Chapter One:Syringe

Finding a vein was getting more difficult with every shot. Naruto remembered with a fogged mind the first time he tried this. His arms were popping with veins then- Green, blue, red- you name it. Now they were all pale- barely visible. He had to use a belt now- to force them out. It was annoying at first, but now he didn't need his friends to tighten the belt for him.

Friends. When was the last time he saw those guys? Naruto heard Shino quit- said that he was killing his bugs with the drugs or some other lame lie. Come to think of it, it was only Naruto, Sasuke and Kiba now- and even the dog boy was drifting from the blond.

Finally, he found a small vein on his left arm- just above his elbow. He inserted the syringe into the thin line and sighed deeply as the heroin took effect quickly. In an instant he dropped the syringe onto the floor, and the belt around his arm loosened. This dose was even stronger than the one he bought last week.

In seconds, Naruto's mind was already leaving his body and the blond could see himself laying on the bed with his hands running through his hair, with a euphoric feeling erupting somewhere from his stomach to his chest. Naruto made a moaning sound as he was lifted up, up, up. He was touching the ceiling now, but he could still see himself down on the bed with his arms wrapped around his body, quivering with pleasure.

He was so high he floated past the ceiling, and his mind stretched through the white chipped surface and he found himself entering the apartment above his own- And through all of this, he could still see his body down on the bed, touching himself and shaking his head as bursts of pleasure swished around his insides.

Naruto found it amazing, how a simple dose of something so small, yet so powerful could do this to a person. Give them superpowers. He could see two things at the same time- he could be two places at once.

The only bad thing about something that made you feel so good- so 'perfect'- was the after math. The stronger the dose- the higher you soar, the harder you come crashing down, and already, Naruto was crashing. And he was crashing down hard.

Only moments before, Naruto was floating in a euphoric bliss, and now he could feel himself tumbling back down into the small apartment, onto the hard bed, faced with the off-white walls that forced him prisoner.

In a sudden flash that blinded him for a moment, his bed disappeared, and he was crashing again- falling into an even deeper abyss- a hell worse than walls of his apartment. He could no longer be two places at once; he could no longer to see two things at the same time. Instead he was nowhere, and he could see nothing. Only darkness. And he was a small speck in that darkness. A small useless speck of blonde.

Naruto became vaguely aware of a low grunting sound above him- not his own. He felt hands on him- not his own. A voice breathed into his ear, and the blond tried to open his eyes. He saw a dark flash. It was a brunette- jerking on top of him. Naruto let out a sound- the euphoric feeling in his stomach was replaced with a foreign but full feeling. Another moan escaped his mouth- from pleasure- but wasn't the same. Not like the gratification he felt before- not like the feeling that he was whole- whole and beyond. This pleasure was just a dull, pulsing diversion from the ever present reality that was only now coming to life.

"Christ, Naruto…" the person above him grunted again. He was jerking more unevenly now his breath hitched and he let out another grunt.

"When was the last time you-." The person above him stopped short and let out a broken sigh.

Naruto absentmindedly noted the added wetness to his insides. Then he blinked when the brunette pulled out of him. "What the hell is up with you today?" he asked. The words were muffled.

Naruto shrugged, only because he was still crashing. The sudden juxtaposition from pleasure to nothingness was hitting him harder than any other drug ever had.

"I felt like you weren't there the entire time." This was said in a bitter tone, and Naruto made an effort to lift his head up so he could see the person's face.

"Sasuke…" he whispered softly. His voice was taut- as if he was screaming only moments before. The blonde was surprised he knew the man's name in the first place. He must've been an important person if Naruto could remember his name amidst the awful feeling that was punching his insides.

"That's the last time I let you do that shit in front of me." The brunette was climbing off of the bed and he had the syringe in his hand. He threw it to the side and reached towards the ground to pull up his pants.

