gotta."

Kairi: And you could be beating yourself up wishing you could have been there for them thinking you could of save them. That way, they would be okay and all right.

"I will do everything I can to keep him alive, but as of right now, I need to stop the eternal bleeding," he informed her. "Now, I need you to remove your hands from the wound so we can control the bleeding to stopping it." At first, Kairi felt hesitant about it for leaving dad's side, but did what she was order to do crying over him who is at risk of dying due to a lost of blood. "Dad, you are going to get better now," she confidently said taking his hands.

"Is Aerith here yet?" he weakly asked.

"No, but she is on her way," Kairi answered.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but we need to take him to the OR right now. We have to take out the bullets in his wound now or he will die," the man told her. "There could be more damages to his body that we don't know yet, so please, go wash your hands." Kairi looks at her hand forgetting she is cover in blood that slowly begun to dry up. However, she also noticed her friends in the same area.

"Where is Sora? And the others?" she asked them.

"They took Sora to the operating room already because he has a stab wound that is pretty big. Hayner and Namine are just over there, but they are going to take them to the OR soon," Olette explained to her friend with arms crossed and Pence and Xion standing by her. Kairi looks to see Hayner leaving the ER and then she saw Namine in the same state as Hayner with Riku holding her hand following the team. He must like her that much to be following her. Then she sees Roxas staring at the same direction knowing he is hurting inside.

"Roxas…" she muttered trailing his name off.

"I think you and Xion should clean up. You two have bloody hands," Pence told the two as the girls look at their hands.

"Right. There is a lot going on and I need something to believe in so I know everything is going to be okay." Kairi walks to a worker asking where the nearest sink is and the lady points to where it is. "Thank you." Kairi goes to the sink with Xion by her side as she turns on the sink for the two to wipe off the bloods on their hands.

"Man, look at all this." Xion said putting a lot of soap in her hands and rubbing them in water. "The ER is a mess. I find it tough to have your dad here after you he came back. How are you feeling? And about Sora too." One thing Kairi always liked about Xion. She is always caring and sensitive to others. For herself, Kairi just does whatever feels right to her.

"Not well, but I am holding up. Trying to keep…" Kairi sighs. "…Things together."

Kairi: And with death comes with a lot of emotions. You can be feeling many things. Sadness. Regret. Grief. Anger. Frustration. The list goes on. Sometimes people put up a façade to cover it up because they don't want to be facing the harsh reality.

"Kairi, it is going to be okay. You just have to have faith in them," Xion assured her. The two girls washed their hands and dry them off with some paper towels. They throw in the trash and make a return to find the others talking, without Roxas of course. Xion goes to the others while she goes to Roxas.

"Hey there buddy. Come on, let's join with the others. Who cares what Olette and Xion think about you. Pence and I still love ya," she said trying to keep up a smile. "Gotta… stay strong for the others." All he said was an okay and the two went to the others. "Can I ask you guys something?" The other three turn around to face her. "Are you guys comfortable with Roxas being here?"

"I don't," Pence said not holding back as he got Roxas in a headlock. "I miss you man!" Kairi gave a small chuckle to the two, but saw the girls were not giving him a warm welcome of forgiveness.

"Come on girls! Its been months already!"

"Did Namine forgive him?" Olette bluntly asked.

"No…" Kairi softly trailed off.

"Then no. I won't forgive him unless she does," Xion continued as the girls turn their backs on her and walk away and out of the ER to find out what Hayner, Sora, and Namine's room numbers. Kairi then wondered where is Yuffie because she could not find her around the place. But then she remembers that she was with Yuffie when they returned to HQ to change their attire before coming to the hospital.

"So what now?" Roxas asked feeling a little helpless at the moment.

"It seems the only thing we can do is hope they will recover and get better," Kairi answered.

Kairi: So I'm asking you guys this: What would you say if this was their last day with you?

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

After going through a process of identifying her father and friends, and giving a status on the situation, Kairi and her friends come in the hospital lobby to find it crowded as well, but quieter and less crazy than the emergency room. It also was much bigger as there were sides of where people could sit while; of course, the front desk was in the middle. It was like a four-star hotel lobby without the luggage carriers and crazy tourists taking pictures. Instead, the sounds of people mourning, crying, babies screaming, and utmost other things populated the lobby. The front doors were double glass automatic doors with people coming in and out. "This place is incredible!" Yuffie shouted and immediately closed as her voice echoed through the halls. "I really don't feel like I'm in a hospital. I wonder if the others one are like this."

"I doub—hey look!" Pence grabbed a handful of small chocolate Hershey's from a tray from a nearby table. "Free chocolate!"

"Pence," Roxas said with arms cross.


"Put it away."

"Okay!" he said doing what he was told.

The front doors open once again, this with Kairi's mom finally arrived through the doors along with Yuffie, Cloud, Tifa, Leon, and Rinoa. "Mom!"

"Kairi!" The two run to each other and embrace. "Oh my god!" The two then let go with her saying, "How is he? You guys came, b-but it was all too fast that I barely got a chance to see you guys."

"He is fine. He was taken to the OR to remove the bullet or whatever they are doing. I just hope he and the others will be fine." Kairi then heard a little someone bark. "Oh my god! Hoshi-chan!" She bent down to hug their dog seeking for some comfort in him and noticed he didn't have a leash. But he does not need one because he is a very loyal and obedient dog. "This hospital better let him in or I will make them."

"Don't worry. I had Aqua to allow the hospital to let pets in. I didn't want to leave him alone so I brought him," her mom replied. Then behind them, a worker behind the counter with others noticed them, mainly Aerith. She had brown hair like her in a ponytail, but with a few strands of silver hair indicating her young old age coming.

"Aerith? Aerith Gainsborough?" the women called out making her turn around to find a familiar face.

"Yes? May I help you?"

"Do you know her?" her daughter asked, who was still down Hoshi's levelt and continues to pet his head, and all Aerith replies with shaking her head.

"Tch, don't act like you don't know your own auntie! I remember when you were a little girl coming here with your mother. It's me! Your mom's sister, Elmyra Gainsborough!" Aerith is surprise to find her auntie working her, actually, she forget she did work here.

"Auntie! Oh my god… it has been too long," Aerith said weakly feeling a little uncomfortable of the situation. Her daughter and friends were watching from the sidelines.

"I have an auntie?" Kairi asked slowly getting up

"No, more like a grandmother dear," Yuffie whispered to her. "To your mom, she is her auntie." Then Kairi and her friends saw the women walk around the counter to give her mom and hug.

"It's been too long since you've ran off with that husband of yours," she told her, but also like she was kind of scolding her.

Aerith gave out a nervous laugh. "Sorry… but I definitely came back."

"Is your daughter here? I know you were pregnant my darling. Don't you try to deny it!"

"R-right… she is right here… beside me." Elmyra look to her side to see Kairi giving a swift wave with her pressing her lips together. Everything just felt awkward all of a sudden. "Auntie, this is Kairi, your granddaughter. Say hi Kairi."


"Grandma Gainsborough honey! But call me grandma Elmyra because I'm not that old. Your mom's mom is my older sister that's why."

"I see."

"And this is where the awkward begins to be playing," Yuffie whispered to the two boys by her as they chuckle softly together. "Sucks Kairi does not have a twix to chew on."

"I would love to stay and chat with you guys, but I have a job to attend to. You know how everything is just so hectic. I mean, it's so late at night and I have been working since this morning."

