Chapter 4

"So you are going to take care of all your siblings by yourself?" Mac asked me the next day at swim class.

"Uh huh!" I told him. "That's the plan!"

"Remember you and your siblings can stay at my house and be safe and…"

"Mac." I told my friend. "I'm the older brother and a butt kicking Agent, I think I can protect my siblings successfully."

"Well yeah Perry, but what if…"

"Mac." Matt said to him. "You're talking to Perry the Platypus here, the hero of platypuses who ever had big dreams and our best friend, if he says he can protect his family by himself, then he can!" Mac sighed.

"You're right Matt." Then he looked at me. "It's a real shame of what happened to your mom Perry." I looked down at the ground, looking sad.

"Yeah." I agreed.

"Pity, pity indeed." Matt added. "What an unfortunate tragedy and you guys were all so young too."

"Yeah." Suddenly, I heard Mss. Aquabee call my name. I got back to business.

"Well that's my cue." I told my friends, heading towards the body of water." Wish me luck!"

"Good luck Perry!" Mac called after me.

"Yeah good luck!" Matt added. "Break a leg!" Mac looked at our waving friend.

"Uh Matt," He told him. "This isn't the theater, this is swimming class!"

"Oh then, good luck and don't break a leg!" He then smiled at Matt.

"Better?" Mac squinted at him.

"Yeah, whatever!" Then he looked back at the lake.

"Isn't it great that are friend mysteriously lost his cryophobia and learned to accept swimming in extremely cold waters?"

"Yeah." Matt agreed. "It's a miracle alright! Good ol' Perry!"

I went towards the lake, ran back, faced the lake, and ran back, jumping in the water and swimming like lightning. To the little island and back again.

"Wow Perry." Mss. Aquabee congratulated me as I stepped out. "Superb timing, only 20 seconds flat! Where did you learn to swim like that?" I shrugged.

"Agents need to swim fast, it's all part of the job." I told her.

"He's right." Mac explained, he and Matt were now beside us. "He's got to swim super quickly in order to outsmart his nemeses." The teacher grinned, then wrote down my score and her clipboard and walked away. I looked at my friends.

"Stellar word Mac!" I said. "Nemesis, I like it!"

"Just being helpful." Mac admitted. "That what friends are for, they're always there when you need them." I did a smile.

The next few days were successful. I showed my brother and sisters how to swim fast and catch our prey before they had a chance to flee. I then showed my siblings my fighting skills (punches, kicks, throwing, and surprising their victims from behind.)

I swam a second faster everyday at swimming class too. My classmates all applauded when I won the gold medals and trophy at the swimming Champinionship against Mss. Hard-shell's best swimmer, Steven. Yup, things were starting to come out great!

Then one morning when we all were sleeping in our warm burrow, we woke up to the sound of a vehicle on the road. We all woke up and went to the roadside. We all looked at a big yellow vehicle.

"Hey Perry, what is it?" Andy asked me.

"I-I don't know." I told him, looked at it, then squinted to read the words engraved at the top. It read "School Bus."

"It's a School Bus, whatever that is."

"It is dangerous?" Meredith wanted to know.

"No, I don't think so. Not if you make physical contact with it when it is zooming down the road." Then a butterfly fluttered past us.

"Lookie guys, a butterfly!"

"Meredith just ignored it before…" But it was too late, my littlest sister chased the butterfly out to the street, giggling.

"Meredith, NO!" I looked at my other siblings.

"Stay here." I told them. I looked at the street and panicked. The bus was heading towards Meredith and the butterfly!

Acting fast, I lunged toward my sister and the moving bus. Meredith noticed the bus just us I attacked her. We sailed and rolled to the other side. My siblings all gasped.

Suddenly as I rubbed my head, I noticed the bus stopped. I froze my eyes wide as I saw three mini humans walk of the now open door of the big yellow bus. There was a kid with chocolate skin and blue overalls, a kid with a pinch of red hair, a pointy face, blue overalls, and an orange striped shirt, and a taller kid with green hair, a yellow shirt, and huge purple pants.

"Perry." Meredith said to me. "I'm sorry, it just that when that butterfly passed us, my little sister instincts kicked in, so I had to…"

"Shhhhh!" I slapped my hand over Meredith's mouth and watched. My eyes wide as the three boys came closer.

"What did we almost hit guys?" The brown kid asked.

"I don't know. " The pointed face kid answered. "But we're going to find out."

