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Summary: Isabella Swan, a girl with a secret past, a possessive boyfriend, and a disguise to keep her secret past just that a secret. Well no more Isabella Swan is doing things her way and will NOT take no for an answer. Time to take over her life from her vampire 'family' and take matters into her own hands. This is NOT going to be a Edward/Bella fanfic and I will be redoing all chapters

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Chapter 1: Boring day


School today was slow and boring today, thank god it is a Friday or I would have pulled my hair out of my head. I was not paying attention to my biology teacher, Mr. Banner. I was just thinking about the street race tonight. Yeah you heard me right, Street Racing. Sweet Isabella Swan is involved in illegal Street Racing even though her father is chief of police.

The first time I got into Street Racing it was because of one of my mothers fazes, the one where she would try and date a Street Racer type a faze. She didn't find a guy, so not even a month later she drops Street Racing faze and goes onto cooking. I, however, was mesmerized about the whole concept of Street Racing. You know the feeling when you see your first concert, the rush, the excitement filling you up, the crowds screaming in joy when they hear the band, or singer, sing their favorite song. That was how I felt when I saw my very First Street Race. Hearing those roaring engines, the sound of music blasting from their speakers.

Every car was unique in it's own way. It starts like a blank canvas (the car you buy), then the artist (driver) will grab the colors they want, what they liked, and paint what they feel or what defined them if that makes sense. I don't know when I tried to describe it to Renee she always stared blankly at me and stated, "Bella, sweetheart, it's just a car." That got me thinking how different my mother and I were. We might be on the same page, but she is just reading the paragraph. I'm reading the same paragraph but I am analyzing how the author puts the words, how they describe a character, stuff like that.

Some cars had dark colors and some had bright. Some had designs others had Neon light. Every car was a piece of the rider, or the rider put a piece of them on their car. The cars defined them, who they are, where they come from. If someone was an attention grabber they would have the brightest colors, and the driver would dress for attention. That's what I mean.

That was the night that my mother couldn't find a baby sitter, because they either had dates or was baby-sitting someone else's child. I thank god that night Renee couldn't find a baby sitter, since that night was the first step I took on the road towards my future. After the race I was fascinated with cars, by the age of 8 I would go to the library everyday and just read, learn. By the age of 10 I figured out everything that had to with a car, all parts of an engine: the cylinder, spark plug, valves, pistons, piston rings, I'm not going to list everything in an engine, but I want to get the point across I know everything that has to with cars and more then just an engine.

One day when I was 10 years old I found out my mom's car engine was messed up. So I asked my mom if I could try and fix it, I felt very confident in my knowledge of cars that I wanted to test my knowledge to see if I can use the knowledge to fix the engine perfectly. I could tell that she doubted that I could fix it, however she just shrugged and said, "Alright if you can fix it."

After two days with me struggling, but never giving up, I was done. I felt very nervous, since I have never actually fixed an engine before, I asked her to see if it worked. When my mom turned the key to start the car the engine roared to life and then started purring soothingly. My mom and I were both shocked that it actually worked! That's when she told me that she would get me any textbooks, car parts, and tools, for me to make my own car before I turn 16 and get my license. I loved the idea of getting more and more tools and parts for my birthday's for I can learn all I can about cars and to personalize my first car.

I then heard my name being called snapping me out of my thoughts. I focused my sights on my Biology teacher, Mr. Banner.

"Yes Mr. Banner?"

" Can you repeat what I just said?" Mr. Banner says in an irritated tone

"No Sorry Mr. Banner" I said

"Well can you please pay more attention?" Mr. Banner says trying to stay calm

"Yes Sir" I said

He then went back to teaching. With that I was about to daydream again when I heard Edward say, "Love what's the matter? Are you ok?" in a low voice.

"Yes Edward I'm ok." I said

The bell rang signaling the end of class. Everyone got all their stuff and went to the next class. When I got out of the Biology Room I turned to Edward.

"Edward I'm going to skip gym and go home early."

Edward looked at me as if I grew a second head, "Bella are you sure you are ok?" I rolled my eyes. "Yes Edward I'm ok" 'man Edward is getting annoying!' I went outside to my car and drove home to get ready for tonight.

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