"Really auntie? I don't recall my mom working that long. Speaking of which, I have been here for almost a year now and I haven't seen my parents anywhere in Tsuki. Do you know where they are?"

"She never told you?"

"Told me what?"

"After you left and haven't made any contact to them since, they left Tsuki and decided to travel around the world. Although, I don't know where they are. Last time I heard from them was last year. Either they have no reception or they discarded phones to not be disturb."

"Oh…" Aerith felt a little hurt inside. She thought she probably deserved it anyways for leaving them with no phone call back to give them an update. Reality bites, but she had to move on from this topic because she has a husband in surgery right now and has to be worrying about him at the moment.

"Hey. If you don't mind, do you want to lend us a hand by being a doctor here for tonight? I remember you told you wanted to be like your mom. Did you go to med school?"

"I did…" she said giving off another uneasy laugh while rubbing the back of her head. "It was uh, a special program and I studied there. But after a while, I grew tired of it and wanted to do something else."

"Good. Earlier, I just got a list of new patients and I need you to attend to these."

"W-what? Already?"

"Yes. I have two adults who are both suffering from a gunshot wound. There are also three teenagers—"

"Hey! We know those guys!" Kairi interrupted and suddenly came near her grandmother. "Do they have a room? Which one? What about Sora?"

"Whoa! Calm down Kairi!" Roxas told her trying to pull her away. "Have some dignity here." Shortly after he went into the same state as her. "Namine! What about her? Do you an update on her? What room is she in?"

"Yes Roxas, you are an excellent role model to young kids everywhere," Kairi dully said crossing her arms and tapping one of her arms with one of her fingers. "I congratulate for your stupidity. Anyways, while I try to stay calm and have some dignity in me, can you please tell us their room numbers? I'm sorry about my behavior earlier," she apologized and bowed down.

"Okay… the two adults are going to be on the fourth floor. Your friends as I should say are going to be right above except for…" Elmyra stops to check the list. "A teenager named Sora. He is enlisted to be on another floor up. Room 520. He is schedule to be released from the OR soon so you get should get going. All patients are in the east wing of the hospital."

"Thank you!" Kairi runs off with Hoshi coming with her and leaves everyone in the dust.

"Kairi! Wait for us!" Pence shouted as her friends run towards her direction. Kairi instantly finds the elevators and pushes the 'up' button waiting for the elevator to come down. She heard footsteps coming nearby, but she didn't care because she wanted to see Sora so badly. She wanted to see his face and how he was doing. She did not want to leave off things so bittersweet about them. It was a breakup with not even a sorry. The doors open and she was just anxious to get in. She gets inside and presses the number five as the door close. But someone's hand came making her groan. "Can't you take—?" she stopped to see her friends. "Oh hi guys. Sorry about that."

"I understand," Roxas replied while the doors finally close. "But I'm going to come with you to visit Sora first before Namine. I am not ready yet to face her, especially if Riku is there. Who knows how her condition is?"

Kairi then put on a smirk. "Maybe Yuffie or Pence should distract him," she thought mischievously. "Do you agree Hoshi-chan?" And he barked happily. "See. Even if our dog does not like you much, he still slightly adores you."

"Sure… I am sure he does," Roxas said being skeptic.

"Shouldn't we be happy for her that she has someone with her?" Pence thought.

"Oh Pence. Dear old Pence. As much as I care for Namine's happiness, I think she is with the wrong guy. So it is my—I mean our job to destroy that happiness and build a new one with Roxas involve this time. Heh, I am being such a terrible friend right now."

"No you are not. You are just trying to destroy a relationship for me," Roxas smiled.

"Yeah, what they said." Yuffie just put her arm on Kairi's shoulder as the three eyed their chubby friend.

"I am going to meet up Olette and them, but I won't tell them about this… plan you guys have?"

"So you are going to help us?" Kairi grew excited.

Pence rolled his eyes and says, "Yes, but for now, let's be serious about the situation around us first before we flaunt around blindly before someone else gets a trip to the ER downstairs." The elevator reaches the fifth floor with the sound of the 'ding' and the doors open with three of them leaving. "See ya guys. If Sora wakes up, tell him I said hi."

"Will do Pence," Kairi told him as the doors close between them. Then Kairi turned around on a mission to find Sora. "Alright then." Kairi took in some air and out. "Time to face the music." The three start to walk together through the halls, passing by some people and looking at the numbers and full glass window walls with some curtains hiding the patients. Once they reach room 520, Kairi saw Sora lying in his bed with a heart monitor and a few small tubes attach to him. She quietly gasped from the sight of his bruises around him.

"God, that sure was fast," Roxas said as the three stand by the doorway looking at Sora.

"It is already past midnight," Yuffie told them while looking at the clock by the nightstand. "I think thirty minutes have past already since they got here."

"I don't plan on leaving his side," Kairi said coming in the room as well as Hoshi walking by her side, and it was a good thing that he did not have to share the room with another. The room looked like any other hospital room there was a huge window by Sora where they can see parts of the city finally in peace. Kairi stood by Sora and took his hands and it felt soft and warm to touch. She missed this feeling of having his arms around her. She never felt like that before and wanted it to keep it going. Hoshi sat on his butt and looked at his owner sensing her feelings.

Yuffie and Roxas come in the room as well. Roxas takes a seat in a chair and Yuffie looks out the window. She starts to droplets of rain starting to batter the window. "It has been a while since I have seen rain," she said.

"A year without rain?" Roxas said glancing at the ceiling. "We would die in a drought if there was not any." He then turns his attention on Kairi and Sora.

"When do you think he is going to wake up?" Kairi asked not leaving her eyes from him for one second.

"Who knows? This is one of those moments where we have to just sit and wait." Kairi just shut her eyes for a second letting out a sigh.

"I want to tell him so badly about why I have been leaving in and out, and making up these lame excuses."

"Kairi, you can't. Our friends have already been pulled into this and look at them now!" Yuffie explained trying to stop her.

"B-but… I don't want to hide this anymore! I'm so sick of it! Who cares what the Blue Hair Monster has to say?"

"Unless…" Yuffie trailed off when she and Roxas looked at each other, and she knew they were thinking the same thing.

"Unless what?"

"Unless we do tell him, but he has to join the agency. I know how Sora can be," Roxas replied.

"No! I will not have him join this crazy life already! Just look at him! It is our fault cuz we barely did any squat this year!" Her friends fell silent as Yuffie continued to look out the window and Roxas just sat in his chair doing nothing. The room was silent for a minute until Kairi spoke up. "Sometimes I always wonder what I am fighting for. I mean, what is the point in all this?"

"It is so we can protect the ones we love," Roxas told her.

"Sure and look what has happen tonight," Kairi snapped making him shut up again.

"Look Kairi, we can't save everybody. Haven't I told you that?" Yuffie asked making look down on her feet.

"Sorry… it's just… I do not know anymore." She lifted her head to see Sora and felt her knees giving away. "Roxas, can I get a chair please. I'm really tired right now." Roxas got out of his seat and went around Sora's bed carrying it t her. He gives it to her and she takes a seat. "Thank you." When she felt comfortable, she says, "I wish I could have been there to save him."

"Don't beat up yourself Kairi. There was nothing you could have done. We weren't there because we were doing our thing," Yuffie assured. She did not like the fact her red auburn hair friend was mentally beating herself up. It just did not seem like her.