"I hope it isn't a grizzly bear, I didn't bring enough underwear to get scared and pee in my pants with." Then they looked at us, I was now sweating with fear. Mom told us that humans were platypuses' number one enemies, so there's no telling what these kids will do to us!

"Awe look!" The pointed kid said, putting his hands on his now bent knees. "A…A…" He looked at the green haired kid.

"A platypus." Green haired kid answered.

"Right!" Then he reached to rub my head. I closed my eyes tight, then reopened them when I realized that he didn't mean any harm.

"You're a good little platypus aren't you? Yup a good platypus alright!" Then Meredith and my other siblings showed themselves. The pointed face kid looked at all of them.

"Oh look more platy…platypeople, platypi, plat…" He looked at the green kid.

"Ferb? Ferb shrugged.

"Platypuses might be one possibility." He suggested.

"Okay!" Then they all rub our heads.

"Wow!" The black kid said. "It isn't everyday that we see wild platypuses like this." Then he stood up.

"Or is it platypi, playpeople?" The pointed nose kid got up and put an arm around his friend.

"It will forever be a mystery to us all my dear Bajeet. Now let's go back to the bus and tell the bus driver that he can continue driving us."

"I agree Phineas. Buford probably already swished my PB and J for a worm sandwich."

"Wait until Isabella and the Fireside Girls hears about what we've discovered! She'll be so proud that we've found five platypi, err platypeople, err…whatever!"

"Platypuses." Ferb corrected. Then all of them reentered the bus, and the bus zoomed on.

"Meredith are you okay?" Abby asked. "Gosh, I hope you aren't hurt."

"No." Meredith answered. "I feel great!"

"What were you thinking putting yourself in danger like that Mer? That bus might have killed you." Meredith glared at Amy, then sighed.

"I'm sorry Amy, it's just that…"

"It's okay." I reassured them. "The important thing is that Meredith is still alive. Now come on, time for our lunch." So all of us went towards the lake to get our food.

As we were gathering food, I heard screams. I resurvised from my fish case and looked around. Then I saw it, the bus was tipping on the edge of a cliff!

I burst out of the water and ran towards the bus! I knew some of those kids on that bus, I couldn't let them die could I?

When I got to the bus, I tried pulling it back. I tried with all my stength, but it was no use, the bus slipped slowly and the screams grew louder. I quickly looked around and then I saw a hovercraft with metallically arms. I ran to it. What was a hovercraft doing in the middle of nowhere?

The screams got louder as the bus was about to fall. I couldn't think about it any longer, I had to save those kids! I quickly hopped in the contraption, and rode it to the bottom of the cliff.

I made it so that the hands pushed on the bottom of the bus. I pulled the lever down as hard as I could. I closed my eyes tightly, as I felt the force pushing me down.

I reopened my eyes exhausted. I was about to give up when I heard the shrieks again. I then rejuvenated myself and with all of my remaining energy, I pushed that bus up slowly with the machine that I was controlling.

I looked and then saw a huge boulder coming towards me! I quickly pushed on the machine, tossing the bus in the air, then quickly jumped out of the boulder's path just in time!

I managed to land on land, but I hit my head on one of the wheels. I rubbed my head and tried to get up, part of the bus has landed on my tail! I tried to get free but I felt tired.

Suddenly I heard the doors open and saw kids get out. But the world was all a blur to me right now. I heard kids shouting then one toughed me then said "Poor guy. We need to take him to an animal hospital and fast!" Then I closed my eyes.

I woke up in a strange place. I looked down, I was on a huge pet bed! I looked around slowly, where was I? What was this strange place? And where was my sisters and brother?

"Morning platypus!" Phineas told me, I looked at him and Ferb. "How are you feeling today?" I kept looking around.

"He probably doesn't know where he is." Ferb whisper.

"Oh." Phinias said. "Well this is the Animal Hospital of Dansville. We took you in yesterday after that unfortunate accident. We stayed here all night with my mom and dad to make sure that you were all right. We brought you some breakfast. Here you go!" He reached in his bucket and pulled out a fish. I leaned in and ate it from out of his hand.

"His chewing tickled me." Phinias told Ferb as I leaned back to swallow.

"Phinias, Ferb! Time for the last day of school!" Their mom called to them.

"Ah right!" Phinias cheered. "Here's some extra fish if you get hungry platypus." He put the bucket on the ground beside my bed. Then he and Ferb ran to get their stuff. I grabbed a fish and ate it, then I saw an older man with a mustache come into the room. I watched as he knelt by my side.

