Author's Note:

Hi everyone! This is my first real attempt at fan-fiction. I got hooked on reading it after my husband forbid me from spending any more money on e-books... (I read ridiculously fast and was spending $50 a week or more...) Twilight is my favorite, so that of course is where I chose to start story is actually a revision and continuation of a story I began about 3 years ago, before my son was born, under the name Forever Midnight. I am hoping that my life and literature experiences since then are going to significantly improve my little contribution to the FanFic kingdom here! Be fore-warned, though - my pen-name is true... I am the queen of fluff and happy-ever-after. If you are looking for angst and depression, this isn't it!!! That's not to say there is no conflict or drama... just that you can feel certain that in the end everyone that matters is going to be deliriously happy...

This story is post New Moon as that's where the series was when I started writing the original draft. Sooo... Just forget everything in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn... No kiss with Jake or major choice, no Renesmee, etc. etc. etc. This story will pick up exactly as New Moon left off - Edward is back, Bella is complete again, and in MAJOR trouble with Charlie over the motorcycle...

There may be a few things some will view as slightly OOC in coming chapters (Edward is slightly more relaxed in his sexuality and the whole family is a bit more open and trusting towards Charlie than we see from SM - this is just my interpretation of the characters as they grow and develop within THIS story.)

Credits: Stephenie Meyer owns the characters. I just let them live in my own imagination. The song for this chapter is from Anastasia.


Prologue: At The Beginning

No one told me I was going to find you.
Unexpected, what you did to my heart.
When I lost hope, you were there to remind me
This is the start.

I'll be there when the world stops turning.
I'll be there when the storm is through.
In the end I want to be standing
At the beginning with you.

My punishment began in earnest after the motorcycle incident. You would have thought that my disappearing to "L.A." for three days was a stolen cookie next to Charlie's reaction to the motorcycle. He had generally decided that I would never leave the house again, save for school. I was even forced to quit my job at Newton's since Charlie felt it classified as an extra-curricular activity. In fact, the only social contact I was allowed to have was Edward. The irony of this was not lost on either of us: Charlie had left me the only thing that really mattered; not to mention the thing that had gotten me into trouble in the first place. We both realized he was simply too scared of my leaving to take Edward away from me. Whatever the case, however, even with the restrictions, my life was still more brilliant than it had ever been in the months of Edward's absence.

In the three weeks since Edward's re-entrance into my life, we had yet to hear or see any more from Victoria or the Volturi. There was an unspoken agreement between all of us not to mention the impending danger for the time being. Everyone (with the few exceptions of Jake, Charlie, and some of the guys at school) seemed to simply be reveling in Edward's renewed presence in our lives, though no one more than me of course. It was a fragile peace, but a peace nonetheless. I saw Alice and Jasper at school and the rest of the family occasionally on weekends when Charlie allowed himself a few hours away from his self-appointed job as my personal bodyguard for a brief fishing trip. Edward rarely left my side. He left at the ordered 9:00 pm, but was back in my bedroom 10 minutes later each night. Charlie's bed-checks were becoming excessive, but Edward seemed only mildly frustrated by jumping in and out of the closet half of the night. Our relationship felt deeper and stronger than ever and we were hopelessly content… with one small exception… Edward's proposals…

He seemed to think he could tempt me into accepting his offer simply by repetition. He was running out of creative ways to bring it up in our conversations. I knew he had somehow acquired a ring (though I had no clue when he had found time to shop for it) and was now in the habit of tapping his pocket where it rested or pulling out the box to torment me. I was close to giving in just so I could see what was inside… What would Edward choose to give me as a symbol of his commitment… and how could I possible deserve it? Edward had even stooped to recruiting Alice to help him plead his case. With the two of them hounding me night and day, I could feel my resolve slipping. What was I so hesitant about anyway? I was willing…desperate even… to spend all eternity with Edward. So why wouldn't I marry him and make it official?

I had to admit that part of it had to do with my parents…. I had somehow convinced myself that they could accept and even understand my leaving to become a vampire… but marriage? That was a whole other story. Charlie was still so devastated by their divorce 16 years ago that he still wouldn't date. And Renee had taken 3 years to accept Phil's proposal out of fear it would ruin their relationship. It was ingrained into every part of me: marriage equaled misery. I knew in my heart that it wouldn't be that way with Edward, but my head was still trying to talk me out of it. It was late one Friday night when events outside our control finally changed my mind…

Edward had finally given in to his thirst and left for a brief hunting trip with Jasper, though not before insisting that I let him buy me a cell phone to keep on my person "at all times – just in case, love." I was lying in bed, listening to the melody of my lullaby dance softly out of the CD player. It was comforting, but not at all the same as having Edward's firm chill next to me on the bed. I was just starting to drift off to sleep when the door to my bedroom opened. Charlie had already been in twice in the last hour to make sure I was firmly in bed where I belonged, so I was feeling a bit testy that he had interrupted my long struggle for sleep.

"Dad! For God's sake, I'm not going anywhere! I NEVER go any—" my voice broke off when I saw his face staring at me from the doorway. His eyes were brimming over with tears – I'd never seen him cry.

"What is it? What's wrong?" I asked in a panic, "Is it Edward? Jacob? What's the matter?"

Charlie's voice broke as he shook his head, "It's your mother, Bella… there was an…. An accident…."

Victoria. The thought entered my head immediately and the blood in my veins felt almost as cold as Edward's, "Is she…alright?" I asked desperately, gasping for air.

Charlie just shook his head. I felt as though my chest were collapsing on itself. Charlie patted me awkwardly on the shoulder as he gulped out the explanation, "There had been a storm, Bella. The roads were slick… the police said it was instantaneous. They didn't suffer."

I was barely able to process this, but my brain had just enough power left to release one tiny clutch on my heart… it wasn't Victoria. It wasn't my fault. It was just…. Human. An accident. But it didn't matter. Renee… my mother… was still gone.

Charlie shook his head again and then looked away from me, "I'm sorry..." was all he said as he headed out my door, as if he couldn't bear to look at me and my pain.

My icy hands groped for the silvery blue phone by my bed and hit the speed dial clumsily.

Edward's velvety smooth voice answered immediately, "Bella? Darling? Are you alright?"

"I need you," I managed, "Now."

Then I curled into a ball on top of my quilt and let the sobs of pain rake through my body…


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