KlukexJiro fic. (based on disc 3 of game)

Summary: When Shu and Jiro ask Kluke who does she like this is the answer the two boys get.


My first Blue dragon one-shot so plz NO FLAMES. Constuctive critisum (?) is good though


Kluke was stunned. She never knew both boys had feeling for her. She always thought of Shu as a little brother who always needed disapline and Jiro as a nice, and smart friend. But which one did she like?

Kluke's Pov.

I stood there for a moment more just thinking about who I loved more. Did I love both of them? Or did I just not yet realize my feelings for one of them? I looked at Shu then to Jiro then I felt my face grow warm so I looked away for a moment. I couldn't break their hearts right infront of all these people so I figured tomorrow I could tell them. I could just use a white lie for now. I looked at both the boys and whispered to them.

"Can you wait until my next birthday?" I whispered bending forward a little bit.

I looked at their reactions and saw that they were both shocked. I winked at them and heard them yell.


I laughed at them and saw Jiro's mother walk over and cut the cake into equal parts. She handed one to me and then one to Jiro and one to Shu. I smiled at their angry faces and I cleared my thoat for only them to hear, besides with all the people around here talking I think they would be the only ones to hear it. I saw them look up from their cake and they both just stared plainly, with a tint of saddness in their expressions.

"Um...how about I tell you who I like after the party...that way you guys don't pout forever. But no fighting after I choose one of you." I said in a happy tone. I knew they wouldn't try anything funny, or would they? Shu...most likly, but not Jiro.

Both boys nodded and started eat their cake, both glaring at eachother.

'This is going to be hard' I thought as they started a contest on who could eat their cake the fastest.

After the party and after everyone left I stayed inside the cabin with Shu and Jiro. I took a deep breath and walked over to Jiro. I pulled him into a hug and I felt my cheeks grow warm. I guess I chose right. Shu gasped and watched Jiro hug me back. I pulled away and looked at Shu.

"I pick Jiro" I said

"Why?" Shu asked crossing his arms.

"One: Jiro doesn't throw fits every five seconds. Two: He caring and I can have a conversation with him. Three: I picture you as a little brother. And finally...I love him." I said pulling Jiro into a small kiss. Shu sighed.

"Congradulations...guess you'll throw out my ring then huh?" He asked me. I walked over to Shu and also pulled him into a hug.

"No. Like I said they are precious good luck charms." I said breaking the hug. I walked over to Jiro and held onto his hand. He smiled and guided me to the door. Shu ran up next to me and we walked together as best friends.

Love should never ruin your relationships to friends