"Hey platypus." He greeted. "I came to see if you were all right. My name is Major Monogram and I must congratulate you on your bravery." I stared at him. How did he know what I did yesterday? He pointed to the hovercraft in the corner.

"You know that hover car you used to save those kids on the bus?" I nodded. How did he know all of this stuff?

"Well that was mine." I looked at him. "I hope you don't mind, but I spied on your every moment platypus. I thought it was really brave on what you did and now I want to ask you something." He held my hands in his. "Listen, I am one of the leaders of an agency. And after all of you work, I want you to be one of the agents. So do you want to be a butt kicking agent fighting crime?"

I froze, did he just said that I could be an agent?

"Of course." He scratched his bushy mustache. "If you joined, we would have to give you an awesome agent name. I mean you just don't want to be called "platypus" do you?" I just starred at him blankly, until he snapped his fingers.

"I know! We'll call you Agent P! You know, the P standing for platypus since we already have an Agent D because he's a dog, and Agent E because he's an eagle. So you can be Agent P because you're a platypus. So what do you say? Do you want to join the agency?" I hesitated. If I joined, what will happen to my brother and sisters? I couldn't just ditch them, could I? This is my dream but still. I just couldn't decide.

Then Monogram pulled out a fedora and put it on my bed. He then pulled out a note and offered it to me.

"Here's the place where you can find me if you change you mind Agent P." He told me. I took it out of his hand and looked his map. It was like it was drawn by a kindergartener, I looked at him blankly.

"Sorry about the map Agent P. It just that I didn't know you would find it if I did it in a more complicated format. So I did it in this format so I could find it too." I kept looking at him until he went to the door.

"Okay. I got to go now. So think long and hard Agent P. You'd be a great additition to our agency. So for now, farewell!" Then he exited the room. Then Phineas and Ferb came into the room. They both had their backpacks on their backs, ready for school.

"Guess what green platypus!" Said an excited Phineas. "We, well mostly me, asked my parents something. And since we both have excellent grades, and it's the last day of school." He then leaned in my face. "They said that we can keep you!" I froze at he backed away and continued pacing. "That's right! You're going to be our last day of school present! Imagine, we might be the first kids in history who ever had a platypus pet. Most kids have dogs, cats, fish, parrots, canaries, bunnies and maybe even ducks as pets. But never and I mean never a platypus before or that I know of at least. But still I think it's awesome that a platypus will be one of the families, woo! Well see you at the end of the day! This will be the best end of school day ever, well see ya!" He and Ferb then exited the room.

I was sweaty now. I was going to have to decide on three important things here. 1. I have to decide if I wanted to live with a family as a house pet (which I never have done before). 2. To decide about Monogram's offer and joining the agency. 3. If I chose 1 or 2, who will protect my family? I can't do all three things at the same time can I? I thought about this until one of the veterinarians came into the room.

"Good morning!" She said with a smile. "And how is the platypus today?" She looked at me and checked my tail. "Well it appears that your tail is in great shape! Hey." She looked into my eyes. "I heard that you're going to live in a family. That's awesome! I've never heard a platypus as a pet before. You will be one of a kind I guess." Then she patted my head. "You've never been a pet have you? Well don't worry, there's time left to say good bye to the wildlife. So come on!" She then picked me up, and carried me outside. "There!" She placed me on the grass then patted my head. I looked all around. I was in a fenced in area. How can this be considered as the wild? I looked up at her. She laughed a little.

"Like it? I wouldn't say it's exactly the wild, but close to it! You'll get one last glance at it that's for sure." She then disappeared when she reentered and closed the door behind her.

I headed towards the fence and tried to get out, but it was no use! Yep, this isn't the wild at all, just a look out at the outside world! I sighed and just laid in the path of grass. Where were my brother and sisters? Are they well protected without me? Where were they? But most importantly, will I ever see them again? I sighed again. Then I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Perry!" I went to where the voice was coming from. It was Meredith, the twins, and Andy! I ran to them.

"Hey guys!" I greeted. "What are you all doing here?"

"We came to check up on our oldest bro!" Amy answered. "To you know; support him in his time of need." I smiled as I wiped happy tears off my face with my hand.

"Thanks guys, I really appreciate that." My sisters all smiled. Andy looked puzzled as he looked at the environment that I was in.

"Perry, why are you in platypus prison?" He wanted to know. "Did you do something illegal?" I looked at the huge fence around me, then back at him.

