DISCLAIMER for entire story: my plot, SM's characters and backstory…sadly…


This story is a series of outtakes from my Black Friday Alice Cullen Style story. Most of the chapters will be able to stand alone as one-shot Twilight fanfics, so even if you aren't reading the original story, you will probably still enjoy these. In the original story, I make reference to a lot of little incidents that have happened, most of them funny. This is where I will tell the tales of those incidents. So far, here are some of the things that I plan on covering:

Emmett takes Rosalie to Chuck E Cheese's on their anniversary (to be posted very soon)

Emmett wrecks Rose's Z3 in a dare from Jasper

Jake and Nessie lemon the night before the contest

Something that Emmett did to Jake at the zoo

Emmett's Walmart experience from the crazy TV guy's perspective

And pretty much whatever other random stories I make up that don't fit into the original one! Hope you guys like it! I'm very open to suggestions :)