"Far longer than forever, I'll keep you in my heart...and with your love I'll never be alone...

Por más que para siempre.."

What else is there? What else is there?! Finally he had found her! She was on her horse, that yellow horse she liked so much, but where is she going? She is getting far, there's mist, she' all blurry out of a sudden...

Stop! He wanted to scream, but no sound came out of his throath, that terrified him, he wanted to run but his legs became heavy as stone, Stop! Please Oddette! Please! I... love... you... Silence

She stared at him and turned her back on him, galloping far.

Then he woke up, cold sweat on his head and his back... Just another nightmare

"Why didn't I tell you how I felt... I'm so stupid..." It was still nightfall, and he went back to bed, restless...

FLASH BACK Odette 17 Derek 18 to 19

One year before the incident, Queen Uberta was "having a talk" with her only son, during dinner.

"Derek, tomorrow princess Odette will be arriving as usual, and as you remember this is the last time you'll see her as your fiancé, next time she'll be your wife and future Queen... Derek? Are you listening to me?" asked while Derek stared at his now empty glass goblet

"This is the 2nd time you tell me that today, the 20th time I hear that... this week, and is like the 1000 th time you tell me that since I can remember! Give me a break mother! " said while raising his voice more than he had wanted, and shattering the glass goblet out of his hands into the floor

Uberta just stared at him with her eyes wide open, and just when she was about to fill them with tears Rogers interrupted, as he was listening from the room aside

"I think the servants have everything you asked Derek, would you like to check the armory now?"

Without a word Derek stood up and left the room, giving just a last glance to his mother. Then Queen Uberta started crying freely

"Rogers! Snifle snifle* I've tried, but I Can't reach him! You must try to speak with him, is the kingdom's future we're talking about, not just an arranged marriage, if it was my time I wouldn't even have had the chance to know my future husband..., I know I Can't force him but if he would just understand..."Snifle snifle*

"I'll speak with him"... Said Rogers "Or try to..." whispered as he left the crying Queen in the room alone, and went after the prince.

"She just doesn't get it, does she?, I 'm sure I could meet some other princess from a far land, much better, I'm quite capable of that myself..."

"But Derek! You know her since childhood!, besides if you two agree not to marry this is the last summer you'll spend with her..." Answered Rogers walking fast behind him.

"Good point you have there! If I vanish on time!" Said Derek stoping to check some of the new arrows in the armory

Somewhat Rogers didn't like Derek's last expression, though...

Meanwhile, not far from there...

"Do I really have to wear it?" Asked the princess after putting on the swan necklace Derek gave her when she was a baby, she looked at her own reflection on a big mirror.

Her father who was sitting behind her on an elegant room of the royal ship looked at her with a tired expression.

"Would you prefer not to? Oddette this is your last summer travelling this waters as his bride, so the next time you'll have your chance to decide if you should stop wearing it, just remember the entire kingdom counts on you... I'm counting on you, I won't be here forever you know that dear. " Her father stood up, and reached her shoulder, she just looked at his sad face reflected on the mirror.

"You should wear your hair down, You look a lot like your mother"

"Not yet dad, I,ll have my hair braided this time"

Finally the ship arrived to the shore, people was already gathered to welcome the foreign king and princess, and food was served all around as a welcome party. Every year in june, they all wore something white, to celebrate royal engagment, so if it was consumed the economical stage of both countries would certainly improve, taxes for importation and exportation would demenish, and both countries would have a strong alliance

"And now the King and Royal Princess from Edemberg!". Music was heard and so white conffeti was trown from the ceiling af the nearer houses, in front of them Queen Uberta waited on her royal carridge.

"Welcome King William, princess Odette! So glad you are here, please, join us to the banquet in castle"

"So shall we! I've always loved your country's cuisine, and where may the prince be?" chatted King William while the cadrige went on back to the palace

"Well, I must apologize on his behalf, he has been actually a bit distracted, and as you know he 's about to turn 19, I'm sure he'll show up on the banquet"

But neither on the banquet or even the party post banquet was nowhere to be found, and is not that Odette wanted to see him so much, is just that she had to ask him, it was necesary for her to know...

