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The explosion knocked him off his feet, and before she knew what she was doing, she reacted and lunged to shield his fall. Their opponent was dead, victim to Oogami's blue fire and Toki-kun had moved on long ago to take up a job of his own, so no one but Puppy was there to see Sakura's leap.

Thunk. Sakura grimaced as her head connected with the cement, but at least she had caught Oogami. Lord knows he had taken enough injuries for her in the past, and apparently, her body decided it was time to return the favor. If only the bright blobs of light would stop dancing in front of her eyes…

Oogami had steeled himself for a jarring landing, but not for Sakura's unexpected curves. He had braced himself with his hands but they were still disconcertingly close – faces only inches apart and hip to hip, to say the least. Why had she done that? What was that crazy girl thinking?

"Oogami? You…ok?" Sakura managed to spit out. Damn those light blobs. They were making it difficult to focus on Oogami's face, to see what kind of expression he wore. Was he angry? Surprised? Or was he wearing his expressionless "Noh mask" face?

"Yeah." He did not ask if she was, as judging by the hesitation and her unfocused eyes, she was clearly stunned. Stupid girl, jumping for him like that. There was no one left for him to kill she didn't have to force herself to touch him…

"Mmm good. I'd be…sad if anything…if I couldn't…ummm. Oogami."

Make that incoherent? Regardless, Oogami's entire body tensed, focusing on her words and her face, hating how this attention was already habit. It was this devotion to Sakurakouji detail that brought his attention to the thin line of blood on her cheekbone. Blood made him restless, he thought as his eyes darkened. And he couldn't let it get infected, now could he?

Before he thought of what he was doing, he slowly licked along the cut, careful not to press too hard, or to go too fast. If Sakurakouji-san had been in her right mind doing this would have been impossible – as would his days of being her canopy, which were still going strong. He breathed into her ear, thinking at once both that he was a fool and that he'd never get this close again when he felt her shiver underneath him. Startled, he jerked back and stared into wide, dark, and very focused eyes.

For a moment, neither could do nor say anything. Oogami had hundreds of excuses for his action, each more platonic than the last. He just needed a moment to spit one out. If only Sakurakouji's eyes weren't so…so…something.

Sakura, on the other hand, had other plans. Proving her strength and her fast recovery rate, she deftly flipped the unsuspecting Oogami over onto his back. When his hands flew up in surprise she caught one, and did something that not only made his heart skip a beat, but also etched itself so deep onto his brain he wouldn't have been surprised if it became his dying memory. For Sakura had taken his left hand, the hand he relied on to administer his fiery justice, the hand that had opened the doorway that led him into hell; slipped the ring finger in between her lips, and gently sucked. During the battle she had noticed that this finger had been cut and had been almost mesmerized by the patterns that the dripping blood had made. Of course it was only fair that she too could disinfect his wounds, especially after he had helped her out. If she had any other thoughts in her head pertaining to Oogami, his hands, and what she'd like to do with them, they were all momentarily knocked out of her head as he abruptly sat up, his left hand still in her grip.

His eyes were blazing now, not the frosty fire that chilled the hearts of all who crossed him, but with a dark flame that smouldered and made Sakura's heart skitter. His right arm snaked around her, and suddenly she realized the position they were in: she was straddling him, and their faces were possibly even closer than a few moments ago. Sakura looked back at his face and was completely and irrevocably undone by the look of longing, fear, denial and innocence radiating from him. It must have been that which awoke her previously sleeping womanly instinct, for it was that look that made her take his face in her hands, and softly kiss him.

It was her first kiss and undoubtedly his, for the first touch was awkward, uncoordinated, and quick. Yet the passion was not to be denied. She had barely begun to pull back before Oogami made a low, strangled sound that in any lesser mortal might have been a whimper, and pulled her back to him. It was in those kisses that the awkwardness was overcome, and Sakura shivered as the kisses began to be more insistent. She could hardly describe what was happening to her in words, but she would not have forgotten the feel of his clumsy tongue, the warm stretch of his lips, or of the click of their teeth for anything. His left arm was around her waist and his right was holding her back, and both were gripping her so tightly she could barely breathe, but if breathing meant breaking away from Oogami, she was willing to forego the necessity. Her own hands were far less static than his. They kept moving (beyond her control, it seemed) to his shoulders, to clutch at his jacket, to briefly brush against his face, to tangle in his hair.

If you had asked either of them how long they had wanted each other, they would have struggled to put a definite date on it, if they admitted it in the first place. Yet now that they were in each other's arms, there were no more denials, and it seemed like they had been waiting for as long as they'd known each other. And perhaps they had. Tension had noticeably been there between them for quite some time now, if Toki was to be believed, the entire time. Sakura knew that Oogami was a never-ending source of contention, frustration, and worry, yet he was also easily the most important person in her life. She had, through all her dealings with him, discovered that his heart burned "bright and hot like the sun" and quite frankly, couldn't pull away from that, had she wanted to. In Oogami's mind, it was far simpler. She was his rare kind. She did and said things that he could never predict, and often had difficult understanding or agreeing with, but under no circumstance would he let that go. Whether he realized it or not, she was his salvation, and he her reason for living. Yet for this moment, on this rooftop; spattered by blood and grime, ignoring Toki's calls to both their cell phones, hidden from all eyes but the setting sun's, that's all they needed to know.


Puppy sat there, head cocked curiously. What on earth were his people doing? It crossed his mind that perhaps this was something private, something that shouldn't be watched (unless of course, you were like the Loud Magnet Boy, or the Scary Whip Guy With No Eyebrows). But…he was a puppy, after all. And puppies needed to learn about -stuff- somehow…So Puppy settled back on his haunches, and prepared to "wait it out."

Just as long as they wouldn't be all night about it