"Oh no." I told him. "This is no jail, this is an animal hospital. And I'm in one of the outside play areas."

"Well maybe we can bust you out!" Amy said. She was looking for a way out.

"No guys." I told them. They looked at me. "I can't come home with you." My siblings were all shocked.

"What?!" Abby said in disbelief. "You're part of our family Perry; you have to come with us to protect us."

"Yeah!" Meredith agreed. "Family! If you don't come with us, who is going to provide us with safety and help us hunt our food?"

"Listen." I told them. "I can't go with you all without disappointing two human kids, Phineas and Ferb."

"And why not?" Amy ordered to know.

"Well, I'm sort of in their family now."

"What you mean?"

"They adopted me. I'm going to be a pet." All of them gasped again.

"A pet?" Abby questioned.

"But what about us Perry?" Amy asked. "Aren't we your family?"

"You guys!" Meredith said, "Perry has a family with humans now, he can't disappoint them."

"An old guy also offered me as an agent in an agency." I added. "But I guess I'm going to have to run away from my new home, and just be with you guys instead of being an agent like I dreamed of.

"No Perry." Abby told me. "An agent is your dream, we want you to go to your new home and become the greatest butt kicking agent that you can be!" I looked at them shocked.

"But what about you guys?" I asked. "Who is going to take charge of you all when I'm gone?"

"I'll do it." Abby said.

"What?" I asked, looking at her. "But, but, how?"

"Simple!" She said. "I'll do what you and mom did. I'll hunt, swim, eat, play with them all and take care of them, make sure they are all safe and sound." She looked at me.

"Please Perry." She said. "Be an agent, it's your dream; and we'd hate to take that away from you. So please, fulfill your destiny and become the agent you dreamed of. Please Perry, I can take care of our family, just go and achieve that dream of yours!"

"But I…what about…" I looked at my siblings.

"Come on Perry, be an awesome action packed agent!" Andy piped up, doing some punches and kicks in the air. "Become what you destined to be!"

"Become an agent bro!" Meredith encouraged. "Attack you nemeses, come on, you can do it!"

"But, but…"

"Come on! Amy told me. "Perry, you got to fallow your dreams no matter what! You taught us your agent teckneques. I think we can fight us enemies, because we were thought by one if the greatest platypuses of all time. You bro, now go and be an agent, be the platypus in your dreams. Don't let certain things let you down, be the greatest fighting platypus that you can be!" I was teary eyed through her whole speech. I wiped my face with my hands.

"Thanks guys." I told them. "You guys are the best." They just smiled at me. Then the veterinarian called "Platypus" and I turned to her voice.

"Well I guess this is it huh? I guess this is farewell huh?" I turned to face them.

"Are you kidding?" Meredith spoke up. "We want to come and watch our oldest bro in action fighting his enemies! There's no way we wouldn't miss it, there's just no way that this is the end! We love you bro, and we want to see you fight someday!" I smiled.

"Thanks guys, I really appreciate that." I then went towards the door when the vet called again.

"Go and get them bro!" Andy said. "And remember you'll always be our oldest bro no matter what!"

"Make us proud bro!" Amy called after me.

"I will guys." I prominsed them. "I will!" Then I stood up. "For I will no longer be the platypus you came to know, I will be Perry the Platypus! So nemeses beware, here comes Perry the Platypus!" I kicked the air. I went back down on my hands and knees. My siblings all cheered as I entered the hospital. I smiled as I went through the door and into the room.

Phineas and Ferb were waiting for me, sitting on chairs with Phineas's parents. When I came, they all stood up. The boys immediately rushed foreword, and hugged me.

"Oh platypus!" Phineas exclaimed. "We're so glad you're coming to live with us! We never had a pet since Bucky died. Now we have you and, oh we're just so proud!" Then he stepped back and pondered a moment. "Hmmm, I guess we should find a good name for you, just Platypus isn't going to cut it." He looked at his stepbrother.

"Ferb?" He asked. "Any suggestions what we should name him?"

"I like Perry for a name." Ferb suggested.

"Ferb you are a genius!"

"I know I am." Phineas then picked me up and smiled.

"Well Perry, welcome to your new family!" Then a tall orange haired girl came in. She was taking on some sort of mobile communication device.

"So this summer Stacy," She spoke into the device. "It'll be me and Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy!" She looked at me. "I'll talk to you later Stacy." Then she hung up and out it in her pockets.

"What is that?" She pointed at me and commanded to know. Phineas raised me up.