"I'm terribly sorry Oddette, I'm sure he'll have a good explanation for this" Kept apologizing Queen Uberta

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll have his own reasons"

Obviously, under that calmed appearance Uberta had Rogers, Chamberlain and all the other servants desperately looking for him.

Odette decided to get a bit far from the party, which was full of members from the court, and other nobles chatting and having refreshments, some others dancing the usual way.

"Quite a beautiful gown, Princess Odette" said a girl from a group of three damsels "Sadly prince Derek is not here to see it"

" I'm glad to meet you too, lady Stephany" Answered on a sarcastic tone, while smiling a bit. She knew her from 8 years ago, she was the daughter from a court member, brunette with a particulary long nose.

"So, your highness, where shall you dance partner be?" Asked Stephany's cousin, who was at her side.

"Here I am, may I, Princess?" Asked someone from behind, incredulous to her ears Odette turned around just to find the Count's son, Alexander offering his arm to her

She reluctantly took his arm into the dance floor, after all everywhere would be better, as she knew all the gossiping around her and the prince, to the point of getting acostumed to it,

"I know he is quite a jerk" affirmed the Count to Oddette.

"You should watch your words from time to time" said Oddette after making the initial dance reverence

"And you still defend him? You must be really in love" answered Alexander with a grin

"You don't have to be in love to have a little education" they turned as the music kept going in a cheerful way

"It just angers me, you know, you have become such a beautiful young lady"... He turned to the rithm of music and they interchanged partners to the side, getting back together after a minute of the compass music

"He should treat you better" they kept dancing in silence, and soon after the piece ended Odette excused herself and went to the big window of the balcony, the Sun was beggining to set and she felt the need to get out of that place, so she took the stairs to the backgarden, at east, one full of oaks, she stared at the sunset and soon after she felt someone's presence

"Princess! What are you doing out here?"

"Bromley! You scared the hell out of me! weren't you at the party? they have those muffins you like so much"

"Uhhh, I think I'll go and get some" answered a bit nervous looking in some other direction, to wich she didn't, give importance, and she kept walking a few steps, then she felt someone grab her shoulder

"Bromley I thought you went to..."

But it was Alexander again

"We didn't finish talking back there"

"So, I think we did, why did you follow me Alexander?" asked getting a bit far from him

"Well, you seemed worried, if you were just my fiancé I would never treat you like that jerk"

"I told you to keep your mouth, if I remeber well you weren't really fond of me precisely" said walking a bit more, starting to get annoyed

"But that changed Oddette, when you cancel you marriage contract, you know I'll be waiting for you, and also if you don't cancel it, you know what I mean" said approaching to her trying to take her hand

"Sure you're straight forward, please stop kidding or I'll let the court know everything"

"You mean about us? Sure it won't be convenient for you to let them know of our secret relationship Odette, no one will Believe you, my princess, especially if I have this" said after cutting a curl of her braid with a sharp knife, Odette just couldn't believe it and stepped back, she was about to forget all her self imposed manners and kick him right in the...

"I'm afraid you are really wrong scumlexander"

Alexander's face became blank, as he heard those last words. Derek, who had been hiding up on the three came down on a jump.

"This is not what..." managed to pronounce Alexander

"Stop that, I've heard enough, now get out of here and keep away from her, you hear!"

He had no choice, so he left almost tripping with the root of a three, certainly Derek was the least person he would expect to see there, and as they were left alone there was an uncomfortable silence left.


"So..." said both at the same time

"Listen, I... Wasn't hiding from you... Err I just, my mother..."