"You know, it would totally suck if Sora here was pretending to be asleep and he has been eavesdropping this whole time," Kairi thought, which sparked some worry. Roxas went over to open his left eyelid.

"No, we're good," he said closing it.

"Phew…" Kairi felt relived. "I really do not feel like explaining this to him." She then gave out a big yawn. "And boy am I tired."

"Take some rest. Your back will probably hurt like hell, but hey, this is Sora. He needs you," Roxas suggested. "I am going to go downstairs now to check up on the others. You coming Yuffie?"

"Yeah. Kairi and Sora deserve some alone time, even if he isn't awake," she replied walking out of the room with him. Kairi yawns again thinking what Roxas said earlier. She sure is tired and decided to take a small nap for now. Hoshi jumps onto a chair and makes himself comfortable to sleep too. She lays her head next to Sora on the soft bed and closes her eyes still holding onto his right hand.

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

The elevator doors reveal the fourth floor looking the same as the one above with only small changes. Roxas and Yuffie exit and walks to the counter with Roxas asking for the other's rooms to a nurse. "Hi, do you know what room is Namine Nakamura?" Okay, mainly Namine, and this made Yuffie slap him on the chest.

"We also like to know our other friend," she said to the nurse eyeing Roxas. "His name is Hayner Sasaki." The nurse goes through the computer searching for their names.

"Um, the girl is in room 405 and the boy is in 404. Right next to each other," the nurse answered.

"Thank you," Yuffie replied with as the two leave to find the room, but stopped when the nurse gave them a last note.

"However, Mr. Sasaki is still in the OR, so his room will still be empty for the time being." The two gave another thanks and continued to go to Namine's room.

"How lucky for us to visit Namine first! It must be a sign" she teased knowing full well he does. Of course he replied with a yes. It wouldn't matter anyway because Hayner and Namine's rooms were right next to each other. "What about the others? Mainly Riku." Roxas stopped in his tracks forgetting Riku would be in her room.

"You are right. We should… we should visit Hayner. Cuz you know, I heard about his legs. Wow! Not a pretty sight." Yuffie's sweat just drops looking at him strangely. "W-why are you looking at me like that? Can't I care for the other?"

Yuffie starts to walk again and so did Roxas.

"About a minute ago, all you wanted to know was Namine's room number and completely forgot about Hayner. Plus, he isn't even in the room yet."

"Well yeah, but—"

"We're here!" The two come the two rooms and it seemed like they came across a crossroad. "Two options and one will affect the outcome of the future," she said in a dreadful sci-fi voice.

"This is not a video game Yuffie. Besides, like said. Hayner's room is empty." Roxas looked at Namine's room and notices she is alone in her room. Did Pence actually do what they asked him to do? "I don't see Riku anywhere." He walked in with hesitation to see her in the same state like Sora. To see her innocent pale face attached to a heart monitor and the red marks on her body. He finally walks inside and a doctor comes in for a check up. "Doctor, how is she doing?"

"She is doing fine for the time being. Heh, she is lucky enough to be alive after what had happen. Being dragged down the stairs and thrown through—" The man stopped as he noticed the blond boy's face seems to be stricken with guilt. "I am sorry for saying that. I must have worried you too much."

"Question: I thought Doctor Gaisnborough was assign to my friend?" Yuffie asked him.

"I just got word that she can't handle the amount of patients she was given, so she will working downstairs."

Down on another floor were the adults were Zack and Ven took residence, but Zack actually awoke compare to the others. "I am surprise to find you awake out of all the others," Aerith told him. "Tonight, I will be your doctor for you and Ven."

"I always wanted you to be my doctor," he laughed and she immediately picked up what he meant by that, which made her hit him on the head, giving him a lump. "Hey! You are supposed to be a doctor! Not hurt me!" he cried covering his head.

"You're the one acting immature idiot!" she growled. "Be lucky I didn't have a mallet with me from out of the blue. Anyways, you are in stable condition thanks to arriving here on time or your wound would have been more troublesome. Surgeons managed to take out the bullet from your body and you should make full recovery within the next few weeks for the wounds to fully heal."

"Man, how I remember you used to do this back then." Aerith took a seat in his bed stroking his hair between her fingers.

"Haha, yeah. Took our daughter by surprise when she found out," she replied tilting her head and stares into his blue orb eyes. "Which brings me this. I finally met with one of my family members after all these years. My auntie." Zack noticed her distressed tone.

"How come you do not seem happy?" he curiously asked.

"Cuz… it has been a long time since I last saw any of them. Having to leave them to do all this… it is tough for me. Especially if you have daughter who hasn't seen any of them or knew she had any." Aerith starts to sniffle feelings small tears in her eyes. "I feel so bad that I did not say anything now. To have everything end up like this."

"Don't cry honey," he assured her wiping her tears away. "They will come back eventually. Your mom and dad, but for now, we have to worry about what is going on right now. Plus, you shouldn't be getting too attach to your patients," he laughed off to uplift the situation. It put on a smile on Aerith's face and she gave him a slight shove.

"Idiot. Do not ruin the mood."

"I made you smile didn't I?" he said with a smile on his face.

"For being my husband who got shot, you act like it didn't even happen. Lucky I'm the serious one," she said kissing his forehead. From afar, Cloud was watching the scene and felt somewhat happy for them. Maybe his feelings for Aerith was washing away, but you can never be too sure.

In the other room where Ven was staying at, he still was unconscious after he took a shot for Aqua. The bullet was removed, but it did quite a number of damage to his body, and such since it was close to his heart. Aerith told Aqua that they have to continue to monitor him in case something happens. Terra was asleep in a chair and Aqua stood by Ven's side. The man she used to love before and only before Terra came. "Damn this stupid love triangle," she cursed under her breath. He did this for her and she felt horrible about it. She can only sit and watch him recover while he went and took a bullet for her. She can't top that.

"Hey Aqua, can I borrow you for a second," Leon called out from the doorway.

"Can it wait?" she asked.

"No because this is important. It regards Kairi them."

"Alright." She pushes her seat back a little and kisses Ven's hand. "I'll be back." Soon after she walks to Leon and he guides her to meet with the principal of the school she used to go to. "Hi Rinoa, it has been a while since I last saw you."

"Heh, it sure has been awhile to see my senpai after all these years," Rinoa greeted giving out her hand as Aqua shook it. "Look, I know it must be really tough for you right now. For you and the agency, but why didn't you guys tell about Kairi and Yuffie. I actually would of let them slid and such to do missions if it was during school."

"That wasn't my call. Aerith here wanted her daughter to sort of live a normal for a while. But when things got serious over the past months, the missions started to get into a gear."

"Tell you what, I grant Kairi and Roxas to these missions now since I'm guessing things are getting more serious this time. I would say Yuffie too, but she already graduated."

"Thanks. That really is great to hear. I mean, I would have come to you about this if a certain someone you know, remembered you," Aqua explained eyeing Leon making Rinoa chuckled. "Anyways, good news for the agency. I will prep those three to do a training course back at our main headquarters in Tokyo. No summer break for them."

"They are going to hate you," Leon pointed out.

"Yeah well, Kairi and Yuffie hate my guts anyways, and my son will just follow along with them." Later the three see Aerith come out of Zack's room with Cloud by her side. The two seemed to be talking as they join them. During this, they also saw Tifa coming. "How are the others?" Aqua asked Tifa.