"Candace." He told her. "We like you to meet the newest addition to our family, Perry the Platypus!" She just looked at me.

"Perry the whatapus?"

"Platypus, Perry the Platypus."

"Perry the lamemapus is more like it." Phineas lowered me back down and looked at his sis. "I mean what were you thinking replacing our old active pet with a mindless stupid mammal, huh? Hello? He's a platypus for crying out loud, they just sit around all day. They do nothing, nada, zilch, I think that is the most pathetic pres…" She then looked at her mom who was glaring at her.

"Uh I mean," She patted my head. "I think he will make a fine addition to our family. Wonderful last day of school present mom." Their mom smiled.

On the car ride to my new home, I laid in Ferb's lap while Phineas patted me. I laid on my fedora.

"You know." Phineas told me. "I can't wait to show you to Isabella and her friends, Buford. They'll all be happy about our new platypus and…" I closed my eyes as his voice droned out. The car rode on.

When we got there, we all hopped out. I quickly grabbed my fedora.

"Well welcome to our humble aboard." Phineas told me as I ran off. "Where… hey where you going?" I looked at Monogram's poorly drawn map, and then raced of to the agency.

I put on my fedora just as I got there. I looked for the man who had given me these directions, but he was no where in sight. Where was he?

Then I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around; there he was with a younger looking man at his side.

"Hello Agent P." He said. "Glad you could find the place all right." I looked at him, then at the man next to him.

"Oh this is Karl Agent P." Monogram told me. "He's my new assistant that I hired."

"Hi Agent P!" Karl greeted me with a wave. "I never worked with a platypus before, so I looking forward to it."

"Anyways." Monogram continued, "I will assign you missions Agent P. Karl is going to be my intern and help. This is an animal agency Agent P and frankly, ii can't handle all of them by myself; I'm too old for that. So Karl is going to help me the best as he can!"

"I'll try my best to assist you Agent P in anyway I can." Karl saluted.

"Yes well anyways, see that holder Agent P?" I looked at where he was looking at. It was a holder for something. "That Agent P is a holder for your fedora; you are not an agent unless you wear your hat. Understand Agent P?" I saluted him.

"Good, now we'll call you with the watch when you have a mission." I put my fedora on the hoister, grabbed the watch beside it, and tied it around my wrist.

"Good, now that watch will beep when we have an assignment for you. We will also put a secret hideout right where you live. It is your job to find an entrance and get here on time. Do you understand?" I nodded. "Good, now bye for now!" I went to leave the room when he spoke again.

"You'll be a great addition to the agency Agent P. Bye for now!" I then left the room.

When I was back in the backyard, my new owners and I laid under a nice shady tree.

"You know Ferb." Phineas said to him, patting my back. "I think this is a start to a beautiful friendship, with you, me, and our new pet platypus, Perry."

"Quite." Ferb added.

I just smiled as they petted me. I was happy. I had a new family with great humans, I knew my other family will be well protected, and my dream came true at last. I was a secret agent, and I couldn't be happier then that.

"And so our dear platypus lived happy ever after." Monogram said, closing my book. "The end, wasn't that a great story?"

"It was terrific!" Karl said. "It was action packed, sad, cute, funny, and had a happy ending all in one; I LOVED it!

"Good, I loved it too."

"Uh Monogram." Dr. D told him. "You made up that last part didn't you? It didn't really say that Perry lived happily ever after did it?"

"No it didn't." He admitted. "I just added it to... well… you know, for the heck with it. To make it so Perry could have a happy ending and stuff you know like all fairy tales end."

"Okay." Dr D still looked puzzled. "Whatever." Then Monogram looked at his watch. It was 12:30 in the morning.

"Oh my gosh!" He said standing up. I hopped down on the floor. "It's way past our bedtimes! Well good night Dr. D, good night Agent P. Come on Karl.

"Right!" He then followed his boss. "Night Dr. D, night Agent P!"

"Well," My nemesis yawned. "Since I'm not doing evil and if we fight this story would take forever to finish, and since I am tired; how about we hold of until doing our regular routine until later in the day?" I agreed and yawned.

"Glad you see it my way Perry the Platypus." He shaked my hand, and yawed again. He went away. "Well good night Perry; let us both catch some Zs. Remember to let the bedbugs bite." He then disappeared out of the room.

I waited a few seconds, and then I went outside to get my jetpack on. When I got it on, I then took of, and flew under the moonlight towards my house.