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Chapter 11

Previously on Not What You Think:

I looked at Brian, "Rule number one: If you're going to be around for a while learn some Spanish. I had learn when I started to hang around these guys, and Vince talking about me right in front of me in Spanish."

Vince laughed, "I remember that. We were at each others throats like two dogs after the same bone."

I rolled my eyes at him and smirked, "We both know who won those battle, Vince, and no it wasn't you."

Vince glared at me playfully as everyone laughed.


After a half an hour dinner was done and I got up to help clean up. I made a move to pick up my plate when Mia stopped me, "Bella, I got it, don't worry about it."

I looked at Mia a little surprised, "You sure? I can clean if you…"

Mia shakes her head, "Don't worry, Brain will help me."

I looked at Brian who looked equally surprised, "Alright then."

I went to the cooler and grabbed myself a Pepsi. I opened it and took a sip, before deciding to go to my car. I stood in front of my car just looking at it remembering the sweet and blood I went through to making this car. I heard a throat being cleared behind me causing me to gasp and turn around.

It was Dom who looked amused, "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

I laughed, "Don't worry about it."

Dom motioned me to the house, "Let's go inside it's getting pretty late."

I nodded in agreement looking back at my car, then going inside with Dom who put his arm around my shoulders. I walked into the kitchen and tossed my empty can in the trash. I saw Brian with a lot of dishes in his hand.

Brian looked at Mia, "Do you need any help with anything else?"

Mia looked surprised but covered it up, "No it's alright, go join the boys watching movie."

Brian went to help her anyway, "No you see the cook doesn't clean where I come from."

Mia smiled, "Yeah, well I would like to go there."

Brian started drying the plates with a clean rag sneaking looks at Mia, and looked away just as Mia snuck a look at Brian.

Brian looked at her while drying the dish he was holding, "I think we should go out some time."

I looked at him in amusement, 'Straight to the point, huh Spilner.'

Mia shakes her head, "No I don't date my brothers friends."

Brian looked a little disappointed then smiled, "Well that sucks, I guess I'll have to kick his ass then."

I busted out laughing at the thought causing Brian and Mia to turn to me in surprise, "I'd LOVE to se that."

Mia laughed with me and agreed, "So would I. I would pay to see that one actually."

I nodded in agreement still laughing at the thought.

When I stopped I had a big grin on my face, "You're alright, Spilner. You're alright."

Brian smiled at me, "Thanks."

I then heard footsteps coming our way and turned to see Vince.

Brian then looked at Mia, "But seriously do I have to get on my knees and beg you to go out with me."

Vince grabbed some microwavable popcorn and looked up to see Brain and Mia cleaning dishes. Vince smiled in humor and continue what he was going putting the time and putting the popcorn in.

He then started laughing, "Wash your car when you get done."

Mia snapped, "What was that!"

Vince smirked, "Not you Mia." He pointed at Brain, "Wear your favorite dress cause I'm putting you on the streets where you belong."

I glared at him, "Basta!" (Enough!)

Vince ignored me and continues what he was doing.

Brian just looks at him not saying anything.

The microwave wasn't working causing him to hit it, "This thing not working?"

Mia turns to Vince, "V?" He was trying to fix the microwave ignoring her, "V? Where was that Cuban restaurant you wanted to take me?"

I narrowed my eyes, "Mia."

Mia ignored my warning tone, but Brian looked me in confusion.

Vince was smirking, "Little red candles all over the place?"

Mia nodded, "Yeah that's the one."

Vince looked happy, "Cha Cha Cha."

Mia smiled, "Yeah that's it."

She then turned to Brian; "Well you can take me there, Friday night at 10PM, sounds good to you?"

Brian looked at her, "Yeah that's perfect."

Vince looked heart broken and stormed out the house.

"Vince!" I called out to him, but was ignored. He went out the front door and slammed the door behind him.

I turned to Mia, "Eso fue innecesario Mia." (That was uncalled for Mia)

Mia rolled her eyes, "Se lo merecía." (He deserved it)

I shake my head at her, "I am so disappointed in you."

Mia flinched back as if I slapped her, but I ignored her and looked at Brian, "I'll see you tomorrow, Spliner."

He nodded, but you can tell he was confused on what we were talking about.

I grabbed my keys and went to the front door when I heard Dom, "Bella? What's going on?"

I turned to him, "Nothing, I'll be back before lunch tomorrow."

Dom looked confused, but I walked out to my car and got in. I put my keys in the ignition and turned my car on then drove away.

I looked at the rearview mirror to see Dom, "Bella!"

I continued on my only goal right now was to find Vince. After a half an hour I found him at a liquor store a six pack of corona and a bottle of Pepsi next to him one was in his hand opened and half full. I parked my car and turned off my car pulling the key from the ignition, opened my door, and got out. I closed the door and went to sit next to him on his left. He passed me the bottle of Pepsi, which made me smile.

"So you were expecting me." I stated opening my soda and drinking it slowly.

He smiled sadly, "You were always the one who came after me when you know I needed you."

I smiled, "What's a friend for."

He shakes his head, "Not a friend. A sister, a annoying pain in the ass sister."

We laughed at that remembering all the times we had trying to be better then the other in everything or just the fights in general that was always because of stupid crap.

When we finished our drinks we dumped our empty bottles in the trash and went to our cars.

Before I got in my car I yelled at him, "Let's go to my garage we can sleep there tonight if you don't want to go back to Dom's'."

He looked confused, but nodded, and we were off. We went to the empty lot and I pressed my button to open the door to my garage on the ground. The door lifted up like a hood of a car and we drove threw then went down the spiral ramp. (Pic on Profile if you need help with imagining it).