"Sasuke…" Naruto said again. He tried to get up somehow, but a rising headache was stopping him. "Where are you going…" the blonde stopped after that, and fell back onto the bed. His breathing became a bit labored as he, for some reason, lost his breath. His eyes traveled to meet Sasuke's gaze and he hated what he saw in them. Pity. Naruto rolled his eyes, and the sudden gesture cleared his mind. He began to remember who he was, and who the man who was now turning to leave the apartment was.

"Sasuke!" Naruto let out in a weak shout. The raven haired man stopped and turned his face a bit- the look of pity still in his eyes.

"Wait…" said the blond softly. "You don't have to go yet…"

The raven haired man sighed and closed the door to turn to look at the blonde. "Look, Naruto…" he said slowly. "What we did…" He looked away from Naruto and rubbed the back of his head with sad eyes. Naruto's eyes tried widen at his boyfriend's sudden equivoques.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" he asked softly. He attempted to smile- to reassure the raven haired man, but one look at his face and Naruto knew his smile had the opposite effect.

"Naruto…" Sasuke said slowly. "We weren't supposed to…" he hesitated. "I came here to..."

Naruto began to worry. "What's going on, Sasuke?" The small attempt of a smile was gone from his face and he watched as emotions of uncertainty passed through Sasuke's face.

Finally, Sasuke sighed deeply and ran his hands through his hair. He looked as if he had given up. "Naruto…" he started again, a morose expression clearly evident in his face. " I came here to break up with you."

If Naruto were the person he was before he took the shot of heroin, he would've overreacted. He would have gotten up and chased after the raven haired man before he could leave him, he would've screamed in protest and clawed at Sasuke's hands and feet until he wouldn't be able to go anywhere. But of course, Naruto did inject himself with the drug, so all he had to say was a measly, "Oh."

It was obvious from Sasuke's expression that he expected more from the blond. He expected the over reaction, the screaming, and the clawing, but he underestimated the effects of the drug. It was powerful. Powerful to change what used to be the love of your life into a distant vacant shell that couldn't even register the extent of pain he would have to go through once Sasuke was finally gone.

"Why?" Naruto's soft voice surprised Sasuke. He looked up to face the blond, and he looked away again, unable to face the hollow look in Naruto's eyes- the eyes that could no longer show emotions- the eyes that seemed to sink into his head. His lips were chap and his arms were twigs as he tried to sit up again. "Why are you leaving me, Sasuke?"

Sasuke frowned at this, his supercilious character coming back to life. "If you've been even the slightest bit alive these past few years you would've realized that I've already left you." He said bitterly. "Today, I'm just making it official."

For a fraction of a second, Sasuke could swear he saw a small flicker of emotion in the blonde's eyes. Alas, it was only for a second and it came and went too quickly for Sasuke to register which sentiment passed through the blonde. This frustrated the raven head and his frown turned into a small scowl. "I've been spending most of my time with Neji, Naruto." He said looking into the blonde's eyes. He wanted to get the response he craved. He wanted that guilt- he wanted Naruto to feel ashamed- to be sorry.

"I love him, Naruto." He said whispered. Naruto blinked and he stared at Sasuke for a while. Sasuke stared back, fists trembling at his sides. What was he saying? He didn't love Neji. He loved Naruto. That small pathetic dying blond before him. The one who was struggling to show some kind of emotion- struggling to get up and just say something. But Sasuke couldn't stay. He had to move on- he couldn't allow himself to love a dead man. He would love Neji- the guy was already head over heels in love with him. It would be easy to move on- easy to walk awa-

"Don't leave me, Sasuke." It came out in a dull whisper. It was almost inaudible, but those few words made Sasuke's heart wrench. Even without the emotion in Naruto's voice he knew the blond was trying. He cursed harshly under his breath and turned to the door. He opened it and stepped outside, he faltered for a second, to give Naruto one last look. But the blonde's eyes were already drooping and his stick like arms were trembling from so much effort to keep him up on the bed. Sasuke tore away from this and slammed the door shut behind him.

Naruto blinked, his mind still fogged.


Chapter One: Syringe


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