Stephenie Meyer is the author of Twilight. She owns the characters, and the Twilight Series. I'm just offering an alternate possibility.

This is simply an excerpt from a companion one-shot titled, "Already Gone." You can find the full piece, as well as others, on my profile page under the work "More Mirrors."


I gently pulled my arm away, or tried to anyways. His long fingers remained wrapped around my skin, holding me to his ear so he could search for that phantom pulse. The tiny voice in the back of my head wanted to be mad, wanted to be furious that he couldn't accept me for what I was.

That voice was drowned out by the overwhelming feeling of grief. Of heartbreak. He couldn't accept that I'd made that change. I was no longer the Bella he knew, in his mind.

"It's still me," I ventured, my voice so low that human ears would not have caught it.

A strangled sound crawled from his throat. In the slowest of movements, he started sliding his ear down my arm. Then across my clavicle. Finally, his head came to rest against my chest, my wrist still shackled by his grasp.

This time there was no lag as my brain processed what he was doing. It was perfectly clear from the moment his ear came to a rest.

He was listening for my heart.

After a few moments, his shoulders shook.


A few seconds passed.

Another shake.

Is he...?

Edward's body was wracked with tremors as he huddled against my body, his head pressed to my chest.

Vampires may not be able to shed tears, but Edward Cullen was definitely sobbing in my arms.

Silent, gut-wrenching, tearless sobs that shook his shoulders violently.

The sobs of someone mourning.

The sobs of someone who has lost the love of their life.

He's grieving for me all over again.


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