The door closed as Vince went through and we parked our cars. I got out my car closing the door behind me, "Sorry for the mess I usually don't have company."

Vince grinned, "No problem."

I pointed to a door at the end, which had a window right next to it, "That's my office. I keep a small bed in there just incase I need to pull an all nighter. You can sleep in there today." I pointed to a door next to a toolbox, "That's the bathroom if you need it. I don't have a kitchen or else I would live down here for days gives me an excuse to go out."

Vince nodded in understanding, "Thanks B. Night."

I smiled, "Night."

He then went into the office and went to bed. I went to my car and made myself comfortable for the night.

~Next Day~

In the morning I woke up to see Vince's car gone, 'So he left.'

I yawned and went to the bathroom to freshen up for the day and decided to go to Harry's garage the, "The Racer's Edge". In a half hour I was there and parked next to very familiar cars. I got out my car and closed the door behind me being sure to lock it. I went in side the shop and Harry saw me immediately

"Bella!" He smiled brightly since I am one of his best customers.

I smiled at him, "Harry it's good to see you."

We hugged one another and pulled back, "I got your parts in the back you ordered."

I smiled brightly, "You are the best Harry."

He laughed, "It's what I do. What are you doing with these parts anyway?"

I smiled excitedly, "I'm building a new ride. I am just about finished with it all I need to do is get the parts I ordered and it will be finished."

He laughs and shakes his head, "Why you can't just buy a car I'll never understand?"

I shrugged, "I want to know what is in my car exactly, so I do it myself."

He shakes his head with a grin, "I'll go get those parts for you."

I smiled, "Thanks."

Harry left and I then heard a voice, "Well look who it is."

I turned around to see Hector, "What's up! I missed you guys."

He and his crew grinned, "Nice to see you too."

I then noticed Brian looked at his computer intensely for some reason, "Brian, I forgot you worked here."

Brian typed something quickly and turned to me in surprise, "B-Bella! Hey."

I then heard Harry call Brain to the back. He hurried in the back and I went to the computer looking at the history to see parts for a Honda Civic and saw it was an order for three of everything under then name Hector.

'Why would Hector need 3 of everything?'

I quickly deleted the history that I was on the computer and went to the screen Brian left it on. I quickly went to my spot thanking god Harry doesn't have any cameras inside the shop. Harry and Brian then came out with my parts and helped me put it in my car.

"Thank you guys see you later." I said with a smile and drove off.

'Something is going on around here, and I'm going to figure it out.' I thought determined.

~That Night~

I went to eat dinner from a long boring day since I didn't go back to the Toretto house this afternoon. When I went back to my garage to drop off the car parts I noticed I was missing an order and went back. I parked my car and was going to get out when I see Brain acting suspisiously.

"Harry! I'm off!" Brian yelled

"Ok see you tomorrow." Harry said

I noticed him running to his car when Harry was out of sight and drove off. I followed him from a long distance. I noticed he parked in an ally and decided to park away from him next to a bar, "El Gatos"

There I saw Brian sneaking around on the roof of a shack across the street from Gatos. I followed him quietly climbing the building expertly and I quietly thanking god Renee went through the rock climbing stage even though it was scary at first but after doing it for a month it was second nature to me.

I heard a window shatter and knew Brian did it.

'He's sneaking around like a cop.' Was the thought that immediately crossed my mind thank to watching my father from a distance when he was at work and at home even before he retired this year to settle down with a women on the La Push reserve, Sue I think it was when he told me the news before I left the next day.

I rushed to the window and looked through it to see Brian uncovering two red and silver cars. There was an uncompleted one, which was black. When Brian shined the light to the window I ducked right in time before he could see me. I immediately started to fast walk to the edge of the roof and climbed down into the empty ally. I then heard an engine coming my way and hid behind trashcans. They drove into the ally and parked next to Brian's red truck. Two men came out and my eyes widened when I saw whom it was.

'Dom? Vince? What are they doing here?'

Vince had a shotgun in his hands and as Brian climbed down Vince hit's him on the back of the head sending him to the floor knocked out. Vince pointed the gun in Brian's face. I then saw them drag Brian to a dock. I followed him immediately.

Vince dropped him to the floor waking him up, and he pointed his gun in Brian's face, "He moves like a cop."

Dom looked at Brian with an emotionless blank expression, which scared me, "Brian this is one of these times where you need to be very clear about what you say. Nod if you understand me."

Vince then didn't like that he did not comprehend, "Nod!"

Brian nodded quickly clearly scared for his life, as was I.

Dom then demanded, "Sit up."

Brian sat up and held his head.

Dom continued, "Tell me what the hell you are doing here."

Brian started breathing heavily, "Dom…I-I don't…I owe you a 10 second car…and what this is about…" He pointed at the building he was in, "…This is about race wars…"

Vince interrupted him by kicking him.

Brian continued, "…What I saw in there and Hector is going to be running Three Honda Civics with spoon engines and on top of that he just went to Harry's and order T-60 Turbos' with NOS, and a motec system exhaust!"

Dom and Vince shared a look I couldn't understand.

Dom then looked at Brian, "So what are you saying? You are going to go around and check everyone shit out? One garage after another."

Brian then gets up slowly, "Yeah, because Dom you know I can't lose again."

Vince then spoke up, "He's a cop, Dom. He's a COP!"

Dom is quiet looking at Brian, "You a cop?"

Brian shakes his head negative to his question.

Dom then says, "Let's go for a ride."

Dom walks in front and Brain hesitated which cause Vince to hit him, "Walk!"

They then went to Vince's car. Vince in the driver's seat, Dom in the passenger's seat, and Brian in the back.

They drove off and I noticed I was shaking, "What the hell is going on?"

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