"You don't have to say anything, I know... If I could I'd probably hide on a three all day... Yet I'm not so immature for that"

"So you're telling me I'm immature?" Asked turning his head in a rush

"Maybe..." She said walking to the end of the oak courtyard, from where the moon could be seen reflected in the lake

"Don't tell me you'd prefer someone like Duke Alex" exclaimed mockingly emphatizing last two words following her to the limit of the courtyard

"I didn't said that,, I'm not interested on someone who runs away from a water bulb plant" smiled Odette

"Oh, you remeber that..." said looking at the lake in the distance

"I remember a lot of things... Remember the first time we met? My father had me practiscing bowing and reciting 'pleased to meet you, prince Derek' 'I'm so happy to be here', yet you looked so conceited to me..." said while sitting on a near trunk, arranged as a sitting bench.

"Conceited? Immature? I don't think you have a very nice concept of me..." Derek sat next to her laughing a bit"Yet I hated everything related to kiss your hand you know, I had to have manner lessons a month before you got here until I was twelve... So I thouhgt 'If I'd get lucky I'll get...'

"...Chicken pox"she completed his sentece

They both looked at each other, and for a moment Derek saw how the moonlight glittered on Odette's hair, it looked beautiful, indeed, he felt like touching it for a brief moment, where both of their heads approached little by little, she closed her eyes, and his hearth began racing, so he reached out Odette's head, ready to place his lips on hers, then suddenly from behind

"I brought some muffins! ... Derek, you came down already?"

"Brom!...ley... " they both stood up nervously

"What are you doing on this place by the way?" he took a bit of the muffin he was holding

"I should go back, my father must be wondering where am I" she said walking towards the castle again

"So my mother, Oh the lecture she'll give me, it's going to be a long night..."

"Were you two getting along already?" innocently Asked Derek's best friend

"Bromley!" Exclaimed both at the same time, then looked at each other and Odette rushed back to the castle, with her face all red from embarrasment

"I think you really like her, who knows, maybe she likes you back..." said while bitting other chocolate muffin

"Don't be kidding me Brom!, come'on let's go back, the sooner I hear my mom's 'speech' the better... yet with so many guests she wont make a fuss"

They ran to the east entrance and reached Oddette before she entered, then as he stepped, on a way he would call discreet, suddenly a light shone on his face, a sort of magic ray type, blinding them for a few seconds, and a soft music started

"AND NOW! The prince and princess will make the traditional waltz!"

"Traditional what!? ... " managed to ask Derek before someone pushed him into the dance floor, along with Odette, they felt all eyes on them, so she reacted into the dance pose, looked at Derek with a scared face, and Derek, somehow clumsily, managed to start dancing, it was the most akward thing they've ever been into

"Since when did we had a traditional waltz dance?" Asked Odette in confussion

"So you didn't planned this?"

"Why would I?!" Exclaimed as loud as she could as she pressed Derek's hand more firmly

"So this must be one of my mother's annoying hints... Well after all I guess she won't be as mad as I thought"

As the piece ended people around them gave a light applause and the waltz continued as the other couples began dancing too.


The servants went and woke Derek up by oppening his courtain, and setting a little table with two eggs, fruit salad, fresh bread, bacon and cold sweet orange juice.

He woke up and his usual blue and black clothes were already prepared for him. As he ate a maid began to order the bed and the blankets, Derek barely touched his food

"Having nightmares again, your Highness?" Asked the gray haired woman

"Ms Greta, Do I really look so tired?"

"Just as when you came back that time, from looking for your princess"

"If I hadn't said those dreadful words 'what else is there'... She would be here with me now... Her father wouldn't be dead... just a few years ago, I wouldnt have ever imagined I would miss her so much... But why am I saying this to you? Greta? " Asked like if he had just spoke his more private thoughts aloud.

"Don't worry Kid, I've known you since you were born, even changed your dipers, If you ever have anything I can help you with I'll be willing to listen to you"

He returned a sincere smile and a simple "thanks" and told the maid. "Dear Greta, could you prepare a light bag with some of my clothes and food, I'll make a journey today to the farest woods..." Don't worry Odette... This time I will find you" and as he thought that for himself he left half of his breakfast and went to prepare some stuff for his journey

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