The State of Sisterly Love - Kelly and Silver

"Oh sweetie, tell me what happened…" Kelly whispered as she entered into her sister's bedroom, sitting down on the bed beside a distraught Silver. She hated seeing her little sister like this. It had been hours since Silver had gotten home, and the whole time she had been cooped up in here. She hadn't spoken a word, but it was not hard to tell something was wrong. Kelly's heart ached as she reached to touch Silver's shoulder, taking in the scene before her.

Silver was curled up on her satin comforter, her raven hair in a knotted mess and her face stained with streaked mascara. Her hands were clutched around the teddy bear Dixon had won for her at the carnival - the one she wouldn't let anyone touch. Her body shook violently as she sobbed silently into her pillow.


"Go away…" Silver begged, curling up tighter, moving away from Kelly's hand.

"I'm not going away - it's my house and I have diplomatic immunity."

"Then I'm moving!" Silver cried out irrationally.

"Silver, honey, come here sit up or you are going to smother yourself…" Kelly pulled her up by the arm and was surprised when Silver did not resist. Silver sat up, her dazzling blue-green eyes swollen from crying.

"He loves me, Kelly…" Silver explained, tears touring down her porcelain cheeks.


"No, Noah Wyle from ER… Yes, Dixon!" Silver crumpled over miserably, sobbing harder. Kelly took the teenager into her arms, and laid Silver's head in her lap, pulling the stray hairs from Silver's wet cheeks.

"You love him too, don't you?" Kelly asked softly.

"Of course I do!" Silver exclaimed

"Then tell him that, honey…"

"I can't. He broke up with me…" Silver sobbed, wiping her face on her Aeropostale t-shirt.

Kelly rocked her gently back and forth, trying to calm Silver. She knew just what her little sister was going through but she couldn't think about it right now. She set her cool hand on Silver's hot cheek, soothing her. She knew Dixon and Silver were one of the hot couples at West Beverly - being the guidance counselor she often knew the gossip of the school. But they loved each other? She hadn't expected that one.

"I just sat there like an idiot when he told me. I wanted to say it back, I really did…I just totally blanked." Silver muttered, sitting back up to pull her mess of curls into a ponytail. One of her ways to relieve stress - her hands always had to be doing something.

"Oh Silver, you think I haven't had my share of bad break-ups? Oh I outrank you by double digits…" Kelly laughed. Silver chuckled half-heartedly.

"You and Dixon will sort all of this out…"

"I don't think we will, Kel…"

"Time has its way of working things out, but patience is required…" Kelly assured her, as she wrapped her arm around Silver's shoulders. Silver leaned in, the tears slowing now.

"Why don't we get your mind off Dixon with a break-up ritual of mine, hmm? Chocolate chip cookie-dough ice cream, some soft music and a healthy yet competitive game of Monopoly," Kelly suggested. Silver nodded.

"Sounds better than crying my eyes out…" Silver noted, touching her face. "I must look horrible."

"Not that bad," Kelly replied. "You get changed into some dry clothes while I dish out dessert and set up the game." She kissed Silver's temple, rubber her shoulder compassionately, and left the room. Silver sighed, setting the bear by her pillows. Maybe Kelly was right…

In no time at all, they were sitting on either side of the coffee table, both with heaping bowls of ice cream deliciousness and the monopoly properties completely divided between them.

"I got a two… oh shoot, I landed on Boardwalk. Here's your rent…" Silver groaned, forking over a handful of brightly colored fake money. Kelly beamed.

"I always manage to kick your ass at this game. " Kelly rolled her turn and moved along the far side of the board, past Go. Silver rolled her eyes, before swallowing a massive bite of ice cream.

"Hey, Kel?" Silver asked, stirring the melted remains of her dessert around the bottom of her bowl with her spoon.

"Yeah, babe?" Kelly replied, counting up her earnings.

"Since I told you about me and Dixon, maybe you would want to tell me what happened with Mr. Matthews?" Silver suggested. Kelly gave her a stern look.

"Silver, roll the dice…"


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