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Ra vanishes. Jounouchi lives. Malik cringes. Jounouchi shouts. The attack hits. Both duelists fall.

Ishizu watches. They run, enter the ship. Jounouchi is hurt, dead? He lost. No, they say. Malik lost. Ishizu panics. Shizuka cries. They worry. Jounouchi might die. None care for Malik. Ishizu cares. Malik dies. Her brother dies. They don't notice.

Ishizu is alone. Memories echo. White-robed man speaks. "The soul of the Pharaoh." Their dead father, murdered. Her brother, corrupted. Her brother, dead. The man appears, unseen to others. The soul of the pharaoh, does he see?

Ishizu is stunned. Man approaches, kneels. The soul of the pharoah, he says. Ishizu reaches, he vanishes. "The soul of the Pharaoh"; her brother, dead. She cries.

Jounouchi lives. Mai lives. Bakura lives. Rishid never wakes.


The tournament ends. Ishizu returns home. The empty tomb. Her family, dead.

The man appears. Ishizu yells, blames him. He spoke, Malik killed. Not the pharaoh, HE told them. He listens. "The soul of the Pharaoh". Ishizu finds, throws a rock. It clatters. He left.

She lives. Life hurts. She imagines the man. He angers her. Alone, she waits. He returns. Lights flicker. The tomb darkens. Ishizu glares. He stands, silent. She approaches. Frozen, he lets her. She touches him. Her hand trembles. She remembers, fault is his. Gentle hand becomes a slap. It echoes. He looks down. Shaadi, he says. He leaves. Ishizu kneels. Her sobs echo.

Life tortures. She leaves her job. The tomb becomes her life. It mirrors her childhood. She walks empty halls. Paper crunches. She lifts her foot. Malik's motorcycle. She screams. Shaadi appears. Ishizu turns, hits him. He grabs her hand. She stops. She feels him. His touch comforts her. She forgets his guilt. They stand together.

Shaadi returns. Her life hurts less. He holds her. She blames him less. She ventures outside. He does not. It hurts. She returns. The tomb is empty. She begs, cries.

He appears. Ishizu holds him, relieved. He asks. Does she blame him? She clings. She does not answer. He vanishes. Does she blame him? "The soul of the pharoah" she blames. No. Love blinds her. Pain blinds her. His voice booms. She must understand. Ishizu protests. Torches flicker. Wind stirs. It is his fault, he says. She flinches, denies it. He appears.

He professes his guilt, kneeling. It was not the pharaoh. He spoke. Malik pursued the pharaoh. Malik died. He holds a scale. Ishizu stares. No. Shaadi wants judgment. Ishizu refuses. Malik died. Shaadi did not kill. The pharaoh did not kill. She embraces Shaadi. HE protests. He spurred her brother. Fate claimed Malik, she says. The scales crash. A key follows. Shaadi holds her. He thanks her. He loves her.

He vanishes.

A/N: For the record, Shaadi is a ghost. But he's... solid... at certain points in the series, so I went with that. what I was trying to do was, to quote part of Beverly Cleary's "Strider" is "cut the fat out of my writing". Hopefully it worked. It's HARD to write without prepositional phrases or conjunctions or gerunds!