"Kairi is sleeping with Sora and Hoshi is with them."

"In his bed?" Aerith said in disbelief about to move. "Not on my—"

"She's in a chair," Tifa interrupted.

"Okay we are good," Aerith continued catching her breath. "With that said, I here to give some good and bad news. Zack will make a full recovery within the following weeks. Ven, I am not sure about him," she gave out looking behind her to see Ven's room and him through the glass. "He barely is breathing due to the wound." She paused and later continues. "He might need a new organ guys and if he does, I don't think we will have enough time before…" Aerith decides to stop because she did not want to say it, but they knew what she was going to say.

"What organ does he need?" Terra said coming in as everyone turns their attention to him. He had woken up.

"W-what?" Aqua stuttered, knowing what he is planning.

"The liver. A vital organ he needs." It then hit Aerith on what he plans to do. "Y-you're not thinking about donating your organ are you?" Terra nods.

"Why would you do such a stupid thing?" Aqua pouted at him.

"It's not stupid. He's my friend."

"Even if you try give him yours, you would have to be a match Terra. You can't spontaneously give someone an organ and expect him or her to be in good health."

"Then let's see if I am," he firmly said as they all looked at him.

Above them were Yuffie and Roxas. Roxas stood by Namine sitting in a chair holding onto her hand softly rubbing her smooth skin with his thumb. They have been for a quite a while now and none of their friends came in yet. He wished she would wake up to see his face first and it would make him happy to see those blue eyes he always enjoyed seeing. The bathroom door opens revealing Yuffie and she says, "Hm, it seems tonight everything is divided up tonight. The adults with the adults and us teenagers with each other." Then the two noticed Olette, Xion, Pence, and even Riku come into the room. Roxas immediately got up from the chair and felt the burning glares from them, minus Pence. "The cavalry has arrived," she said looking away.

Roxas made a small sigh and says, "I know you guys do not want here, but I want to be here. She needs—"

"No she doesn't!" Riku snapped. "She has a boyfriend now. One who actually does have feelings for her!" The words slightly hurt Roxas since part of it was true. The boyfriend part was, but he slowly began to develop feelings for the blonde artist. Then again, Roxas was still skeptic about them because he does not know if they emerged because of what happened.

"Yeah, a couple who barely got any action," he muttered under his breath laughing inside his head. After that, he says at a normal volume, "I suppose I should leave then… for now." He soon leaves the room, but stops at the doorway to take one last look at Namine. "I'll be back." With that, he brushes past the three people that loathe him while Yuffie stayed and waited a minute for him to be gone and crosses her arms. She was starting to get mad at her friends.

"What the hell is the matter with you guys?" she scolded them. "Can't you guys see he does care for her! Namine may have not forgiven, but she is willing to still be his friend!" The loudness of her voice cause a nurse to come in to keep the noise down for the other patients on the floor. "I don't care about the patients right. It is cause these three right here hold a grudge against one of my friends!" Yuffie wasn't planning on holding back so did not care what the nurse said. "It has been months and this has got to stop!" Despite this, Namine surprisingly did not wake up. "I mean, what else is there to hate about him when it something over completely stupid!"

"Ma'am! I must ask you to leave the area!" the nurse warned.

"Just wait!" she shouted back. "Yes, he did break her heart, but he has atone for his past mistakes to her. Give him some slack. Heh, not like you in were any scenes the past chapters of our lives for it to develop." Finally, Yuffie starts to walk out of the room, but stops in front of her friends who were left speechless from her words. The look on their bewilder faces made her amuse because she did her job of throwing guilt on them. "By the way Riku, I'm Team Roxas," she said sticking her tongue out to him. "But you still are my friend." Riku's sweat just dropped looking at his odd senpai as he sees her walk away.

Countless minutes have already since they have arrived and Kairi was slowly waking up from her slumber as she lets out a big yawn. She rolled her head and lifted it from the bed, as her vision was still a blur. She wipes her eyes to clear her vision and looked around to see what time it was already. She saw a clock above Sora to see it was past one in the morning already. "How long have I been sleeping?" she asked herself and looked to see Hoshi sleeping peacefully and back at Sora who is the same state as he was before.

Kairi slowly gets up feeling her back ache and let go of Sora's hand. She immediately missed the feeling of touching him, but she had to take care of herself because her back was annoying her. She takes a look outside to see that the rain had gotten more worse, but not crazy when a typhoon would come. She sighs feeling she has to confess to him about everything.

"Sora… I never would have thought you would be put in a situation like this and it is mainly because it's my fault," she said not looking at him, but at the window. "When I first arrived here, I met you guys and my life felt complete and I was happy to think I left my other life behind me. My other life… the one I can't let you know, but I want you to know. You… might think that this is crazy. You probably wouldn't believe me what I'm about to tell."

She hesitated for a second wondering if this is the best time to tell him, even if he is unconscious. Then she thought if he was pretending to be awake, but she shrugged that feeling off. "I am a…. I'm a… I'm a secret agent! There I finally said it. That is the reason why I have been leaving on and off, and coming back with lame excuses. Yes, I'm the world's lamest liar, and it is hard to believe that I'm even a spy to begin with!"

"Yes you are."

"Yes I am and—wait what?" Kairi quickly spun around to see Sora open his eyes leaving her shock.

"I heard everything."

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

"You did?" Kairi asked with a distressed. "Crap! Maybe that time wasn't the right time!" She made a nervous laugh with a distress look on her face. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" she asked hoping to turn this whole situation around. "You were mumbling and…"

"Don't even try to hide everything you just said," Sora interjected.

"But me? A spy? Pssh! Yeah right! I would the world's worst spy!" she continued trying to still convince him. "Goodness Sora, don't you know anything about me?"

"After that kind of confession, I really do not know anymore," he replied slowly sitting up on the bed and started looking around the area to find no one else other than her. "Where are the others?"

"Hey! Don't try to change the subject on me this time!" she yelled, but closed her mouth hoping she didn't disrespect anybody. But from her voice, Hoshi started to slowly wake up as well. "Do you really I am a secret agent?" she said toning it down.

"You know, for now, let's talk about later because I still need time to digest what you said." Kairi's felt relived to hear those words, but now the wait will be killing her slowly because she now did not want to explain everything to him. After, Yuffie and Roxas come into the room together.

"Whoa! Sleeping Beauty is finally awake," Roxas said in a cheerful voice happy to his cousin in stable condition. Sora turned to them, but groan in pain feeling his stab wound.

"Hey, take it easy," Kairi said slowly laying on his bed. "You don't want to reopen that nasty wound of yours."

"I-I'm fine," he told her looking at in the face.

"I'm sure you are," she sarcastically said. "Just lay down for now alright."

"By the way, how are Hayner and Namine doing?" he asked as he sees the people in the room gather around him.

"They are fine, but Hayner may be riding a wheelchair for a long time," Yuffie replied. "Namine is fine, but still sleeping."

"We would still be there is someone didn't get us kicked out of Namine's room!" Roxas said eyeing Yuffie.

"In my defense, I was defending your right to be with her," Yuffie explained. "Screw the others! Once Namine wakes up, I have a feeling she will forgive you." With that, she turns her attention to Kairi and Sora. "You guys should have been there! He wouldn't leave her side and you could feel the love!" she said in such a girly voice. "Sure she is sleeping and he could not do much, but it is like you two. Sweet love without words." The other three had their sweats drop.

