Eh, I'm not one for Author notes, but whatever. Just another little improbable story from me. Really(if anyone follows my stories) it should be expected from me by now. Anyway, this is BubblesxSnake, in case you skipped the summery. Have a nice day. (Word count: 500, very cool.)


The best way to describe their relationship would be…quiet.

Emotions would be passed on through glances, stares and body motions. Her sunny hair might fall across her face, and when she wouldn't push it back; he would crease his brow and hold her close. He could hiss or sigh and she would massage his back with a smile. Of course this system had flaws; it was very easy to not notice a small twitch or frown. But all could be forgiven with hugs, touches and ringing laughter that pierced the room.

Their voices had been taken away. Her random ideas and funny blurbs once coated everyone with smooth sensations and joy. Her laughter would flow out constantly, showing off her straight teeth. Things have a habit of changing(usually to those who don't want it), and soon people started to snap at her. Tell her to keep her head on straight and be serious. She still had the glaring pink eyes that told her to grow up sketched to her mind. Then everyone just started to turn their ears away; no longer bothering with her chit-chat. She just found there was no reason to talk with no one to listen.

He never really had a voice to begin with. Even when he was small, his parents shushed him. So when a tall man who looked like himself offered a new home, he slid into his position; doing things and being a yes man. He hardly tried to speak his mind there, but was immediately punished if he tried. It didn't take long him just to be hissing out a chuckle or a estranged 'yessss'. He had no personality anymore. She had helped him though, unknowingly showing how to express feelings without words.

Despite the silence, they still snooped around cautiously; they were quiet, but how quiet? How quiet would they be if someone was listening for them? They were never sure, it was almost a forbidden love. No one had ever told them they couldn't, but it was basic knowledge. They thought it was bad now, but if they were caught; it could be dangerous. Silence was a necessity, but occasionally they would try to speak.

It was just very hard. Neither of them new what would be said, so many conflicting emotions were in both of them. Even their most intimate moments-which she was just barely legal to commit- were void of most sound. The softest moans and grunts were givin, but no more. Though the lack of sound was most awkward after said intimate moments. They would look at each other, thoughts begging to be said flying across their minds. That's when they realized why they couldn't talk to each other, why everything was so hidden. Every one of their thoughts were similar and didn't need to be said.

Because mean things are better left unsaid.