A Rose Is So Much More Than A Rose - Harry and Debbie

She walked along the deserted sidewalk, her arms crossed over her chest, and her eyes surveying her surroundings. In the distance, she found her destination. She sighed, pushing open the glass door as the small bell signaled her arrival. Her high highs clicked over the laminate floor as she slid up onto a bar stool, setting her beaded clutch.

"Can I get a coffee, Nat?" Debbie Wilson inquired, resting her elbows on the counter. Nat nodded, smiling, taking in the sight before him.

"Well you certainly are all gussied up tonight." He answered, bringing her a steaming mug and setting it before her. Debbie half-heartedly smiled as she dumped the contents of a sugar packet into the coffee absentmindedly.

"It's my anniversary…" Debbie replied, acknowledging her curled hair and her little black dress. "Nineteen years…"

"And you came to the Peach Pit to celebrate?" Nat chuckled, raising his eyebrow as he wiped down the counter with a bar rag.

"Wasn't my original plan, but it's the best of all I suppose." She took a sip of her soda, before drumming her fingernails rhythmically on the counter. Nat stopped cleaning to take a moment to observe. His eyes flashed to the clock on the wall. It was almost eleven.

"He was late wasn't he?" Nat questioned his one and only customer.

"Reservation at nine and by ten I knew he wasn't coming…"

"Well then I think some dessert is order for the lady…" Nat turned to his pie case, and served up a piece of fresh apple pie.

"Oh, you don't have to do that!" Debbie cried but Nat waved his hands to silence her.

"Consider it an anniversary present!" Nat insisted. "How about some ice cream on this?"

"Sounds great."

"Be right back." Nat winked as he disappeared into the kitchen.

No sooner had the restaurant owner left than another person arrived, the bell on the door clanging wildly as Harry Wilson burst it, winded.

"Harry!" Debbie cried, turning to face her husband.

He looked like he'd run for miles, his clothes mussed and he was clutching at his chest, trying to catch his breath.

"Oh, Deb. I'm so sorry. Tonight we had a date, but I was going over teacher evaluations and I fell asleep at my desk." Harry forced out the words despite his lack of oxygen. Debbie moved her purse and helped him to sit.

"I only woke up ten minutes ago when Annie called asking where I was and that you called her, saying you were going to the Peach Pit for some coffee. Oh Debbie, honey, I'm sorry…" he took each of her hands and kissed them repeatedly.

"Harry…" She whispered. "This wasn't just a date - it was our anniversary. I mean, I barely get to see you anymore and just when I thought we were going to get to spend time with each other…" She trailed off, removing her hands from his.

"Deb, I have a responsibility…"

"Yes, of course you do. But Harry, there is so much more outside the hallowed halls of West Beverly Hills High…"

"I know. Give me the chance to take you out on the town, a do-over right now?"

"Harry, I don't need anything special…I have right now what I want."

"Pie at the Pit?" Harry looked around, but Debbie took his cheek so that their eyes could meet.

"No, five minutes of peace and quiet with the man I love more than anything…" She whispered, her smile widening.

Harry beamed as a thought crossed his mind.

"I'll be right back!"

Debbie watched as her husband sped from the restaurant to the other street corner, and he returned momentarily, clutching a beautiful red rose.

"Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Wilson…" He murmured in her ear as he handed his wife the flower. "What do you say we get out of here and sped a little 'special' time at home tonight?" Harry chuckled as he swept his wife into his arms, kissing her passionately on the lips.

"Sounds wonderful, Mr. Wilson…" She replied.

"And I think for a special evening at home, you need a little sugar encouragement." Nat had returned, his hands carrying two pieces of pie - to go.

"How did you know to make two?" Debbie inquired as Harry took the pie graciously from Nat.

"I've missed a lot of anniversaries running this place all year long…you two go enjoy yourselves a lovely evening."

"Ready to go home?" Harry asked his wife. She smirked up at him before clicking her heels three times.

"Very funny…"

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