"Uh…huh, anyways, there is something I want to tell you Sora," Roxas told him.

"If it's about Kairi being an agent, then yeah, I know," he blurted out as Roxas and Yuffie gradually turn to Kairi. "You told him?"

"Ahehe…" Kairi nervously scratched the back of her head. "I'm going to check on the others! Bye!" She made a dash for it to the door. Roxas and Yuffie try to stop her, but she dodges their every move, but Roxas gets a grip of her.

"I don't think so!" Kairi bends him over and punches him in the stomach as he grunts for it, and knees him in the chest making lose his breath. She then takes the waist of his pants and throws him behind her making her escape. Sora was shocked to see what Kairi had done, but amazed to witness it. He saw Yuffie attend to Roxas, who was on the floor trying to pull himself together from the hard fall.

The elevator door opens revealing Kairi as she sets foot on the first floor wanting to get fresh air. She felt bad for what she did to Roxas, but she did not want to deal with the whole revelation now. On her way out, she spotted Terra standing by a room and decides to investigate about it. When she gets there, she sees a strange place with soft music playing and wooden long seats lined up. She saw the Blue Hair Monster on her knees with head down, eyes closed, and her hands together.

"Um… what is this place and what is she doing?" Kairi asked Terra.

"This is a chapel Kairi. And she is praying… I think?" he answers while the two look at Aqua.

"Aqua praying?" Leon said in disbelief joining the two as he hands Terra a bottle of water. Along with him is Cloud taking a sip from his bottle. "She never prays. You sure she is not just sitting there?"

"Bet ten bucks she is," Cloud offered.

"Sure," the men both replied with Kairi out of it.

Aerith and Yuffie come down talking to each other about Kairi's "mess up" recently. The two then walk on by wondering why everyone is together in front of the hospital chapel, but only because the two were looking for Kairi. "Kairi? You are so—!" Yuffie stopped noticing the situation. "Is that the Blue Hair Monster? And is she praying?"

"That's not possible. Aqua never did a prayer in her life. Ya think she even knows how to pray?" Aerith said.

"I can hear you guys you know! I'm trying to pray here!" Aqua bawls out. "Sheesh. I'm trying 'kay."

"Best twenty bucks I won. Hand it over you guys," Cloud ordered as the men groan at their lost taking out their wallets.

"I understand how she feels though. I mean, the father of her only son is hospitalized after saving her life," Kairi said looking at the situation and felt a quick hit to her shoulder from her own mother. "Hey!"

"Don't 'hey' me young lady! Why did you tell Sora about us?"

"It really is late mom so let's deal with this tomorrow and—"


"I-I didn't really say anything about you guys. I just said I was a secret agent. Ahehe…" Kairi already felt edgy with everyone's eyes on her. "Hey! He said we would deal with the problem later. It's not like he actually believes me."

"Does he?" her mom asked anxious for an answer.

"He never said anything. I tried to avoid the subject shortly after." Aerith then looked at Yuffie.

"And you and Roxas were not there watching her?"

"Actually Mrs. Gainsborough… I kind of um… support her actions."

"What the heck is wrong with you two?" The two teenage girls and adults were bickering each other about the situation with Aqua still trying to pray. She tries to block out the sounds behind her, but her blood was boiling while she tried to concentrate. After about a minute, she just had it with them.

"Will all you just shut up?" she screamed at the top of her lungs making the group of people stop and stare at her. "I will deal with this situation myself! But for now, I have someone dear to me who might die! So just shut up!" The area immediately grew quiet as Aqua walks towards them. "Since Kairi has caused another problem, I will handle it." She brushes past by them and shouts, "Kairi!"

"Coming!" Kairi runs to her side feeling the tense air hanging above them as this time it felt serious. "I'm not in trouble am I?" she curiously asked.

"We will see about that," Aqua bluntly replied as an elevator opens with people coming out and them going in. A minute later, they get on the fifth floor and walk to Sora's room, and enter inside with Roxas and Sora talking to each other. "Up. Now." Roxas turns around and does what he was told. "Go check on your father while I have talk with these two." Roxas could tell his mom was not kidding. He saw Kairi looking down on her feet and left the room closing the door.

"Kairi? What is going on?" Sora asked noticing the scene changing as Hoshi was by his side on the bed with him.

"For being the son of Vanitas, things have definitely taken a turn for the worse for you Sora. Lucky you are okay," Aqua said politely trying to be concern about him.

"My dad? What does he have to do with all this?"

"I'm surprise you haven't connected the pieces yet Sora. I'm not trying to be mean, but with your ex-girlfriend revealing something shocking to you, it is about time you understand what is going on. First off, Roxas is not actually your brother. He is your cousin." Sora's jaw dropped, but before he could say anything she continued. "I know. Shocking. To make things short, we are all part of an agency called Kingdom Hearts built to fight whatever threatens our country and world. Kairi, Yuffie, and even Roxas along with their parents are all part of this. How do you relate you ask?"

Sora suddenly felt overwhelmed with her talking so fast, but he was able to listen to it all. He could tell she was giving him time to piece everything now. If what Kairi said is true then he also has to know how he fits into this. He takes a short look at Hoshi who looked happy and just barked. It was like he was saying, 'Yep! I knew all along too!' Sora made a small chuckle and looked at the blue hair women. "I guess the company my family runs help supply you guys."

"My, you catch on quick," Aqua said smirking. "We are all finally on the same page. What the situation with Roxas?"

"Heh, I'm thinking that my uncle Ven is his real father, but…"

"But what?"

"Why hide all of this from us, or more importantly, me? I mean… it seems like everyone knew about all this, and I feel so left out of it." Kairi closed her eyes and pressed her lips. She felt bad that he was excluded out of the group and felt like continuing this, which she does.

"Because…" Now Aqua and Sora look at her. "We wanted protect from this kind of life. To live a normal life Sora, but with emotions running high, we had to tell Roxas too." Kairi scoffs and avoids eye contace from Sora. "Although… it felt… great to have him know it, and I wanted to tell you too. So I told you and…" Kairi felt tears coming up and hated herself. This was not the best time. She sniffles and says, "I regret it. This is what I wanted to avoid and now you are being pulled into it." Her sobs got bigger and faced him wiping away her small tears. "I did not want you to get hurt, but I did! I did!"

"There is nothing normal about your life if you live like this Kairi, but do not beat yourself up about it either." Sora genuinely said. "Come here." She does what he asked as she just gives herself to him by cradling into his arms. She cries softly as her tears come down and soaked his chest. "Look, everything is going to be alright you hear me. Nothing is going to happen to me."

"But I—!"

"Listen, I do not care about any of it. All I care is you. Please don't cry." Kairi tries to control herself and heard her dog make a small whimper as he lies on her lap. "See. Hoshi does not like seeing you cry too. You will always have friends on your side when the whole world around feels like it is crumbling. I will always be by your side." Kairi gave out a small giggle between her small sobs.

"Hey… I should be saying that to you. You're the one in a hospital bed after all."

"Ohhh Kairi, you always knew how to kill the mood," he guffawed at as he hugged her in his arms. Aqua was watching the whole scene and felt a smile on her face. Maybe things were ultimately turning around. She hopes Ventus will wake up soon too from his slumber.

