(This is before the final paragraph of Puppy's Reflection…I trust in your intelligence enough to know that you, oh reader, will be able to figure it out. Also, this is a chapter with SEX so if maturity is not on the list of your attributes then please tread no further.)

So I'm not sure if I should even go here. I mean, Code:Breaker and sex scenes (especially Ogami and Sakura) just don't go together. But here they are, in all their desperate adolescent glory. I suppose as long as it doesn't incite an all-out riot it will be OK. I mean, SOMEONE has to go there. I suppose it shall be me.

Also guess who does not own Code:Breaker IT IS ME.

Sakura felt like her world had just spun on its axis when she realized that for some reason, he had turned her around so that she was still in his lap, but no longer facing him. For a moment she sat there, wondering what would happen next, and almost cold from the lack of attention. Suddenly she felt his breath at her neck, and his arms around her waist. He was not totally gentle, yet Sakura would not have wanted him to be such – the nips and small bites he delivered to her neck felt perfect to her, coming from him. When he sucked her throat he was rewarded with a small moan. Encouraged, he started tracing circles on her stomach and when she started to squirm, slid his hands smoothly under her sweater. She pushed her shoulders forward, not knowing quite what to do with her body. Just as her breathing got a little heavier Oogami stopped and removed his hands. Sakura turned her head to say something-anything-to get him to resume when she felt his hands at the bottom of her sweater. A hint of a smile ghosted over Oogami's face before he pecked her on the lips, and started to pull her sweater up. Now all that was left was the blouse… Sakura kept her head turned to the side so that she could continue kissing Oogami has he valiantly struggled with the buttons. In his defense, he had never done this, nor even practiced (unlike Fujiwara) and if he had thought of the dreaded bra clasp, he might have been undone. Luckily, Sakura kept him distracted, and he kept her distracted, until somehow all the buttons had been unbuttoned, and there was only a lacy bra between Oogami and Mi-tan and Hi-tan.

Mouth going dry, Oogami bent his head so that his nose was up against the starched collar, and his hands started to skim along Sakura's stomach. He could feel and hear Sakura's uneven breathing, something the bulge in his pants appreciated. As to what said bulge appreciated more…Oogami's hands shifted farther up until they were cupping Sakura's breasts through the bra. Sakura exhaled sharply as he exerted the faintest bit of pressure almost directly on top of her nipples. Her head turned from side to side, not exactly sure where to look, or what to do. She put her hands on top of his, but then, worried he'd stop, began to stroke his arms.

But Oogami had now reached the point where clueless or not, he was more than aroused enough to attempt the Clasp. Pulling off her blouse he marveled at the shape of her back, and the smaller bones and muscles underneath her smooth skin. His hands shakily fumbled with the Clasp but the God of Teenage Sex must have been looking over him, for he got it on the second try. Sakura shivered for perhaps the hundredth time that evening as she felt the cool night air whisper over her breasts. Her nipples had been fairly erect before, but showed signs of even more future arousal. And then, they met Oogami's hands. Slowly, he began to knead her breasts, breathing heavily onto the nape of her neck. The breathing turned once again to licking, pausing only once when he realized that Sakura reacted far more strongly to his playing with the nipples, rather than the breasts themselves. Moving accordingly, he began to lightly pinch, rub, and twist her nipples. Sakura tilted her head back as the pleasure began to overwhelm her. Her mouth was open, breathing heavy, eyes shut, and she was generally close to point of madness where there is no turning back. In her squirmings she managed to scoot back and discovered Oogami's member, hard enough to be formidable even through his pants. It was this that sent her over the lust-laden edge.

She spun around, throwing arms around his neck, as she pushed Oogami's back against an adjacent wall. His eyes widened and darkened at the sight of her half naked, but all she could think about at the moment was to make him as desperate as he had made her. She hastily unzipped his pants and Oogami let his head fall back against the wall with a groan. The sight of her, topless, extracting his member from his pants was beyond any dream he could have ever conjured. Even her slight hesitation as she looked at a man's penis for the first time in her life seemed beautiful to him. He was just about to tell her to put her hand on it, when her face lit up, as if the answer had come to her at last. She leaned over, and slowly engulfed Oogami's aching rod into her clumsy mouth.

After the first instant of shock where Oogami almost didn't know if he'd come or not, all of his attention went to the girl in his lap, whose head was bobbing up and down almost too fast. For a first timer, she was doing well – no teeth, and almost enough pressure. Oogami thought he had died and somehow gone to heaven. As for Sakura, she was so turned on that this, instead of being onerous, was amazing, and she wanted nothing more but to…

Suddenly Oogami grabbed her hair and pulled her up. His eyes were totally black, with no distinction between pupil and iris, and hers were the same. There was no turning back. They needed each other, and their connection. Oogami reached his hands up her skirt until he found her panty line, and pulled down. It was a little awkwardly done, as she was half straddling him, but it was accomplished. Sakura positioned herself over Oogami's dick, and held onto his shoulders as he put his hands on her hips. Slowly, painfully slowly, she inched down and he kept himself from thrusting up. But even Sakura could not take the slow pace…she needed Oogami, and she needed him now. She pushed down the remaining few inches, and gasped even as he groaned. There was pain yes, and pressure and something a bit like pleasure…It was a very confusing 2 minutes of her life that she never remembered very well afterwards, but she always remember the way Oogami's eyes never left hers, nor his worried expression, nor the way his right hands pressed against her face just in case she started to cry. But cry she didn't, and soon the pain passed, leaving only the pressure and the faint pleasure, which as Oogami experimentally rocked, become more. With a nod from Sakura, Oogami began to rock his hips against hers, reveling in her tiny moans, and the way her breasts swayed. Even better was when she started jouncing against him, and soon, they had hit their pace. Oogami's hands drifted unconsciously down to her ass, and gripped hard. He felt his end coming and spoke for the first time since they had begun.


With that, he exploded into her, holding her down until he himself slumped down, for a moment too lost to breathe. He felt Sakura pull away from him and reached out his arms to her before he could stop himself. She grabbed her sweater and laid down on it, holding him in her arms. She had not come, but she had not expected to. For her, it was enough this time to be with him, to touch him, to love him. Anyways, even if she had not experienced the ultimate pleasure at the end, it didn't mean she didn't enjoy getting there…A little smile lit Sakura's face. Now, killer or not, she really was never going to let Oogami go…

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