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Two lone figures walked toward a cave with a rock in front of it. The slightly taller figure pulled a secret lever and the 'rock' began to climb upward. When it finished its ascent, a hand shot out and grabbed the figure who had knocked by the neck.

"We told you never to come back, Orochimaru." The hand's owner said. The shorter figure's hand turned blue as it shot out towards his lord's attacker.

"Kabuto." Orochmaru said. Kabuto hesitantly but obediently pulled his hand back. The snake-man turned his attention back to the person who knew him.

"That's true, Itachi, but I have some information that might interrest you." The exiled nin narrowed his eyes looked at the Sanin suspiciously.

"What kind of information?" Itachi asked. Orochimaru smirked. He knew he had won the battle before it even started. "Information concerning Jinchurikis Shukaku and Kybui." Itachi thought this over, then grudgingly allowed the Sanin and his apprentice entry to the make-shift cave.

A.N-End of story. Yup, you read right. End of STORY. But don't worry, I'm already past the beginning of the sequel in my mind. In a book, too. Yeah, most of this story I copied off my book. But, like, it's a writing book, like copybook. I wrote the story, but just both on here and in my book. And let me tell you, the sequel is going to be LOONNG. I'm not sure how long. But it will be same characters, same genre, but with horror, too. Or mystery. Either one. But I have abosolutly NO idea WHAT to call it. So I'm going to need help in that department. But thank-you so much for R&Ring, it means so much. Thank-you!