In other news, instead of going to his father like he was suppose to, Roxas goes to see Namine, and could care less what the others would do to him. He goes to her and immediately hides behind a wall hearing Pence guiding the others to grab some food in the cafeteria. Yes, Roxas did texted Pence about the situation wanting to be alone with Namine for once. Once the coast was clear, he continues to the room and enters into the room still finding Namine still in the same condition.

"Please Namine," he said taking her hand in his own. "I want you to wake up. I want to be the first one you see, and not that Riku guy." He paused and continued again. "If this is karma being a bitch to me again for what I did, then maybe I do deserve this. I have hurted you in the past as you built all these kind of feelings for me, and I didn't feel the same. Building a fantasy for you thinking I did was really wrong. It was like I was toying around with your heart. One of most fragile things to a person."

Tears were now building up as he has flashbacks of that very night. "Every once in a while I would have nightmares of that night where I caused you countless pain. I would wake up in cold sweat finding it hard to breathe for air, and you not there to brighten my day with your sunny personality." Then, Roxas felt one tear roll down his cheek, but kept on smiling at his words. "You used to constantly amaze me with your drawings, but now I do not see them anymore. I keep on wondering what your other drawings are like."

Roxas was pouring his heart out to her and did not know what to say anymore. Every word he said, he felt flattered and relived to have said them because he wanted to tell her that, but not like this. Then again, this was also the perfect moment to confront her about it, but it would have been better if she was there actually listening.

His voice now started to tremble while he says, "I may not get any forgiveness out of you and I am really praised to still be your friend, but it does not feel the same. I feel like I can't atone for what I have done unless you do."

"I forgive you…" a faint soft said. It may have been very hard to hear, but Roxas did hear it.

"Namine!" he said rubbing his eyes. He did not want her to see him sad when she opens her eyes, but with a happy one to make it feel like everything is going to be okay.

"Hey you goofball," she said opening her eyes giving him a smile.

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

Roxas was trying to find the words to reply, but he was speechless. He then kissed her on the forehead impulsively having the need to do it. "Oh my god, you're okay!" He got in the bed with her as he embraced her in his arms.

"Of course I am. I may be fragile, but I can be strong when I need to be. Ow!" Namine felt a small sting in her head. She must be still suffering from her concussion.

"Are you okay? Should I call the doctor?" Namine giggled at his constant worried.

"I'll be fine Roxas, but what about the others? I don't remember what happen after I blacked out."

"They are fine and awake except for Hayner. From what I heard from Pence, they are still trying to get out the shards of glass in his legs." Namine gasped at the news.

"I remem—god I do not want to remember that scene." The image horrified her from seeing the blood. She never was the type to look at blood, and make it seem like it was nothing. She would just gag by the time she does. "Please keep me away from any sight of blood Roxas."

"Sure," he replied laughing at her request. Subsequently, Olette, Xion, and Pence walk on in.

"Namine!" they ran to her to hug her, except for Pence, and Roxas got out of the way scared of the assault.

"You are alive!" Xion said and noticed Roxas. "And he is here… why is he here?" Roxas just rolled his eyes seeing how their moment together has now been killed.

"I was gonna ask the same thing," Olette said holding a coffee in her hand.

"Girls please… I have forgiven Roxas. I do not him to be carrying this burden for that rest of his life," Namine asked giving them sad puppy eyes. For someone who was attacked, and in a hospital bed, those factors gave it a boost for the girls to bury the hatchet. "Remember, you two told me before you would forgive him if I did and I did." The two girls looked at each other and back at Roxas. There is a long pause in the room and everybody was waiting for someone to speak. "Please," Namine begged, breaking the silence, making those sad puppy eyes still. However, she knew Riku would not be fond at the idea, but she knows he would do anything for her.

"She so got inspired from Grey's Anatomy," Roxas thought, rolling his eyes, and laughs at the situation in his head.

"She's right girls," Pence agreed. "Now is the right time to do this. No more running away from the problem and being bias."

Olette sighs, giving in, she says, "You know, I think it is about time to let this go. I mean, I'm sick of this storyline, so let's move on to a better day and move on." Roxas lift up his head surprise at her words. "So come here Roxas!" she said with open arms as the two hug each other. "Ohh… it feels so good to have you back." She smiled, squeezing him harder, but never realized it.

"I… can't… breathe…" Roxas tried to let out, feeling the pain.

"Sorry!" Then Xion came and gave him a soft hug.

"Hey…" she let out, still trying to have the situation sink in. "If they will… then I will too."

"Thanks," Roxas genuinely replied, smiling.

Right above these guys on another hospital floor, Sora had his head on Kairi's as she was sleeping with Hoshi in her lap. They have been like this for quite a while now. Time had passed and it is already pass two. Sora could still hear the raindrops batter on the window and takes a look at it. He began to think about everything. This night will be traumatizing for a while that he thinks some might need therapy again.

He brushes his fingers through Kairi's soft hair when she begins to awake. "Hmm? I feel asleep again?" Kairi lifted herself, rubbing her eyes.

"I think you have been with me for too long. Why don't you check up on the others for once?" Sora offered. "I can take care of myself for now."

"No. I want to stay here with you," she replied, wrapping her arm around him.

"I thank you for that, but I want you to see the others okay."

"Alright." Kairi lets go of him, missing his touch already, but he was right. She never saw Namine and the others the whole night. She got off the bed and says, "Wanna come with me Hoshi?" The dog happily barked and got off the bed too. "We will be back Sora." He replies with a smile and the two leave.

At last, Kairi goes on a trip to meet her friends. It has been quite a while now since she last saw them. She knew what floor her friends were in, but not the number. She asks over the desk and goes to the room number. She felt a little disappointed that she won't get the chance to see Hayner. She walks into the room, shocked to find that no one was ripping Roxas' throat.

"Kairi!" Namine shouted and felt another sting to her head. "Ow! Grrr… I hate this pain." Then she saw that her friend brought Hoshi with her. "Hoshi! Come here boy!" The dog ran to her and jumped onto her bed. "Ohhh, good boy!" she said, rubbing his head.

"Don't strain yourself too much Namine," Riku insisted. "You have gone through too much so save your energy for other things."

"I will," she replied as the two share a quick kiss.

"What took you so long to come down here to see your friends?" Riku asked her.

"Sorry, there were so much things going on that the writer almost forgot to write a sweet reunion for us," she laughed, hugging him. "I see you guys seemed to bury the hatchet with Roxas."

"We did," Olette answered. Now that brought a smile on Kairi's face. Order was now being maintained to their lives, but she was not sure about the love triangle going on, but did not dare to ask about the situation now about Roxas and Riku. "It feels respectable to have it done. No more grudges."

"I'm shock just as you," Pence said. "I thought she would kill him or something."

"Are you sure about that?" Kairi asked. Forget about not asking, she planned to now. "Riku." He looked at her. "Tell me honestly on how do you feel about Roxas right now? The clemency baton is being tossed around here." She knew he would have hard time answering her question it deals with Roxas. The guy he supposedly hates for what he did.

"Honestly, I do not know how to handle this kind of situation because I am borderline." Kairi saw his distressful look on his face, knowing he is not lying. He did look confused.

"I say make a compromise," Kairi suggested. "Call it truce. Can't be too hard can it? Do it for our sake's guys?" Kairi huddled the girls together with pleading eyes, trying to convince the two. Hoshi made a small whimper. The two boys wanted to say 'aww' because of the dog, but did not want to give into easily. Pence wanted to be included and joined, and did the same as the girls.

