Earlier the same Saturday, 4:55 pm

He stood looking down at her tenderly while she slept.

The first thing to do, after things settle down when we get back, is to get her to agree to a formal bond. It really holds more weight. It's going to take work, to convince her it's 'safe'… but I can talk her into it. No big exchange. Just enough. Maybe I should offer to marry her and do it that way? She might go for that. But that might take even more convincing. She's still acting so unsure this will work. To her that might be a bigger commitment. She still doesn't understand the scope of being bound to each other like this. Although, if she would actually consider leaving Lousiana with me already... who knows… maybe she would say yes... I need to continue to make it plain that it will work. As for the rest… I'll just continue to work on it. We've still got plenty of time. Which is good, since this entire trip was counterproductive. Fucking Madden. With the whores in the limo, the club shit… getting her so unnerved. And all the fucking politics. And de Castro… That I had not foreseen. He must be into some serious shit that he wanted her badly enough to try to bind her himself. Let him get some other telepath to fix his problems. It would have been ugly, but Roberto was the only one who could have been a serious risk. He has no great love of de Castro, though… What a fool de Castro has been to let him get so close so him. Even if I had to kill the four of them… I would have. And Roberto knows me well enough to know I would have. He really looked like he might have flipped. In fact, the way things look right now, I think Felipe's days are limited. And Madden having me restrained with that puny silver thing? At my age. It was laughable. But it could have been a mess. She could have been hurt… It would have been a world of trouble. A takeover I'm not even interested in, with a group of two or three here for support? No, it was worth it, even to have to deal with Niall, to have it play out this way. Exposing her to too much of this shit is just going to make it that much harder to convince her. But I will convince her. If she doesn't go and do something totally fucking stupid like she did yesterday, that is, and get herself killed when I'm not around. With a third real exchange, no one is going to be able to screw it up. Even if someone else tried to turn her. She's mine. But I have to get her to stop doing the brave girl routine. Fucking Brigant family. So much fight in all of them. Even Claudine, according to Merlotte, in that Were thing, was tossing wolves around like nothing. It's just in her genes or blood or whatever you want to call it. All the more reason.. She will be magnificent. And this is an era that will work for her. She will never have to fend to survive. She will have it better even than Pam did. As long as I'm patient, she'll get there. It's the only reasonable solution. I see the way she looks at me. She will not leave me to walk alone in her absence. As long as she wants it, it will work. Sophie-Anne said they must really want to be with you. Then they stay. She was so masterful at that… Andre and the Berts. They truly loved her… It will just take time. But I know all about time.

He picked up the wooden stake he'd carved with Thalia's knife, the bagged shavings and the handsome knife itself. And the keycard that Roberto had so thoughtfully provided him. He looked at the clock on the nightstand. 5:02 pm. A little over thirty minutes. That should work.

It was bad enough that he went on touching her… but to have bitten her… to hurt my mate, my bonded partner? To have tasted her? Time to meet your fucking maker...

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