"Yeahh… please," he said while Roxas and Riku's sweats drop.

"Hey guys! What are you…" Yuffie trailed off, stopping in her tracks when she saw what was going on. "Uh…"

"Please Riku, I would make me so much happy that you get along with Roxas this time," Namine explained. "You have to get to really know him. He is a great guy if you dismiss what happened."

"Okay, but for you," he smiled, which brought Namine joy.

"Thank you."

"See how easy was that?" Kairi commented, but knew Roxas is disgusted about the couple showing affections to each other. For now, she will let Namine be happy with her boyfriend. "So… how are you doing Nami? I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you." Like Sora, it was the same situation.

"Do not worry Kai, I had the others with me. You don't always have to take care of me," Namine told her.

"What about later? You could experience—"

"I will deal with that later, but for now, I want to make the most of everything right now. It's not everyday we get moments like this nowadays."

Kairi giggled. "Yeah, it's pretty crowded in here. Anyways, I hope you do get better because now I have to visit my dad. I want to see him now, so Hoshi, lets go boy." Hoshi gets up from Namine and gets off the bed as everybody said a goodbye. "Bye guys." She leaves the room with Yuffie also coming along.

"Took you long enough to come here," Yuffie said.

"I had my mind set on Sora that I forgot about everyone else. Course, he too was the one to visit the others."

"Don't be ashamed of it Kairi. We all have someone important tonight to take care of." The two, including Hoshi, enter an open elevator and go down to another floor to where the adults were. They hear the lame music and the doors open again, and leave to find some were already sitting in the waiting lounge. She saw Leon and Rinoa sleeping with their heads on together. Tifa got up from her seat when she sighted her.

"Someone has finally come down to see her family."

"Haha, very funny Tifa." The two give each other a hug and let go after. "How is my dad?"

"He is fine actually," Tifa responded. "Just to that room," she pointed to. "And he should be talking to Cloud about the wedding and whatnot."

"Ohhh! Wedding plans! I'm so there!" Yuffie cheered running to Zach's room. Kairi rolled her eyes while Tifa followed her along. The two could already hear Yuffie talking about the event. "There should like sakura petals littered around! Maybe have those small little bands like in Titanic!" The two girls look at each other, laughing silently.

"Now, now Yuffie. Don't go planning without consulting the doctor around here," Tifa explained. "You know how Aerith can get."

"Hey dad." Kairi flashed a smile and gave him a hug. While the were embraced in each other's arms, she says, "I'm happy to see that your okay." She lets go of him.

"You know, your dad sure is so calm about the situation after what happen to him," Cloud told Kairi.

"Heh, of course you would be. Got to be a strong man." She punched him, hard, making groan in pain. "Oh look, he is not okay. Doctor!" she shouted in humor.

"Kairi!" her dad scolded. "It's not nice to hit your dad!"

"Yeah, but, its just so fun to pick on you." She gave him another smile, feeling sorry, but not certainly. "So how is Mr. Uchiyama?"

"Not so well," Cloud answered. "Aerith told us, not too long, that his liver is now failing and needs a liver transplant soon or he will… die. Terra offered himself, but Aqua and all of us are against at the idea."

"What?" Kairi let out, shocked at the situation.

"Part of the reason is because he thinks it is his fault Ven is like this. He thought if stopped Xen—I mean Xehanort shot him."

"Xehanort? Tell me more about him if he is Xenmas."

"You see, before you were born," Tifa started. "Xehanort used to be part of the agency. We all thought he was a great guy and he was a good friend with Terra's father, Eraqus, the founder of the company. Xehanort was pointed as head researcher, but his studies went beyond mankind, something Eraqus was scared of. When he threaten him to stop, he said no and got himself kicked out of the agency, which is why we are in pursue of him."

"I'm guessing this is why are mission are solely based on his doings," Kairi thought.

"Exactly," Tifa replied. "But you see, after he left, he was furious and wanted to leave a… farewell present for us."

"What did he do?" Kairi asked.

"He killed Eraqus on the day Terra graduated. On that day, Terra felt devastated that his dad never came to such a special day, but broke down when he got the news. So he decided to drop college and run Kindgom Hearts with the help of his friends, and they too had to recruit a few new members."

"Which is why your mother and I are part of this," Zack added, which made Kairi look.

"So everything is based off on revenge?" Kairi asked to see if this was true.

"No Kairi, it is not revenge," Cloud replied. "It's about justice and for Eraqus. Why do you think we don't want Terra doing this procedure? He still has a lot of things to settle."

"Bravo," said a voice, making everyone turn their heads to see Terra in the doorway.

"Mr. Okiaya!" Kairi bowed. "How long have you've been standing there?"

"Long enough for you to understand the situation nowm" he answered. "Now you know why this agency is always after him." He walks in, while saying, "I may have this goal planned from the get-go, but I also have a friend in need. One who protected someone I love."

"I understand, but—"

"I'm sorry Kairi, but I've made up my mind. I am going to do this."

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

Aqua stands by Ven's side holding his hand. "You've always been crazy you know that. Jumping in front for me like that." Terra looks away from the scene, but decides to stay in the room to her what his fiancé, if he can even still call her that, to their cataleptic friend. "You may be not be awake, but I have been praying for you." Aqua chuckled at her statement. "Yeah I know: Aqua praying?" she tried by mimicked his voice. She makes a weak laugh. "Boy do I sound high right now."

"Hey Aqua, how is our hero doing?" Aerith asked checking in to see his readings.

"Doing fine. Did you find a match?"

"Not yet, but I do not want Terra giving his liver to Ventus. I know you don't want that either. Nevertheless, it would take a phenomenon to find one at this moment because—"

"Don't say it!" Aqua interrupted.

"But I wasn't—"

"I don't care! He is not going to die on us! Not here!" She couldn't let the father of her only child leave the world like this. She was thinking about how Roxas would feel. He only got to know that they are his parents all in one night, and to get thrown into all this. Ven had to be there for support. In the mist of this, Terra then comes in the middle of the situation by walking inside.

"Hey…" he softly said. "If you are looking for your daughter Aerith, she just went back up to see Sora."

"That's fine. As long she is okay, then I am too." Then he faced Aqua, who was sobbing slowly, and approached her. He took his hands and wrapped around her wrists.

"Aqua… please do not cry. I am doing this whether you like it or not."

"You stupid idiot!" She tries to hit him, but he was stronger, and then she tried to release from his grip. That failed as well.

"Listen to me Aqua," he sweetly said with kindness. "I know you are scared but—"

"We are all scared!" Aqua screamed as the tears finally came down, and her voice started to tremble. "We have a dear friend, who is also the father of my only child, in bed about to die! And I can't have you do this procedure because I don't want to lose you too! If I have to beat you up, then so be it!"

"You can try all you like it, but I am not letting go you," he genuinely replied.

"We found a match!" a worker shouted in the doorway.

"Wha?" Aqua softly said as the room grew silent.

"We found a match!" he repeated happily.

Aerith immediately closed her small book and shouts, "Prep him for surgery now!"

Kairi: In most cases with Death, miracles can happen. It is not belief. It is not a theory. It is a fact.

Olette looks through a window, arms crossed, seeing the doctor still operating on Hayner. She was in room with other workers and interns of the hospital, but friends and relatives were also allowed to watch. Out of most of her friends, she cared for Hayner the most. But the thought of him not walking again had shaken her.

Xion took a seat next to her, wanting to be with her friend as the two laid their heads on each other. "He is going to be alright Olette."

"I know. He is a strong boy." Later, the two noticed Pence walking in and he sighted them. He walks on over and takes an empty seat in front of the girls, and turns towards them.

"Is he going to be okay?" They reply with a nod.

"Doctor told me he is going to make it," Olette added. "But he will be stuck in a wheelchair for months in order for his wounds to heal."

"At least we are not losing him. That's what matters," Pence replied and turns his attention to his blonde friend that was being operated on. "We are all lucky."

Kairi: We just have to be there for it to happen. It is all about timing and commitment to see it happen. You may think they might not hear you, but according to science, your words can reach them. Bringing them hope to fight to stay alive.

Cloud, Tifa, Leon, and Rinoa were all in Zack's room talking to each other about the upcoming wedding. Then they see Ven's bed being moved with Aerith pushing and with Terra and Aqua following behind. Most of them left the room to see what was going on, and Tifa stopped Terra.

"Hey! Don't tell me you are—"

"No! They found a match!"

"Oh my god!" Tifa immediately hugged him. Everyone felt reliefed as they saw the backs of Aqua and Aerith, and other workers going down the hall to the operating room. In the room, Zack calls out to Cloud. He walks to him wondering what is is.


"I know this is late, but I want to thank you for everything."

"It's no biggie Zack."

"I'm serious Cloud. I want to thank you for taking care of my family when I was gone. You definitely have fulfilled what I wanted you to do. But I want to give big thanks for taking care of Kairi mainly." Cloud felt actually content in hearing this. He felt like he was growing apart from Kairi and the others, but is starting to realize he is now part of the family. He snapped out of his thoughts when Zack kept calling his name. "I'm sorry what?"

"Heh, you really are like Aerith and Kairi. Always lost in thought."

"I-I am not!" Cloud denied.

"You are, right Godfather?" Cloud eyes widen when he realized he forgot to ask the couple to be Kairi's Godfather. "That's right, you are Kairi's Godfather and judging by the look on your face, you are surprise. You've earned it man and do not worry. I talked to Aerith about it."

"Thank you Zack," Cloud genuinely replied.

"Don't thank me yet when you too are my best man at the wedding."

"Is there anything else you plan on telling me?" Cloud laughed, noticing all these things Zack is doing for him.

"That's it. Just gotta wait for the credits to roll."

Kairi: Through it all, you will be satisfied with the results in the end. You probably will or want to forget about what happen in the past and only care about the present. One would think of the aftermath once everything is settled to see how it would go.

Namine and Yuffie were talking to each other while Roxas and Riku were sleeping now. Roxas is on a bench by the window with a pillow, taking up the whole thing, and Riku is on a chair with arms cross with a pillow on his head. Time had already passed three in the morning, and it was halfway to four.

"Shouldn't you go check on Kairi?" Namine asked her friend.

"Nah. I say let them have their alone time together. It's good for Kairi," Yuffie explained, while drinking in some coffee. "Thank god they have a Starbucks here or I would be sleeping like these buffoons."

"You're never gonna get any sleep if you keep drinking them caffeine Yuffie."

"But it is just so good! No wonder old people like this crack!" Namine couldn't help but burst out laughing at her sentence. "Sorry, but it is true."

"I-It's okay, but I don't like drinking anything with caffeine other than soda."

"So what are you going to be about these two boys in the room? You know that I know that there is some kind of love triangle going on."

"Love triangle? Do not be silly Yuffie. Roxas made it very clear that he doesn't like me. How many times have we have been over this huh?"

"You'd be shock, but you probably would not believe him," Yuffie muttered under her breath. It is a good thing Namine did not hear or noticed her words. Soon after, she returns back to a normal tone. "Do you think there will ever be a slight possibility of you and Roxas getting together?" Boy was there many questions being tossed around. Namine takes a look at Yuffie conjecturing up an answer. Then she looked at Roxas, who was happily sleeping and cuddling his pillow.


She did not respond and her eyes widen when she saw a smile slowly forming on his face, including his lips moving, but could not make out with he said. She remembered how much she wanted to be wrapped around his arms, and still had that thought in her head of what it would be like. A serious of flashback of their nice moments appeared in her head and could only smile at herself. "There is a slight chance Yuffie. I'll tell you that."

Kairi: Then there others who won't think of the future and let each event in their lives happen smoothly without knowing. It is when a story is nearing its end, and a resolution(s) is made in a good sense.

Kairi stands by the doorway of Sora's room, along with Hoshi by her legs. She looks at Sora and lays her head on the doorway examining every inch of him and he seemed calm. Really calm like nothing had happen to him and it kind of bothered her. So she slowly walks to him and stands by his side. Later, she softly says, "Hey, it's me." She takes one of his hands as he slowly opens his eyes by the sound of her voice.

"Hi there. What are you doing up so late? You should be resting."

"Still feeling restless after everything. Plus, I got Hoshi here to keep me up because he is my sort of support system," she replied looking and petting her dog, and back at him. She let out a big yawn and Sora offered to rest in his bed with him. She agreed to and gave out another yawn. "These yawns keep on coming. I want to stay up more for a little longer," she said wrapping her arms around Sora while still on his left side. And then put her head on his chest.

"That's a sign you should sleep. Now that you know, go to sleep."

"No!" she pouted like a child, making him roll his eyes.

"You are such a child."

"I can be when I want to."

"I know." He later kissed her on the forehead. "I miss having you with me most of the time. I felt so special to you."

"And you were a special person to me too," she replied. "You still are."

"Do you want to start over again?" he asked. Those words brought Kairi to joy.

"I would like that. A clean start. Oh no!" She sits up remembering Hoshi was still in the room. "I forgot about my precious dog! Come here boy!" Hoshi ran and jumped on the sheets and walked on over to the end of the bed where their feet is. "Now I feel complete to have him here."

"Me or the dog?"

"The dog you silly," she laughed.

"Don't I feel special," Sora sarcastically answered.

"Hey! You are my special person. You can understand now of why we broke up and there will not be any secrets from us."

"Which brings us to this." Kairi raised her eyebrow. "I have been thinking for a while, and I am joining the agency. Don't worry though because I want to help you guys on missions. That way you do not have to worry about me getting hurt."

"What about me? You don't think I will get hurt?"

"Not with me you won't. I will always be protecting you."

Kairi felt complete again to be in his arms and side, feeling the warmth of his body. It made her smile. She softly pets Hoshi with her left hand and turns her head to look at Sora. Their heads got closer to each other as she could feel his warm breath on her lips. And then their lips touch. She missed the sensational feeling as she could feel that he did like her very much, maybe in love. The two breaks apart and she say, right into this blue eyes, "And I am always at your side," she says as they return to their previous position, and close their eyes as they fall asleep in each other's arms.

Kairi: It is what we call: a happy ending.

~ Secret Agent Kairi ~

I thought it was about time everyone got a happy ending, don't you? Okay, mostly everyone. What I liked about writing this chapter was that mainly everybody was in it. Although, what was odd writing this chapter was that I wrote it all over the place like I would write part of it and do another one, and later come back to finish it.

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